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5 design details that make a huge impact


Elevating a space is an endeavor that takes a holistic approach. While big-ticket items like furniture are the obvious items to adjust when changing the mood of a room, the small details, such as wall mirrors, painted cabinets or hidden storage, are just as important for an elegant look. The same actually applies to your car. Take it 2023 INFINITI QX60 Crossover SUV: With thoughtful touches like quilted available leather-appointed seats, an expansive moonroof and an available Smart RearView Mirror*, the driving experience becomes an art form. Here are some eye-catching features in the vehicle’s design that may seem small in the context, but can leave a big impression when all is said and done – and tips on how they can inspire your cohesive interior design.

1. Mirror, mirror

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Tricking the eye into thinking a room is bigger and brighter comes down to one design tactic: installing a mirror. Placing a large floor or hanging mirror at eye level instantly creates the illusion of a more expansive space. And if it’s directly opposite a window or light fixture, voilá, the light bounces around the room for a luminous effect. INFINITI QX60’s smart rearview mirror* has a similar effect – a wider view increases visibility on the road. The genius lies in its technologically savvy design. Built into the structure of the traditional mirror is an LCD screen that connects to a small camera in the back of the car behind the rear liftgate lock. It can be activated via switch and used in place of the conventional mirror, providing a clear view of what is behind you. The adjustable screen can even reduce glare at night.

2. Cross criss-cross

the interior of the infinite

The available leather-appointed material in the 2023 INFINITI QX60 is quilted with contrast stitching and accented by cross-hatching.


Like great tailoring, detailed stitching on your furniture and fabrics adds intention. For example, tufted finishes, piped edges, or nailhead trim on a sofa showcases design intent. The INFINITI QX60’s available leather-trimmed seating conveys a sense of bespoke craftsmanship. There is a diamond quilted pattern which is highlighted by cross stitching and contrasting piping along the edges. The treatment extends over the dashboard for a sense of surrounded luxury.

3. Window of opportunity

a wide angle view of a country style kitchen in a family home in Northumberland in the North East of England with a long dining table for a large family

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Not just an ordinary window, a skylight opens a room to the natural world in an inspired way. It acts as a vessel for light to flood in (especially if your home faces north), adds architectural interest and can even help you minimize energy consumption when strategically placed. The INFINITI QX60’s moonroof is pretty much the equivalent. The panoramic moonroof has power opening/closing/tilting and a sun visor that extends to the second row. It’s that kind of direct connection with nature that makes drives more epic – both day and night.

4. Stroke of genius

infiniti blue car

2023 INFINITI QX60 in Moonbow Blue shown with available features.


Paint has the power to completely transform a room. A lighter shade can brighten a dark room; a dark shade can create a cozy feeling; a contrasting color can highlight details such as millwork, molding or other architectural details. Give your cupboards a fresh coat of arms make your kitchen feel shiny and new. Paint has the power to bring several elements together. The appearance of the 2023 INFINITI QX60 is as much dictated by its paint as it is its interior. The first INFINITI model with the available two-tone styling, the all-black roof provides a striking contrast to the body color. Attention to lower accents like contrasting front, wheels and exterior trim ties it all together.

5. Storage potential

computer on the desk

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Decluttering keeps the scene visually serene and soothing to the spirit, plus cramming things out of sight makes a room seem more spacious. Whether that means investing in a closet with closed shelves or equipping underserved areas with trash cans—under the bed or on top of cabinet– Streamlining can be all you need to refresh a room. Your car, like your home, can be a magnet for chaos. Concealed storage like the INFINITI QX60’s Console Net – designed to secure a wallet, phone or tablet – can be common sense. Additional smart spaces, such as a console box between the second row of seats and underfloor storage in the cargo area provide room for more without clogging up the interior.

*Smart RearView Mirror may not detect all objects and may not remove blind spots or warn of moving objects. See the user guide for safety information.