6 storage ideas for flippers and water toys

Few things are as refreshing as a dip in the pool on a hot summer day. With summer parties in full swing, you may have gathered a slew of pool floats, noodles, and other water toys for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re relaxing in your own backyard pool or taking the family to the water park nearby, cleaning up pool toys could soon be on your to-do list.

We’ve rounded up the easiest pool float storage ideas to help you control clutter and keep your pool toys in great shape all season long. These pool toy storage ideas will help you focus less on the clutter and more on the umbrella drinks by the pool.

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1. Reuse a laundry basket

This pool toy storage idea is an easy, eco-friendly way to keep things in order. Give an old laundry basket a new lease of life by storing tall, narrow toys, such as pool noodles, upright. A round, plastic basket with holes, or one with mesh fabric, provides easy ventilation, so items dry faster and last longer. For smaller pool toys, such as beach balls and water blasters, a rectangular plastic basket is well suited for storage. Or opt for a foldable design that can be easily stored when not in use.

2. Hang storage hooks

Whether mounted on the side of a fence, shed wall or garage, a few deliberately placed hooks create an ideal storage situation for round pool floats. If the floats are used frequently in the summer, they should be kept in an easily accessible place. Since they are relatively lightweight, self-adhesive hooks should do the trick for hanging pool floats off the ground.

Hang the hooks out of direct sunlight if possible. Plastic floats should not be left out in the sun or kept in the pool as heat and water can wear down the plastic over time. Using vertical space in a shady area is the best way to keep them in top condition.

3. Install a wall-mounted rack

A wall-mounted rack, such as the one used to store paddleboards and surfboards horizontally, can also work for long lounge floats. If you want to keep them inflated all season, fold them into an inverted U shape between a wall and two pegs. Not only will this keep them safe off the ground, but it can also help organize all your floats in one place.

You can also slide pool noodles onto a mounted rack. In recent years, snakes have been reported to rest in cool, dark places, including pool noodles stored horizontally. While it can be a rare occurrence, it’s best to take precautions and keep them upright, higher off the ground and away from a fence.

4. Use clear containers

A rack of clear bins can be a very functional organization system, especially for smaller pool toys. Whether you stack them in the garage or put them on shelves in a shed, shoe or sweater bins are the perfect size for discs, balls and diving toys. Stack the bins to maximize space. The lids prevent dirt and bugs from entering. Choose clear containers so the children can see which toys are in each container, or put a label on them. Make sure to let the toy dry completely before adding the lids to prevent mold or mildew from developing.

5. Use a sports organizer

Designed to hold soccer balls and softball bats, a sports ball organizer can also be used for inflatable beach balls and plank boards. A freestanding sports organizer can be placed right in your garage or shed, and it’s a convenient way to store all your pool toys in one place. Use the sides to hang rings and rackets, and store pool noodles upright where bats or hockey sticks would normally go. The base tray can hold small or medium-sized pool floats and beach balls, while the above shelves can keep small toys tidy. Many of these containers are made to repel rust, but it’s still a good idea to shake off excess water before storing the toy.

6. Set up a pallet

If you’re willing to take on a DIY outdoor project, poolside wood pallet storage can be an easy update. Paint a pallet in a summer color and then mount it on a solid surface, such as the wall of a garden shed or a fence in the backyard. Noodles and flat floats can slip through the shelves for easy storage. Drill a double hook at both ends to hang goggles and life jackets, keeping kids’ safety essentials organized and within reach. A few extra hooks in the middle can also serve as temporary towel storage between dips in the pool.

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