5 Timeless Home Items That Are Always Worth Investing, According To Interior Designers

Teal fabric walls with pink accents

Alison Gotti; Styling: Jenny O’Connor “We wanted a fancier sofa in the formal living room, but we reduced it by making it a similar color to the wall against the contrast. It makes you feel more flattering,” Bruce says.

We Won’t Color It For You: Creating a well-appointed space is the gift that keeps on giving, but it’s not exactly an easy process.

As if choosing the right paint shade, furniture layout, and home décor isn’t challenging enough, you have to figure out how to do it all without breaking the bank. If you want to create a charming home And the Cost-effective, you may want to invest in timeless essentials and purchase fashionable accessories at a lower price. But since each inhabitant has their own design priorities, it can be a bit difficult to distinguish between affordable investments and additions.

So, where do we start? To help, eight designers share their favorite pieces worth splurge on. From forever furniture to decadent details, the perspectives below are proof that it’s time to treat yourself.

luxury furnishings

The average person spends a third of their life in bed, which is exactly why a great bedding package is an investment that pays for itself in no time. (After all, no one wants to scrape and flip the hard sheets.) “Sleeping in a nice, comfortable bed makes all the difference, and a well-designed bed is like a ‘welcome home’ at the end of a long day,” Kate Dunning and Lathem Gordon explain From Gordon Dunning. “In addition to sheets and duvets, we always recommend investing in an impactful ‘boom-pow’ pillow to really differentiate the space.”

In fact, the duo collaborated on the design with Southern Living To create a range of household essentials—yes, bedding included—currently available at Dillards.

Furniture for prefab halls

From a dreamy bed to a plush sofa, your home is the ultimate place to rest and relax, so shouldn’t you have furniture that is built to last? Florida-based designer John McClain encourages you to look for pieces with buzzwords like “kiln-dried hardwood, corner guards, or hand-bonded springs.” He also shares that the weight of furniture is often an indicator of quality. The designer recommends “trying to move or lift the element”. “If there’s no problem, you’re probably looking at a piece made of plywood or particleboard that will do fine for a year or two but will need to be replaced frequently.”

While there are plenty of companies that take pride in making quality furniture, you may want to consider customizing specialty furniture—particularly for your sofa. Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors explains, “No two living rooms are built the same way, so designing a custom sofa to suit your home is the best way to optimize the space and ensure lasting comfort.”

Living room

Living room

Laurie W. Glenn; Designed by Lindsey Ellis Petty

fine upholstery

Speaking of your sofa, Zandy Gammons of Miretta Interiors also encourages you to choose your furniture upholstery carefully. “It’s used every day, and you want it to last for a while,” she says. “Your family uses the sofa to relax, read, watch TV, socialize and more. Nothing is worse than a poor quality sofa that leaves a permanent gap in the cushions after prolonged use!”

For Stephen Schats, chief designer at Mitchell Hill, seating is generally used more than any other item in the home, so your upholstery should be “designed to be both functional and beautiful.” A great sofa can last up to a decade, but if you want to ensure the longevity of your seat, consider investing in high-performance fabric, an easy-to-clean option that can get rid of stains.

beautiful lighting

Lighting has the power to make or break the ambiance of your home, but if you want to mix form and function, you might want to consider investing in cool fixtures as well. “When done right, dramatic lighting acts as the centerpiece in your room and changes the mood of the space,” says Leslie Murphy, creative director and co-founder of Murphy Maude Interiors in Memphis, Tennessee.

North Carolina-based Gray Joyner agrees, noting that this is an investment with serious staying power. “Good lighting lasts a long time and can make a space look well-designed and stylish,” she shares. Talk about a brilliant idea!

dinner room

dinner room

Laurie W. Glenn; Designed by Lindsey Ellis Petty

material art

Beauty lies in the eye of the art owner, so you may want to pick up some unique pieces for your walls. “Always invest in original art; you’ll never regret its value,” says Nomita Joshi-Gupta, a New Orleans-based designer who owns multi-line wallpaper and a fabric showroom called Spruce. The good news is that it is possible to pick up art worthy of an investment without spending more than your means. From perusing high-end galleries to picking up unique works from a flea market, research and the mix of pieces you find on them, is often the secret to a well-curated collection.

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