3 online activities to try today

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There’s never been a better time to be bored. Gone are the days of twiddling your thumbs – the internet is here to dispel your apathy. Plus, many of the activities you can try online are completely free.

This is what we will explore in this guide. We’ll check out online casino games and sports betting first, covering the likes of MLB today to play slots games.

We’ll also see how you can play free retro games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong. And we’ll end by looking at ways to learn something new, all online and completely free.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Online casino games

If you enjoy playing exciting games, a visit to an online casino might be right for you.

There is a wide range of online casinos available to play, depending on where you are in the world (some countries have strict gambling laws when it comes to online casino games). Many betting companies also offer a sports betting service, which means you can also bet on your favorite sports as well as casino games.

Some betting sites even let you stream live sports through their app or website, and sometimes those games can’t be watched anywhere else.

In the past, online casinos were nowhere near as fun to play as visiting physical establishments. But spurred on by improvements in mobile technology and the forced closure of casinos by the pandemic, much has changed.

Nowadays players can enjoy live table games such as roulette and blackjack. Players can virtually sit at real tables and watch streams sent directly from a casino to their mobile phones.

If you are unsure about online casinos, you can find deals and offers such as free spins on slot games, allowing you to play for free with no strings attached.

2. Play free retro games

If you’re someone who loves a touch of nostalgia, then you might be interested in playing retro games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong, among hundreds of others.

Today’s computers, even cell phones, are infinitely more powerful than the early game consoles many of us played when we were younger, like the SEGA Mega Drive or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

This advancement in technology means that we are able to play these games online in our web browsers quickly and for free.

Although they don’t have the same effect as playing with a joystick or controller, you can quickly get used to playing with a keyboard or on your mobile phone and soon those happy memories of times gone by will flood your mind.

Playing retro games like this is a great way to spend some free time relaxing, unplugging after a long day, and engaging your mind with these simple but sometimes frustrating games. But those who did and still do bring us great satisfaction.

3. Learn something new

Education and learning resources have never been more accessible. Nowadays, people can visit YouTube to watch lectures, seminars, workshops, and classes. Or they can open iTunes or Spotify and start listening to a podcast on a whole new topic. The popularity of online audio content has particularly exploded in recent years.

YouTube, in particular, has become a powerful learning tool. Many freelance creators, documentarians, investigators, journalists and teachers have the opportunity to create content and upload it so that people around the world can benefit from their knowledge and ideas.

And the wide range of topics is a little mind-boggling. If you’re into space, for example, you can watch classic documentaries such as Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, or if you’re into art, you can find Bob Ross and his painting exhibit.

You can use video content like this to learn a new instrument, how to care for your withered houseplants, how to cook a new kitchen, how to write a novel, or how to create a papier-mâché version of your best friend. can really go so precisely.

YouTube aside, now you can enroll in online courses and college degrees to upgrade your knowledge to an even more advanced level. Some of these courses are completely free and you can study at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

So if you’re bored, try a creative class or watch a documentary and revel in your new found knowledge.

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