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2A Magazine has established a choral relationship with its listeners since 2006. Permanently founded by Ahmed Zohadi, 2A magazine continues to be an international center for architectural studies, with a multitude of events. With its various activities, 2A magazine has always tried to bring positive change to humanity and improve their quality of life. The 2A Global Architectural Festival returns to the offline world after being held online for two years due to the COVID pandemic. This year’s 2A Global Architectural Festival will be held at the Canadian University in Dubai. The following activities will be carried out under a single forum.

2A Continental Architecture Awards

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) is one of the most prestigious International Architecture Awards. For eight years, this award has been given to the outstanding contributions of individuals and firms to the field of architecture. 2ACAA celebrates the journey that has left their mark on the architectural world, from the challenges they face in the field and/or the region to the innovations they have introduced. It is the appreciation and recognition of world-class architecture originating from a variety of cultural and traditional backgrounds.

Architecture in different countries draws inspiration from their unique cultures. This is what makes the world of architecture so diverse. 2ACAA aims to celebrate this uniqueness and diversity at the same time, reshaping the face of the world by promoting the unification of diversity with professional discussion. The aim of 2ACAA is to prevent the extinction of cultural practices and techniques in different countries and to combine them with modern ideas and methods to create masterpieces that are an expression of both tradition and the progress of the nation. This is also in line with the global nature of 2A magazine.

The awards are given in eight categories on each continent, and applicants can submit their applications in more than one category. Submission of applications opens on 10 June and closes on 31 July. Among the distinguished jury members are Kourosh Salehi (Design Director – MENA), Moon Hoon (MIT Architect), Dr. Maha Salman (Deen – Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design), Cristiano Luchetti (Architect, Researcher and educator), Agnes Koltay (ME Consultant), Shahram Agaajani (METAFORM Founder), Rajiv Kathpalia (Vaastu Shilpa Consultant), Fabian Kahr (Querkraft Architekten Project) Director) and Dr. Rasam J. Badran (Founder & CEO of Dar Al Omran).

The theme of 2022 2ACAA will be “Innovative Contextual Architecture on Continents”.

2A City-Architecture Film Awards

Both films and architecture are actually art forms.

Films and architecture have always had an intrinsic connection. The films act as an architectural telescope between continents and document their evolution. Architecture is not just the background for scenes in movies. More often than not, cinema tends to showcase cities in their architecture as a representation of lifestyles.

On the other hand, changes in the lifestyle and living conditions of a city or country also affect cinema. The 2A City-Architecture Film Awards (2ACAMA) celebrate this relationship.

It will provide a medium for architectural philosophers and critics to contemplate the expression of architecture. It forces people to understand and experiment with environmental needs while constructing living spaces. It also allows you to realize what kind of spaces are needed in accordance with the mentality of the people and the cultural environment.

The theme of the eighth edition of 2ACAMAA is “Building a Creative Atmosphere” to encourage the expression of diverse cultures through content.

The festival will feature many international documentaries and films showing the reflective and thoughtful nature of the relationship between cinema and architecture. Applications can be made in the form of films of 7 minutes and longer than seven minutes, the narration of which uses the socio-cultural and economic aspects of architecture. Documentaries about famous professionals of the architectural industry are also welcome. The other category will be films showing the marketing of architecture and built projects. Projects in the form of animation, AR, VR, and video games that tell architectural stories can also compete for the prize. Candidates can submit more than one application in each category. Applications will open from 15Th 15 Junepearl August. The decision of the referees will be final. Jury members include prominent names such as Gül Kaçmak Erk (Queen’s University, Belfast Senior Lecturer in Architecture), Pouran Derakjshandeh (Film director, producer, screenwriter and researcher), Dr Toby Reed (PhD – Architecture and Design), Chang Huai. . -Yan (M.Arch, Salad Dressing Director), Abbas Gharib (Founder of Studio Gharib) and Elise Feirersinger (Architecture Executive Committee).

2A ArchTalk

Since its inception, the 2A Global Architectural Festival has focused on combining ideas to invent new ones. Archtalk has always been a unified forum for cross-continental architectural networks. In keeping with this tradition, this year’s festival will continue to provide a platform for sharing ideas from different origins. Since 2018, ArchTalk has served as a forum for International Interaction and an exchange of practices and theories regarding various architectural styles.

It forms the basis of the 2A Future Architectural Perspective Center (2ACAP).

2ACAP will drive the exchange of diverse cultural data that has made a significant impression on the architectural industry globally. The possibilities that may arise in the future are visualized and expanded in the official forum 2ACAP. As part of this comprehensive event, the 2A Veneration Innovative Achievement Icon is presented to True Innovators, Architects, Artists, Social Strategists in Design and Implementation, Developers and Builders.

With so many award-winning, seasoned and experienced professionals present at the same venue, one can only imagine what kind of creative conversations will spark. Multiculturalism sets a new dimension for case studies, inspiration and, by extension, architectural innovation. ArchTalk serves to build perspective, absorb various methodologies, techniques, and reflect on current limitations, challenges, and where we can go from here. Through several influential programs, intellectual discussions and conferences, ArchTalk seeks to contribute to the rational impact of architecture.

Paragon City

Each city has its own distinct architectural style inspired by its landscape, people’s attitudes and culture, and this is what makes it unique. As well as in its own way, it may have some limitations. And the main purpose of 2A magazine launching Paragon City is to raise the situation in participating cities. A perfect city can be of any scale – an entire city, part of a city, or just a neighborhood. The aim is to innovate, to create smarter cities that are easier and more accessible, more inclusive and multicultural, among other things, and with a significantly “High Professional Standard and Performance” that reflects Moyar’s capabilities.

In addition, the global announcement of a city identified as a Paragon city strengthens its branding and facilitates progress towards development. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the leading cities can be studied to draw conclusions about the problems in small cities.

With this type of upgrade, it can be predicted that, in the long run, there will be competition between cities to become Paragon City. However, 2A will always aim to solve urban problems in the most cost-effective way. A Paragon city will be the pinnacle of recognition of the city in terms of urban design, planning, municipalities and urban management institutions, all of which will make the lives of its citizens more peaceful, less stressful and richer.

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