5 easy ways to turn old sarees into a beautiful home decor

Be it silk, cotton, velvet or chiffon, most Indian homes have a treasured collection of sarees that cannot be worn or thrown away due to their sentimental value. Passed down from one generation to the next, these heirlooms may have lost their luster over the years, the fabric has weakened or the embroidery has crumbled. So, instead of piling up old sarees in your wardrobe, here are some ways to upcycle sarees and turn them into a beautiful part of your home decor.

1. Use old sarees to make a curtain set

Since a saree is six meters long, you can use the length of the saree to make beautiful curtains. One can mix and match sarees to create a set of curtains for any room and use net sarees for sheer curtains. We recommend adding a layer of fabric under the saree to add strength to the curtains. Old cotton sarees are perfect for creating blinds for the bedroom.

Anoushka Shankar made creative use of an old saree, turning it into a trim for a pair of curtains.

Simon Brown

2. Turn sarees into table linens

Use an old saree to create a table cover and instantly transform your dining room. Measure the exact size of the dining table and cut the saree to the required dimensions. Silk sarees can brighten up the table on festive occasions. Don’t forget to protect the tablecloth with a clear plastic cover.

You can also use old sarees and silk trims to make table runners or a set of coasters. Sew tassels on the corners to complete the look.

Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

3. Sewn cushion covers for the living room

The beautiful patterns, prints and colors of Indian sarees make them perfect for throw pillows. Sew old sarees into cushion covers and enhance their look with tassels, laces and pom poms to give them a more formal look. Silk or cotton sarees can also be used to make floor cushions. Sew vintage sarees into sofa seat covers to decorate your home during festivals. Make sure that the colors of the saris blend or contrast with the existing upholstery and the color scheme of the space.

4. Make bedspreads

Hide beautiful silk and velvet sarees with borders in elegant bedspreads and embellish them with embroidery. Use sarees in contrasting colors for the cushions and the pillow set. Cotton sarees can be converted into bedspreads for everyday use. Make a heirloom patchwork quilt from brocade and velvet sarees that can be used in the winter season.

Due to their easy drape, sarees can also be used to create a unique canopy over a four poster bed. Moreover, printed sarees are a great way to update the seat of an ottoman or stool.

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