5 Home Decor Ideas Infused with Christmas Spirit

5 Home Decor Ideas Infused with Christmas Spirit

Written by
Varnika Sharma

December 17, 2021, 7:38 PM
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Christmas planning and preparations are a big deal for most of us

Christmas planning and preparations are very important to most of us.

From delicious meals to wrapping gifts and decorating the room, there’s so much on the checklist.

But it’s your Christmas decor that makes the biggest difference and adds a festive touch to the environment.

Here are some options to make your home sing this Christmas.

Let the colors of Christmas speak

Although there are several colors associated with Christmas, everywhere you will find red, green, white and gold as the dominant colors.

So stick to that color palette. Place a few red and green pillows in the living room, garden gnomes, white and gold ribbons, streamers, etc.

Nothing says Christmas like hot chocolate, so place a few cups for guests.

Make your own Christmas themed candles

Instead of splurging on Christmas-themed candles, make your own.

All you have to do is add some green leaves to the bottom of a mason jar. Fill the jar two-thirds full with water and add some cranberries.

Now place a small round candle of red or green color in the jar. This floating candle adds instant warmth to the place.

Christmas is incomplete without fairy lights

String lights can never get old school.

These warm, twinkling lights can give your garden an out-of-this-world look.

You can also use these lights inside your house, on windows, Christmas tree and indoor plants.

Some of these lights have little stars hanging from their end, see if you can get hold of some of these lights.

Don’t forget to adorn your coat

If you have a fireplace, then this is the place that can add the maximum festive spirit to your entire home.

Stockings and bells are a basic decoration on the coat. To add a personal touch, make holly leaves and colored paper bells with your children. Add glitter to them.

Place candles and a wooden chair.

The pine cones scream Christmas

Pine cones look extremely well placed in the Christmas decor.

In addition to the Christmas tree, stick them on your windows, place them on the dining table and near your fireplace. You can also put a bunch of them in a basket and put the basket on the coffee table.

Pine cones also complete the winter look and are also known to radiate positive energy.

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