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5 elegant wooden side tables to make a splash in your living room


The side tables are essential for a living room. They not only complete the decor, but are also an excellent way to store all the necessary items within reach and in the most stylish way. Place it in the living room next to a sofa to store newspapers and magazines or in the bedroom where it can be used to store a night lamp, water bottle or other important items. If you are planning to buy a side table for your living room, here are 5 elegant wooden side tables that you should definitely consider:

1. Mid-century modern solid wood side table

A mid-century modern solid wood side table is perfect for modern homes where one wants to bring the classic look into the home. Made of solid wood, they are very durable and therefore the best choice for modern Indian homes. A perfect choice for lovers of the timeless beauty of solid wood furniture.

2. Modern wooden side table with glass top

Another way to add elegance to your living room is to add a modern solid wood side table with a glass top decor. These tables not only brighten up your space with their appearance, but are also easy to maintain. They bring many options for you to choose from. Wooden tables with a glass top usually last a long time if the glass is handled with care.

3. Veneer side table

Here is another great looking and durable type of side table that you can invest in without thinking twice. A veneer side table is a perfect way to bring nature into your home. Veneer is a thin slice of solid wood, masterfully handcrafted in a variety of patterns including natural finish, herringbone, checkered, sunburst and more, making the side tables a statement piece. A veneer side table is lightweight compared to other wooden furniture, so people who often move their furniture or are always on the go should always opt for this table.


4. C-shaped side table

As the name suggests, these tables are C-shaped and therefore useful when you need to pull the table into your seating arrangement as a couch to study or to put down your laptop for work. If the intention is to work on it with a side table and not use it as a holder for essentials, then without a doubt go for a C-shaped side table. It will be a lot more comfortable than other tables with straight wooden legs that are rigid and awkward to move.

5. Storage table

A storage table for the living room is the most versatile piece of furniture. This functional type of side table comes with shelves and drawers to keep your essentials organized. Whichever choice you make, it is always a good option to have such a table in the living room where things like the remote control for the air conditioning and TV, books, etc. are within easy reach, while keeping your space free of clutter.

One of the best ways to buy a side table for your living room is to buy it online. An online purchase not only gives you plenty of options to choose from, but also gives you detailed information about the product. When you buy from reputable brands, you can expect transparency in the online shopping process. The information about the product and materials used for the specific product can also be researched online before deciding to invest your money.