7 Feng Shui Bedroom Design Ideas to Try This Weekend | Architectural summary

Creating a feng shui bedroom may be a mysterious and ancient approach to decorating, but it is actually an intuitive and intentional use of space. “Feng shui is all about improving your environment so that it is as optimal as possible for your own performance in different aspects of your life,” says Cliff Tan, TikTok influencer and author of Feng Shui Modern. “It’s about applying common sense and instinct.”

That’s especially true for the feng shui bedroom – a sanctuary from the outside world. “It’s your place to recharge and forget the tasks of everyday life,” says Tan. “The goal is to create a neutral place where you don’t think, and let your mind go and relax.” Here are seven easy-to-implement feng shui elements to bring calming energy into your bedroom.

1. Anchor your bed

A solid wall behind your bed creates a sense of control.

Photo: Thomas Loo

Since the bed is the most important element in the room, you want to place it in the command position – that is, a place where you can see the door (but not in its direct line), with a solid wall behind it. “[In feng shui] the command position fulfills a very natural need for protection and, as the name suggests, a desire to control the space around you,” says Tan. “We associate risks with things we can’t see or control. So if your bed is not in command position, you may feel vulnerable or vulnerable and in turn sleep less well.”

Another feng shui bedroom tip is to make sure your bed is anchored by a headboard, advises Anjie Cho, an interior architect and feng shui designer in New York. “A headboard stands for stability. You want a headboard that’s sturdy with no perforations, like bars, that could mean jail time — in a relationship or with yourself.

2. Tidy up the nightstand and drawers

“Clutter disrupts the energy of [a] space by blocking the flow,” said Jill Croka, founder of Jill Croka Designs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “It [can] lead to stagnation, holding you back and keeping you from progressing in life.” That’s why it’s important to clean up unnecessary messiness. Croka, who has a background in healing design, also recommends using free space in drawers and table tops. All items and smaller supplies should have a place, a cabinet, drawer or container.

Don’t put everything under your bed. “If you do have storage space, you can have sleep-related items like pillows and blankets, but you don’t want anything emotionally charged like luggage or photos or letters from your ex,” says Cho. “When you’re in this passive Yin state, you really absorb those energies.”

3. Create symmetry

Couples create a sense of balance and, in turn, a sense of calm.

Photo: Adam Murphy Photography

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