5 Best Summer Decor Trends of 2022, According to Designers

One aspect of Ayurveda that I love most is the seasonal routine. Ancient medicinal science believes that we are deeply connected to our environment. Just as the seasons vary, we are constantly changing – so adapting our lives to the time of year helps us achieve balance and vitality. This is done through our diet and habits. I also believe, anecdotally, that it can be extended to our homes. As the air gets hotter and the days get longer, I tend towards cooler, airier interiors. Linen sheets. Vivid colors. Beach accessories. Inspired by the ethereal season approaching us, I asked a few design experts for their take on the top summer decor trends of 2022.

These looks are stunning. But just like summer, there is a convenience for everyone. Simply put: they are achievable for every budget. Because this season is about fluidity, and it’s time for a little reprieve. (Gosh, we earned it.) So read on for the summer 2022 trends that double as a dose of positivity and well-being.

Feature image by Justin Coit of Lauren Conrad’s Home.

Image by Amanda Marie Birnie Courtesy of Julia Miller of Yond Interiors

Trend #1: Fresh and unexpected paint details

Fresh colors will always be in fashion. But it’s how you use it that will win the summer decor trends of 2022. The forecast for this summer is to take on fresh, vibrant paint in unexpected forms, such as on upholstery and cabinetry, says Julia Miller, owner and chief designer of YOND Interiors. “Color can be used in a million ways — and we think summer will be great for injecting it in new ways,” adds Miller.

Why we love it:

Miller’s prediction reminds us that fresh paint doesn’t have to be washed over every wall to make an impression. As she says, for concentrated areas, use to pack a punch. “Paint can be intimidating,” Miller emphasizes, “but we find that using highly curated paint palettes like Farrow and Ball can help speed up the color selection process.

Image by Michelle Nash

Trend #2: Lots of nature

Green leaves have reigned in 2022 – and they will last well into the second half of the year. The trend of incorporating an abundance of nature into the home comes from several design experts, including Christopher Charles, owner of Christopher Charles Interiors, and Paul Rochford and Michael Violante, the principals behind V&R Interiors. The look can be incorporated in two ways: by placing plants in a room or by taking advantage of the view of the greenery outside with open windows and transparent curtains. Both are easy and accessible.

Why we love it

Plants always give an uplifting feeling to any room. Really, any room, including the kitchen, bath, or even a hallway. Make sure you know the needs of your plants, as the summer heat may require extra care.

Image by Hannah Haston

Trend #3: The tropics

For the summer of 2022, interior designer Andi Morse of Andi Morse Design predicts the Maldives at home. A tropical decor provides an instant holiday feeling in a room. Morse says this look is easy to get. You can start incorporating bright “happy” colors, from sunny yellows to emerald greens, with pillows, vases, and rugs. But the bolder approach is to incorporate island greens and motifs through wallpaper and prints. Think “tropical trees, pineapple motifs and all kinds of leaves,” adds Morse.

Why we love it

This trend is “so fun” and refreshing, says Morse, who loves this look for an accent wall, master bathroom, or powder room. “It brings some happiness home.”

Trend #4: Fade outside and inside

Temperatures are soaring in the Northern Hemisphere, which means you can eat outside and spend more time outdoors. Interior designer Andrea Rodman sees people interweaving plenty of opportunities to embrace both the outdoors and the outdoors look of the outdoors through their homes this year. Materials like burlap for rugs, sturdy, cozy furniture with sculpted details, and more sophisticated designs for outdoor furniture are all in her prognosis.

Why we love it

Even if you don’t have outdoor space, you can bring the same one en-plein-air atmosphere seamlessly at home. A burlap rug (a focal piece that goes with many aesthetics) is ideal, but so are burlap accessories and decor items that speak to patio spaces.

Trend #5: Fresh Greens

One of this year’s biggest color trends continues to come from outside. Greens, especially earthy and muted greens, are a huge source of inspiration for designers in 2022, says color expert Amy Wax. “Green brings out that feeling of refreshed and natural and colorful, so it hits all those places.” This sense of refreshment and respite is ideal for the summer months as this is the time to sit back and sink into the warmth.

Why we love it

Wax points out that earthy green is definitely neutral and “can be used with almost any color on the pallet,” she says. In this light, Wax recommends leaning towards paints and decor accessories that are mossy, grassy, ​​or olive green.

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