6 Under-Bed Storage Ideas That Save Space

Getting and staying organized is easier said than done, especially when you’re running out of places to store your stuff. Regardless of the size of your home, you can almost always squeeze in a little more storage space. All your things that make you happy should have a place in your home, according to Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. But where should those cheerful things go when all the cupboards and cupboards are already filled? The answer to your storage problems may be hiding under the bed.

We’re all guilty of shoving things under the bed from time to time, but optimizing this space with smart storage solutions can reduce clutter and help you stay organized. Whether you’re storing shoes, extra bedding, or seasonal items, under the bed is a great place for things you don’t always use or need regularly.

These under-bed storage ideas will help you reassess the clutter and find a solution that fits your storage needs.

Greg Scheidemann

1. Keep a basket within reach

If you need some extra storage and want a quick fix, use a shallow basket or a large tray, preferably with handles, that can be easily slid under the bed. Use it to store items that you use regularly, but won’t fit on your nightstand or bedside table. This way you can store your extra blankets, bedtime books and house slippers within reach but out of sight. Plus, it makes cleaning the floor under your bed easier, as you simply slide the basket out to make room for a vacuum cleaner or mop.

2. Slide into a container with wheels

Depending on your floor, a wheeled bin may be the best option for under-bed storage. They are usually designed for such a space, and if you can find the right sizes, you can often line up a few bins. Look for bins with lids that protect your belongings from dust that can build up under the bed.

These bins are often visible due to their size, but there are easy ways to hide them if they don’t fit your decor. The way you make your bed or the size of your bedding can help hide the trash cans from view. A king size duvet on a queen bed can cover the gap between the floor and the frame and hide the trapped clutter. Or opt for a stylish bed skirt.

3. Don’t forget vacuum bags

To make the most of your under-bed storage, consider space-saving storage bags with a vacuum seal option. Place voluminous soft objects in the bags and compress them with a vacuum attachment. This greatly reduces the volume of the items so they can lie flat meaning you can stack several of the compressed bags under a low bed frame.

Space-saving bags are an excellent tool for storing out-of-season clothing or bedding that takes up a lot of space in the closet, such as ski suits or heavy winter duvets.

4. Add Bed Boosters

A bed that is low to the ground is difficult to store much of anything underneath. Then a set of risers will come in handy. Usually used to help students create more space in their dorm room, risers can also work in your home. These inexpensive products come in a variety of heights and colors to match your bed frame finish, or you can easily hide them with longer bedding or a bed skirt.

To make sure you have enough space, measure the storage bins or baskets you plan to use. Then measure the current space between the floor and the frame before purchasing a specific set of risers. This will ensure that the containers you buy will fit under the bed.

John Merkl

5. Choose a bed with drawers

Looking for a new bed, for yourself or for one of the children? Consider a style that already has storage built in. Drawers on both sides of the bed can provide valuable additional storage space, especially when the chest of drawers or closet space is limited.

This style is especially popular for children’s rooms because although children’s clothes are smaller, it is often difficult to keep up with the volume as they quickly grow in and out of things. If you’ve gone out of your way to organize your child’s closet and still have clothes, toys, or sports equipment left over, a bed with storage drawers can help you store excess items with ease.

6. Use a platform with storage

A platform bed usually sits flat on the floor and does not allow for storage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it. An advantage of a platform bed is that a box spring is no longer needed. Consider taking the money saved on a box spring and putting it in a platform frame fitted with cards or shelves. You can place the platform bed on it and hide any visual clutter – electronics, accessories or children’s toys – in the drawers or storage compartments that come with the platform. If your platform has open shelves, you can use them to store books, magazines, and other decorations.

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