5 most stylish houseplants -2022

Houseplants are still having a moment in home decor right now. Just take a look at an interior designer’s Instagram page and you’ll see more than a few plants in their own homes and professional projects. In fact, Instagram is a great place to check out the hottest emerging houseplants and get inspiration for your own indoor jungle. Whether you’re a pandemic plant parent or have been keeping a houseplant collection alive for years, these five trendy houseplants are here to keep an eye on the rest of 2022.

If 2020 was the year of the Monstera deliciosa, 2022 will be the year of the olive tree (Olea europaea). Until this year, practically unseen as a houseplant, olive trees have become hugely popular and can now be seen in the background of many different interior design accounts on Instagram. Their light and airy foliage adds a touch of texture and color to any space, and since you can provide them with enough light, they are quite easy to maintain indoors. However, don’t expect to harvest olives from your olive tree any time soon. When grown indoors, it is quite rare for these fruit trees to actually bear fruit.

A slightly smaller but equally beautiful relative of the popular fiddle-leaf fig, the Ficus Audrey (Ficus benghalensis) is another tree stealing hearts and Instagram likes in 2022. Technically, this plant started getting some recognition in 2020, but it’s grown on its own in popularity over the past two years. The light-colored bark and small, sage-green leaves are sure to add some interest and contrast to your space. Not only is this species as beautiful as the fiddle leaf fig, but it is also known to be easier to care for.

Another member of the Ficus family, rubber plants (Ficus elastica) have been popular as houseplants for a while, but are really having their moment now. Characterized by their medium-thick, waxy leaves, rubber plants come in a few different colors and leaf patterns. You can find them in different sizes, from small plants to large trees. Plus, they’re pretty easy to keep happy indoors. Need I say more?

As their common name suggests, these palm plants are practically made for indoor growing. Popular in Victorian-era homes, parlor palms (Chamaedorea elegans) have made the comeback of the century (pun intended!), thanks to their light, feathery foliage, ease of maintenance and compactness making them extremely small and space-friendly. Mature parlor palms make ideal floor plants, but you can also purchase younger plants if you’re looking for something smaller.

Looking for a large-leaved statement plant? Look no further than the bird of paradise (Strelitzia). Loved for their large leaves and impressive stature, these eye-catching tropical houseplants can be found on the Instagram pages of some of the most popular interior design accounts in 2022. The best of these plants? Keep them happy enough, and they’ll reward you with a stunning display of colorful, bird-shaped blooms in the spring and summer months.

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