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With the holidays fast approaching, many people are diving into their basements, attics and garages, pulling out their holiday decor. And while you can take back your tree ornaments, lights, and wall hangings, changing up some of your decor can really get you and your guests into the holiday spirit. Centerpieces make great DIY projects, bringing joy and creativity to your table. Here are four simple DIY holiday centerpiece ideas you can try this season!

Pine cones in vases
Whether you buy them at a store or just stroll through your own garden, pinecones are a great addition to holiday decor. For your new centerpiece, bring the outdoors inside. Spray silver, white or gold paint on pinecones or add sparkles for an extra touch of glamor and place them in a wide-mouthed vase. You can even use vases of different heights to create visual interest. Dress the base of the vases with ribbon or twine in holiday colors, and voila!

Stacks of mini gifts
Get a pack of mini boxes or make your own from old cardboard boxes. Leave them blank or wrap them in your favorite holiday wrapping paper. Then simply stack them on a cake stand for a festive centerpiece. Add a ribbon to each box, creating a look of presents under the tree, or even add numbers to each box and use them as a countdown. Every day a box can be opened, filled with surprises until the day of the ultimate gift!

Recycled candle lanterns
Do you have an old candle lantern you wanted to get rid of? Before you donate it, use it for this year’s holiday centerpiece! If you plan to put a candle inside, create a decorative scene outside or around it to show off the candlelight. Use pinecones, greenery, berries, and even faux snow around the base and around the edges and top of the lantern. Or, ditch the candle and fill it with those same items, or holiday-themed trinkets to show off on your table.

Ornaments Galore
If you have any ornaments left after decorating your tree, you can still use them in many ways! For example, set up a long tray in the center of your table, place three to five candles on the tray (depending on the size of the tray), and place your ornaments around the candles on the tray. Or, break out that old cupcake stand and place an ornament in each cupcake slot for some really eye-catching decor. You can even stick on ornaments to create a wreath, but instead of hanging it on your front door, place it on the table with a few candles in the center!

Whatever your style or crafting abilities, you can create a quick and easy DIY holiday centerpiece in no time. Browse through the decorations you already have or take a trip to the dollar store! With a little creativity and a dash of holiday spirit, you can dress up your table with a centerpiece in no time, and on the cheap!

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