7 Paint and Color Trends Coming to Homes This Year

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To find out the latest paint and color trends for 2022, Fixr.com polled 64 design experts for their recommendations on popular interior color palettes, the most popular wallpaper patterns, top colors for each room, and what’s recommended for sale.

The trend report found an overwhelming embrace of warmer and earthier tones for every room in the home. And while neutrals continue to go strong, green and nature-inspired hues and patterns are taking over home decor this year.

See below for seven takeaways from the report.

1. Warm neutrals and earth tones are the most popular color palettes.
When experts were asked to choose which three interior palettes homeowners are choosing most in 2022, they chose warm neutrals (66%), earth tones (59%), and neutrals with bright colors (52%) as the top three.

“These palettes are all indicative of the recent change in interiors in recent years,” said Cristina Miguelez, author of the report’s executive summary. “Grey was the most popular hue for many years, but people are slowly starting to shift away, using warmer tones while still keeping things neutral.”

2. Natural greens are also starting to gain popularity.
As evidenced by many of the Color of the Year selections, shades of green are becoming very popular in many areas right now.

“Green is considered the color of growth, health, wealth and well-being,” says Miguelez. “The color is also closely associated with the environment and a focus on being ‘green’ and eco-friendly in your home and lifestyle. Coupled with the obvious connection to nature, many homeowners may be looking to green as the fresh new hue to focus on this year.

3. Sage green is the best choice for both living rooms and bedrooms.
Fifty-three percent of experts responded that they thought sage green would be the most popular color for living rooms, followed by cool off-white (48%) and cream (46%). In addition, sage green is also the popular choice for bedrooms, with 48% of the vote. Cream and taupe take second and third place in this area with 38% and 30% respectively.

4. Green and nature-inspired themes are also the most popular wallpaper choices.
Wallpaper has grown in popularity in recent years. Of the most popular patterns, 56% of design specialists chose nature-inspired paper and green paper this year, which is in line with the trend of natural, earthy tones and the different colors of the year.

5. The powder room is the most popular place to pick up wallpaper.
Experts say the powder room is the most popular place to introduce wallpaper into your home. This space received an overwhelming 88% of the vote, with ceilings and dining rooms both taking a distant second with 28%.

“The powder room is the ideal place for wallpaper for several reasons,” says Miguelez. “This small bathroom is often considered a more formal space than other bathrooms. In some homes it may be reserved for guests, and it often has decor that could be considered too formal or impractical for everyday life.

6. Black is the top color for front doors.
When it comes to front door color, 56% of experts said they think black would be a popular color, followed by 36% wood tones and 22% royal blue.

“Black as a color goes well with almost any shade of the home’s exterior,” continues Miguelez. “It can add a touch of contrast to white homes and add depth to homes with a wide variety of other hues, including green, brown, blue and red.”

7. White and off-white are the best interior and exterior colors when selling a home.
Eighty-one percent of design experts believe that white and cream are the best interior colors for selling a house in 2022. Warm neutrals such as brown and beige received 36% of the vote this year, up from 32% last year.

White is also the most recommended color for painting the exterior of a house for sale. This year, white received 58% of the vote, while off-white rose from 25% last year to 41% this year.

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