7 Genius Solutions to Your Biggest Bedroom Challenges

Struggling with a less than ideal sleep space? We’ve come up with the solution, tackling everything from a not-so-comfortable bed to a really nasty smell to a bedroom that’s painfully light on storage.

And, rest assured: these stylish solutions are quick, affordable (thanks to IKEA’s accessible pricing) and totally doable, even for the most toolbox-averse among us. Even better, they will make it easier for you to get the rest you deserve. So dive in, we’ll help you create a true inner sanctuary with simple solutions to your most stubborn bedroom problems.

Problem #1: Unattractive bed

The solution: Lose sleep over the way your bed looks in the space? If you long for a more attractive place to relax with your favorite show or just curl up with a page turner, why not invest in some new bedding? With quilted bedspreads and knit throws in a wide range of patterns and shades, IKEA has plenty of options that will completely change the look of your bed. Layer a few accent pillows for an extra punch.


Problem #2: Tiny Closet

The solution: A very small storage space becomes a huge problem when you’re faced with a wardrobe you love and there’s no place to put it. Although you can go the wardrobe route, a wardrobe is an even simpler and more affordable solution. In addition, it allows you to display your favorite clothes.

ikea coat rack


Problem #3: No convenient place to charge a phone

The solution: Stop fiddling with (or fumbling for) your phone cord and plug in the modern way with a wireless charger you can keep on your bedside table. Because those emails — and, let’s face it, social feeds — aren’t going to get read in the morning.

ikea phone charger


Problem #4: Musty Smell

The solution: If no amount of cleaning or window opening can get rid of that musty smell, IKEA offers scented solutions. Create the atmosphere of your choice with candles that range from fresh fruit to floral or diffuse the situation with an elegant vase and scented sticks.

ikea candles


Problem 5: Messy and overflowing drawers

The solution: If you have to wade through four seasons of clothing to find what you want every time you dress, it’s time to lock yourself in. Whether you opt for clothes boxes or drawer dividers, you’re just a spring-cleaning afternoon away from a streamlined space.

ikea drawer organizers


Problem #6: Large windows that let in a ton of light

The solution: Certainly, this is not the case sound problematic on the surface – who doesn’t like a bright and airy space? Until it’s 6am on a Saturday and you have to wake up with the sun. Fortunately, a quick and easy blackout setup shades Where hangings will guarantee you will stay out like a light long after dawn.

ikea blackout blinds


Problem #7: Squeaky floor

The solution: Think of this as a “squeaky wheel getting grease” situation. Dusting baby powder or baking soda on the noisy place– you’ll really want to work it into the cracks – should keep the boards from rubbing against each other. For additional noise cancellation, cover the area with a cover (and non-slip back cushion to hold it in place) to dampen stray creaks.

carpet ikea


For more bedroom design inspiration, browse IKEA’s gallery of serene sleeping spaces.

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