5 great ideas for a happy moving day

Dorm shopping feels both exciting and overwhelming.

Such big plans for such a small floor plan, plus there’s often a roommate to contend with.

Jill Martin has set up dozens of dorm rooms for friends’ kids. The “Today” show contributor for the “Ambush Makeover” and “Steals and Deals” segments said the small spaces can be everything students hope for, spending $25 or less on many items.

Martin, who sells her own home decor line on QVC’s GILI (Got It. Love It.) brand, says she knows students want to shop right away and parents just want it. But wait.

Before you get started, scroll through websites, Pinterest or magazines and get inspired.

“You’re making this your little house,” Martin said. “You’ll want to treat any space as your special place. It should feel as much like home and as comfortable as possible.”

Here are her recommendations for a stress-free moving day.

Choose a theme that starts with the bedding

“Do you want it cozy-comfortable? Or should it be something else? Everything is going to happen from there,” Martin said.

Themes can be based on colors, or a particular look such as country glamor. Make sure the look is cohesive, as too busy a look will make a small room even smaller.

Martin recommends taking the bedding as a starting point for the theme. From there, the students can work outside.

A double reversible animal print comforter from Jill Martin, found on QVC.com for $99.

“People get overwhelmed and this is the place to start. If you decide you want to print on your bed, you’ll want to make plain fabrics for your room,” she said.

If you want to spend money somewhere, go ahead and buy quality bedding.

Go vertical for storage when horizontal space is limited

Take the tape measure and measure the space under the dorm bed, above the bed, above the space where a desk will be located, any closet space and basically any vertical wall space. Vertical space is a friend in a dorm room because horizontal space is precious.

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