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7 Best Minecraft Starter Home Ideas for Beginners in 2022


Building a house in Minecraft is one of the most important tasks on a survival gamer’s agenda. During the day, players are given plenty of time to explore and gather resources, mostly without the risk of being overrun by enemy hordes or other dangerous natural elements.

But when night falls, the surface of the Overworld as well as the cave system turns into a hot zone for dangerous hordes such as creepers, skeletons and spiders. In this regard, there are several methods of building a starter survival house.

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Each player has their own perspective on one, and many share their experiences on online platforms like Reddit and Twitter. This article takes a look at seven of the best Minecraft starter houses for The Wild Update.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

Minecraft 1.19: 7 interesting house designs for beginners

7) Copper-based starter housing

This survival house design was featured by a Minecraft Redditor named u/Strumboo. The structure is made of copper, while the other half is made of wood and solid blocks. The lower part has the entrance to the building as well as some windows, redstone lamps for lighting and various types of wooden boards, planks, fences and trapdoors for decoration.

The upper part, on the other hand, includes primarily blue and cyan colored blocks, prismarine blocks, dark prismarine and blocks of copper at various stages of the oxidation process. A small tower is made next to the upper section of deep slate, cobblestone and various types of colored glass blocks.

6) Woodland starts home

One of the most basic builds on this list is also one of the cleanest. The name of this Minecraft building comes from the fact that it looks like a mansion in the woods in Minecraft. The house is built almost entirely of wood, and contains many different components made from it.

The walls are made of oak planks, sections of the balconies and outer fence are made with oak beams, and the roof is made with oak boards. In addition, the house uses clapboards in spruce. Finally, the entrance has two brick fences as pillars for the gate.

5) Survival starts at home

This Minecraft house is tucked away inside a forest, towards the bottom of a hill filled with flowers, ponds, grass, berry bushes and birch trees. The player has used birch wood for almost every aspect of the building. An archway made of birch planks, boards, flaps and stairs guards the entrance with birch buttons as decoration.

Another layer of the arch is also visible and is made using mangrove planks, slabs and trapdoors. In addition, the door is also made with mangrove wood. Finally, the walls and interior of the house are made of mud brick and have glass windows.

4) Stardew valley starts home

As the title suggests, this Minecraft house is a recreation of a typical house from the popular 2D RPG simulator, Stardew Valley. It is built in the form of a small hut with a pitched roof made of brick stairs and slabs, and walls made of oak planks and slabs.

The door of the house is made of wood, its windows are made of glass panes, and trapdoors are used as shutters. A few wooden beams can be seen next to the house as well as a half wall, made of granite blocks, can be seen on one side.

3) Mangrove starts home

This Minecraft house is named after the biome it was built in. The Mangrove biome is one of the latest additions to the game, branching out the possibilities and characteristics displayed by the swamp category of biomes. The cabin is built in a secluded part of the biome, with thick trees and dozens of mud blocks covering it.


The structure is primarily built from swamp-based materials. The roof is made using mangrove trunks and slabs, while the walls use mud bricks, cobblestones and several logs. Mangrove roots and dark oak boards are also included.

2) Simple starter home

This short timelapse shows an easy starter house that can be a great source of help for any Minecraft newbie. The building mimics a new player at work as it is somewhat sloppy and uses different types of blocks in one wall. Each wall contains a mixture of cobblestone, andesite and gravel. The roof is made of oak boards, while decoration is provided by buttons, fences and trapdoors.

1) Cliff-Side starts home

The final build was reportedly a build made when the Minecraft 1.18 update was in its final stages. However, the design is still quite relevant even during The Wild Update. The structure is a rock house beautifully crafted to represent luxury and comfort.

The walls of the house are made of cobblestone and also include small amounts of oak. Glass panes and glass blocks have been extensively used as windows, and lanterns have been used as light sources inside and outside the house.

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A chimney has been made using fire, and the roof of the house is built of oak boards. The building even contains a small balcony that can be used to look at the vast horizons and beautiful views that the house offers.

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