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Your home’s exterior is its first impression. While a manicured lawn and fresh paint can boost the look of any home, there are some additional ways to help luxury homes set themselves apart. A home with beautiful curb appeal can help it sell faster for a higher sales price and can help increase your area’s home values. If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, read on to learn more about ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Upgrade your driveway
If your driveway is cement or asphalt, upgrade to a brick driveway by installing brick pavers. A brick driveway results in a stately appearance and can help it stand out from other homes on the block. Additionally, choosing a shade or brick that compliments your home’s existing materials and color will provide a cohesive look.

Invest in landscape design
Hiring a professional landscaping company to create a design plan for your home can drastically improve its exterior appearance. Fresh mulch, manicured shrubs and bushes, vibrant flowers and clean lines will create a well-kept, lush look. Extending the landscaping down to the parkway and mailbox will extend the beauty and welcome potential buyers as soon as they pull into the driveway. The landscape plan should also include the sides of your house if they are visible from the street.

Create a beautiful entrance
The entryway that leads up to your front door should be a beautiful experience for those who come to your home. Flower beds, planters and adequate lighting should be incorporated into the path to the front door. The front door must be freshly painted or kept in a new shine if it is solid wood. Outdoor lighting and exterior hardware should be stainless, clean and functional, such as the house numbers.

Update the front door
Replacing the front door can significantly improve the appearance of a home. Changing the style of the door can give your home an instant refresh and boost curb appeal. Whether it’s a larger door, a more current style, or incorporating more windows into the door to increase your home’s natural light, a new door will make the neighbors do a double take when they pass by.

Turn your porch into a living space
If you have a porch, turn this space into an extension of your home. A freshly painted porch ceiling, an outdoor rug, comfortable seating and tables, and coordinating outdoor pillows and cushions will create an inviting atmosphere and will tempt guests or potential buyers to sit down and stay a while.

Upgrade the mailbox
An upgraded mailbox is a minor update that can have a significant impact. Choosing a mailbox that coordinates with your home’s colors and materials can indicate a deliberate expansion of your home. Planting fresh flowers around the mailbox is a beautiful visual accent for those who pass by.

Wind up the windows
Upgrading the shutters and adding window boxes add an authentic charm to any home. Replacing fake shutters with functional shutters of the appropriate size can instantly raise and home. Likewise, window boxes filled with seasonal greenery and flowers add depth, dimension, color and layers to any home.

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