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7 garage storage hacks that will help you forget about clutter forever


For many people, buying a house is a lifelong dream, hosting dinner parties, having a safe environment for the family to grow and feeling safe inside. But there is one thing that many people forget or are proud of, and that is home maintenance. Having a beautiful home and garden is important, the kitchen, bathrooms, main living space and bedrooms are always immaculate, but there is often one room that is overlooked, the garage of the house.

Maintaining your garage can be a nightmare, but there are solutions to make your life easier. The use of walls is often overlooked and there are good solutions, for example to store the bikes and tools you use around the house, rather than just keeping them on a workbench which will clutter up the garage. A good example for kayaks or canoes, a kayak wall mount can save as much space in the garage if you need it. Here are some other tips to improve the use of space in the garage and make your life easier.

1: Bicycle storage in the house or garage

Cycling has become one of the most popular ways to stay in shape, many people own bicycles and they can be very expensive depending on how bad they are, which unfortunately can be damaged if not stored properly. There are solutions to prevent damage and also space saving ideas available, practical and not too expensive to buy or even to make yourself. By hanging the bike or bikes from the ceiling or using a wall system, you can save space and prevent damage to the bike itself.

2: Gardening equipment and tools for use at home

They can be big or small, but either size still takes up valuable space in the garage, storing them the right way can not only save space, but make them easier to access next time. times they are needed. Wall mounts for large items such as lawn mowers, garden equipment are ideal, for smaller items like tools, magnetic strips mounted to the side of a workbench or the wall are a perfect solution. Everyone is hoarding tools, whether it’s drill bits or magnetic screwdriver holders, this is a brilliant solution, very low cost, and keeping the clutter to a minimum, it saves time and reduces also the need to try to find something when needed.

3: Pegboards and old tin cans can be very useful

Using old tin cans solves two problems. Their disposal can be harmful to the environment and they can still be used around the house and in the garage, using them to store pens, pencils and small tools. Pegboards are very useful for keeping tools in an organized way, they are fixed to the wall and allow the owner to see at a glance if he has forgotten to put something back that could have been lying around or if someone has borrowed it. Boards also help reduce clutter on workbenches and allow for a more efficient work environment. Old cans are basically free, but boards are a definite investment for any garage.

4: Using plastic containers and the importance of labeling them

Plastic containers are so effective that they can be wall mounted or placed on a shelf set up in the garage. Doing so reduces clutter throughout the house, including the garage, but the need to label them is important, a box for specific items is essential. Each container must have a specific item or category of items, otherwise it defeats the purpose of having them. Labeling makes life much easier the next time you need to find a certain screw or bike part, or tool kit.


5: Simple but effective, use a bucket to store the garden hose

Storing a garden hose efficiently can be a little inconvenient, the hose can get tangled up and take up a lot of space in the garage or garden, but there are solutions at hand. Using an old bucket and securing it to the wall with screws will give you something to wrap the hose around and make your life easier. Allowing you to neatly store the hose and free up space, this method can also be used for the cord and, if you are a DIY enthusiast, any electrical cables that may be used for future projects around the house. Any similar bucket can be used, it saves on the purchase of an expensive alternative hardware store. Simple but expensive.

6: The ceiling is also a perfect place to store items

Usually the walls are where people use shelving to help with storage space in the garage, but the ceiling can also be used for storage. It’s a perfect place to hang a rack and place things and doesn’t get in anyone’s way, ladders and things that aren’t used very often can be stored away and almost forgotten. Inexpensive to make or buy, this system is easy to make and install, but most people often don’t think about it. The goal is to use every available part of the room.

7: Storing sports equipment can take up a lot of space

In recent years, more and more people are taking up sports to improve their lifestyle. Diets are also changing as health becomes more of a priority for many people, the only downside is knowing where to store the gear that comes with that health craving. The garage is the ideal place to store equipment but also bicycles, skis or snowboards take up a lot of space, but there are solutions. Again, wall storage is very popular and will help prevent any damage that may accidentally occur while working in the garage. Using the original packaging that came with the item can also save space.

Many people throw away the original packaging in the excitement of buying their new equipment, it may be a mistake after all the packaging has been designed to be the best method of protecting the equipment and will guarantee protection articles.


Keeping a well-organized garage is part of maintaining a well-organized home, but it’s still something that often gets overlooked and soon the space becomes cluttered. It takes much less time to search for the things you need when the garage is well maintained and organized. Being able to easily find the right tool or bike part in the fastest way possible saves time and possibly money buying a new one when you have it somewhere anyway in the garage.

Maintaining a home is never easy and it can spiral out of control if neglected, but with some simple thought and planning life can be made simpler. Everyone is guilty of this, but by using the available space, clutter can be removed from any situation. By making simple and practical changes to the way things are organized, it makes life easier for every household. Often the best ways are things that get overlooked, are free, and don’t require any investment, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want free hacks.