7 genius ways to decorate an entryway table

Entryways are one of those rare hybrid places that can carry both the “brains” and “beauties” of home design. Here’s what I mean: they’re often one of the first things guests see when they walk into your home, so from Class you want them to be a stunning introduction to your space – from decorating your entry table to a fun piece of carpeting or bold wallpaper, the options are endless. But on the other hand, your entrance cannot be just form and no function. Whether it acts as a command center for your entire family or just a convenient place to throw your things after a long day, a few organizing solutions are a must to keep your space functioning and looking its best.

Fortunately, there is a foolproof formula for finding that elusive balance. Enter: the console table in the hall. If thoughtfully designed, your console table decor can serve double (or even triple) function, making your space prettier, more organized, and more efficient. Looking for a little design inspiration? Study the stunning images below for new ideas for decorating your entryway table – and even add a little functionality to boot.

Kaleidoscope of color

Tasha Agruso, Kaleidoscope Living

Greet guests with a splash of color and fun when they first enter your home by recreating this entryway table decor by Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living. The interior design blogger and podcaster turned to a Pottery Barn cabinet to anchor her entryway display, pairing the simple seagrass design with bold rainbow artwork and a pair of playful teal lamps for a scene full of personality that also offers tons of storage.

Vintage retreat

Emily Altier, 3 acre homestead

Flea market enthusiasts, rejoice! As it turns out, your entrance may be untapped real estate when you’re trying to decide where to put all your vintage treasures. Example? This stunning, history-filled console table decor scene by Emily Altier of 3 Acre Homestead. She paired a reclaimed console table in the entryway (which has two storage compartments) with some favorite finds in an ombre of green hues for a cohesive yet eclectic vibe. Our favorite part? The addition of old-fashioned picnic baskets to the left – they’re the perfect place to store out-of-season accessories like scarves and hats.

Play pattern

Carissa Henderson, a bold new shade

Carissa Henderson didn’t shy away from patterns or colors when designing the small entrance to her home. The designer and Instagrammer behind A Bold New Hue instead brought her love of saturated tones and quirky motifs to the space, offsetting crane wallpaper with a stark white console table in the entryway. For a similar look, look for a tiered entryway table or even a bar cart, which has a smaller footprint perfect for a cozy space.

Double desk

Leah Johnson, Creekwood Hill

If you have a small space, counting every inch is a top priority. Design Instagrammer Lea Johnson of Creekwood Hill did just that, transforming a small nook next to her front door into a hybrid space that’s part entry table and part WFH zone. When not in use, the wicker chair can be pushed right up against the desk, allowing the surface to serve as a gathering table for keys, mail and more. A charming mushroom lamp and a collected gallery wall (featuring pieces found at flea markets and thrift stores) complete the cohesive scene.

Rustic and sophisticated

Jessica Morris, White Picket Farmhouse

If you’re all about that modern farm vibe, then you’re going to love this next look from Jessica Morris of White Picket Farmhouse. Her husband, Glen, made this reclaimed console table for her (the talent!) The best part: two ottomans fit neatly underneath, bringing a little softness to the scene and additional seating in the nearby living room when guests come over.

Luxurious Lucite

Photography by Honey Lake Studio for The Everygirl, design by Shay Cochrane

Sometimes you want your console table decor to whisper instead of scream – and that’s great. If clear and minimalist is your goal, opt for a sleek, barely-there Lucite table, like the one in the home of photographer and stylist Shay Cochrane. The streamlined material keeps things visually clean, but you can still use – and decorate – a table in your entryway! Here, a simple stack of books, a lamp, and a plant sit at the top, while seagrass baskets act as decor and storage below.

Artistic arrangement

Natalie Paper, Home Ec.

Upgrade your entrance from just another room to a real one moment by styling it with eye-catching decor accents and bold artwork worthy of a museum. Designer Natalie Papier of Home Ec. relied on a graphic piece of textile art to accent her mid-century-inspired entry table, which is peppered with additional quirky artwork, such as a stone bust cradling some colorful necklaces.

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