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Looking for an amazing whiskey gift for someone can be daunting. For starters, whiskey drinkers can be a picky bunch, and you don’t want to buy them the wrong bottle if you’re not sure what they like. Luckily, we found over 20 gift ideas to help those of us who love people who love whiskey.

Bourbon Nose Kit

Bourbon Nose Kit

Vintage Gentleman’s Bourbon Sniff Kit.

This Vintage Gentleman’s Nose Kit will make an entertaining gift for any bourbon enthusiast. This is for someone who wants to learn how to taste bourbon like a pro. There are many different nose kits out there, but they tend to be expensive. This kit is available for less than $100.

The instructions on the website include the following:

How does it work:
– Pour some bourbon into a glass and shake it gently.
– Sniff (smell) one of the items, then sniff your bourbon.
– Take a small sip and “chew” the bourbon in your mouth for 5-10 seconds before swallowing.
– Sniff the element and the bourbon again. The scents present should be more amplified now.
– Take note of the aromas you find in the bourbon you are sniffing. If it smells sweet, can you be more specific? Maybe it’s more like vanilla, honey, or brown sugar. If it’s spicy, is it a cinnamon spice or a black pepper spice?
– Repeat the process with each element to see what other nuances you can find in your glass

The Bourbon Nosing Kit can be purchased on the Vintage Gentleman website.


whiskey gift

Pipettes make an excellent gift for any whiskey lover who likes to add water to their glass but also loves control. Whiskey drinkers use pipettes to add a drop or two of water to a clean pour and some cocktails to dilute the whiskey, making it a bit smoother to drink and allowing other flavors to emerge.

The beauty of the pipette is that whiskey drinkers use it to add an exact amount of water to their whiskey rather than just how much they pour out of the kitchen sink.

This elegant EISCH whiskey pipette, refined with real gold, is available on Amazon for $54.90.


Glassware is a classic when it comes to gift giving. Unless the person you’re shopping for is really particular, it’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful set of glasses.

A Glencairn is a great choice for someone who loves to experience all the flavors when tasting whisky. The Glencairn was designed to channel the aroma of the whiskey and allow the flavor to settle, making it a great gift to allow someone to enjoy their shot. If the whiskey fanatic in your life doesn’t already have a Glencairn, they need one.

If the Glencairn isn’t your thing, the rock-adorned glasses are always a good choice. Our favorites are ReserveBar’s Rolf Glass Bleecker Street On The Rocks.


whiskey gift

Decanters are not necessary for whiskey and do not add to the drink when it comes to flavor or aging. However, they are a beautiful way to display whiskey. The Rolf Glass Bourbon Street Decanter is our favorite design, plus it matches the Rolf whiskey glasses above.

whiskey home decor

There are many options for whiskey home decor, from novelty to utility, especially for someone with a home bar.

Jameson whiskey table tree


Jameson Whiskey Tabletop Tree, available to purchase from the Reserve Bar.

The iconic Jameson Tree is selling for the first time this year, and if you haven’t heard of it before, your Irish whiskey-drinking friend probably has. These trees are made from 19 of the brand’s signature green bottles. Each Jameson tree allows bottles to slide into the pre-lit holder.

The best part? Each tree also comes with a bottle of Jameson Black Barrel and is available to pre-order here.

Redbreast 12 Bird Feeder


Redbreast 12 Feeding bottle for birds.

This year Redbreast created a unique gift for fans of their whiskey and birds: a bottle of whiskey on a bird feeder. This is the third year that the brand offers this gift option, which helps a good cause.

Redbreast has collaborated with BirdLife International. “With more than 13% of the 11,000 different species threatened each year, the joint mission between BirdLife International and Redbreast aims to raise awareness to help sustain our garden friends for generations to come,” the brand said in a statement. press.

The bird feeder and bottle are sold together and can be purchased from the Redbreast website.


whiskey gift

Whiskey Barrel Pentagram Key Hanger by SkullCreekDesigns.

There are many options for whiskey art, particularly items that can be hung on the wall. A cool item is a key ring made from a whiskey barrel stave, which adds a rustic touch to your entryway. Order a Whiskey Barrel Stave Key Hanger ($22.50) from

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This wooden Bourbon Distillery Map Sign ($89) is a great addition to any home bar. Bonus points for looking like the top of a barrel.

whiskey gift

Bourbon Dispenser from GoodwoodDesignCoWI on Etsy.

If you want to be super cool, getting someone this bourbon dispenser (starting at $125) is the way to go. Why take someone to the bar when you can take them? Bonus points if you get them the whiskey to go with it.

bartending kits

whiskey gift

Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old Herbed Honey Smash Cocktail Kit from Reserve Bar.

Cocktail kits are all the rage and easy to find, so customizing them to someone’s taste is not a problem. If you’re not sure what kind of cocktails someone likes, The Custom Cocktail Kit comes with all the tools to help someone build their bar so they can make the cocktails of their choice.

If you’re shopping for a Scotch lover, Aberfeldy’s 12-Year-Old Herbed Honey Smash Cocktail Kit ($45) makes a great gift. According to ReserveBar, the kit includes the following:

  • 1 bottle of ABERFELDY 12 Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
  • 1 jar of The Native Guy Honey from Miami
  • 2 gold-banded rocks glasses
  • 2 seed coasters
  • Basil seeds to grow your garnish
  • Herbed Honey Smash Recipe Card


whiskey gift

The Complete Set of Vintage Gentleman’s Bitters Cocktails.

Like a bartending kit, bitters are a must for cocktail making. Bitters are little bottles of spirits infused with herbs and spices, and there are tons of different bitters to choose from. Vintage Gentleman’s Complete Cocktail Bitters Set ($79.99) is a set of five flavors of bitters that can go in a variety of cocktails and are very complementary to whiskey.

whiskey set

whiskey gift

The Whiskey Game ($37) from Uncommon Goods allows players to test their whiskey knowledge in a trivia board game. This game allows 2-6 players to work their way around the board and the first to collect six cards wins, no drink required.

whiskey books

whiskey gift

Pottery Barn World Whiskey Leather Book.

From cocktail recipes to history, books are a great gifting option.

Pottery Barn’s The World Whiskey Leather Book ($129) is the ultimate guide to whiskey for expert and novice whiskey drinkers alike. Pottery Barn says, “This book talks about aroma, tasting notes, production, and even a map for planning a tasting trip around the world.”

whiskey gift

Deck of Cocktail Cards by CocktailCards.

While this isn’t so much a book as it is a deck of cards, this deck of cocktail cards from CocktailCards ($34.99) will give your recipient the recipes for 100 different cocktails.

Whiskey Infused Food

whiskey gift

Traeger x WhistlePig Whiskey Dust Rub.

It’s no secret that whiskey goes great with food. Getting whiskey-infused or inspired food can be a great gift if you have an enthusiast who also loves whiskey. Traeger x WhistlePig Whiskey Dust Rub ($10.99) brings maple and bourbon flavors that can be added to any backyard barbecue.

Pappy Van Winkle offers a bourbon barrel aged pepper sauce ($15). This can be added to anything you put hot sauce on, from eggs to a Bloody Mary.

whiskey gift

Gearharts Virginia Single Malt Whiskey Truffles.

For something different, these Virginia Single Malt Whiskey Truffles ($28) from Gearharts are a dark chocolate lover’s dream. These truffles won “Best New Product” at the 2016 Virginia Food & Beverage Expo and are “handcrafted with Valrhona aromatic cocoa.”

A cocktail smoker

whiskey gift

Crafthouse by Fortessa William Sonoma Cocktail Smoking Box.

Cocktail smokers have become all the rage among home mixologists. They can be more expensive, but some can be found for less than $100, like Smokeshow’s Cocktail Smokers Starter Pack. Typically, a cocktail smoker works by placing the cocktail in a box or under a dome, lighting a wood chip inside, and allowing the smoke to infuse the drink.

William Sonoma’s Smoking Box retails for close to $300 but showcases the smoked cocktail beautifully, making it a fun tool at any party or home bar.

whiskey themed clothing

whiskey gift

Bushmills Irish Whiskey offers a Shelby Company Ltd. Christmas sweater themed to the show “Peaky Blinders”. (Image via Bushmills)

Clothes are always a fun gift idea, especially a pair of patterned whiskey socks to stuff the stockings or the ugly Christmas sweater Bushmills created in collaboration with the hit Netflix show “Peaky Blinders.”

The best part of the clothes? You don’t need to know what the recipient’s favorite drink is to hit a home run with this gift idea, like getting someone a funny mug.

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