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27 clever ways to save money on your wedding


The beverage

“Consider asking for wines and champagnes to be charged for consumption only by your venue, otherwise they will open any bottles ordered and you will be charged whether or not they are used. Similarly, many married couples feel they must offer free booze all evening not so. Offer a welcome drink, a glass of wine with a meal and then a cash bar. If you want to be more generous and can afford it, it’s totally fine It’s okay to offer bottled beer and wine for free, but ask customers to pay for spirits. This helps manage costs. Liz

“Booze doesn’t go out, so no matter what your wedding date is, buy the booze you need right after Christmas or during summer holidays. Try to buy booze on the basis of a sale or return if it has not been opened. This way you could get money back on any alcohol that is not consumed. A limited drink selection is an easy way reduce costs and speed up service.You can stick to red and white wines, as well as beer, to guarantee almost everyone a drink. Hamich

“Only invest in your favorite liquors if you are determined to provide a wide selection. Are you a gin fan whose significant other prefers vodka? Premium gin and vodka should be served, but other liquors should be offered under more wallet-friendly brands. If you like bespoke cocktails, ask for a limited edition, maybe one or two glasses, to reduce your liquor bill and make life easier for your bartenders. – Roberta


“There are a host of excellent musicians and artists available in the UK who don’t charge the highest prices, including bands and tribute bands. The big names might only play 20 or 30 minutes, whereas a good party band or tribute band might play all night and prove to be much better value. For an appetizer, check to see if you have someone talented in the family – ask if they could play a little set. Check out local music schools to see if students will perform for a donation or a fee. And, at Christmas, many local charities have choirs that will sing at events in exchange for donations. – Liz

“Choose local entertainment if you can, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money transferring people and instruments. To cover your ceremony and cocktail party, hire half the band or find out about DJ options. Many showbands offer a free DJ service, so it’s worth asking. Another way to save money on any type of entertainment would be to skip the early-night setup. But be careful: there’s a huge difference between saving money on entertainment and choosing someone because they’re cheap. Always hire a reliable service that will tailor their package to your needs. Roberta


“Instead of throwing artists and entertainment at your wedding, you can often find different ways to create special moments. Maybe the band you’ve already booked has a musician who could keep people playing until dinner. or get on stage with the DJ later. Do you have a talented friend who is a singer or a musician? Get them involved. Some of the most special moments I’ve seen at weddings have been friends playing one another in the aisle or welcoming people to a reception. It’s not just personal, it’s often more exciting too. Matthew

Overnight accommodation

“Arrange or book nearby accommodation as soon as you have secured your place. Compare different websites and after selecting a hotel, you should contact them personally to see if you can negotiate a cheaper rate. Many hotels or Airbnbs will allow you to book a stay at a lower rate and then cancel for free if your plans change. Another way is to book hotel rooms in bulk, which can get you up to 20% off. – Roberta


“Weddings always have unforeseen costs that you can’t predict. Especially for people planning their own wedding, there are a lot of unknown and unsexy costs that come out of the woodwork as you go through the planning. If you really need to stick to your budget, 10% of your total budget should be dedicated to contingency. It can allow you to make some last minute additions or, if you don’t spend it, you just have a honeymoon bonus or some money to save. If you do, you’ll be forever grateful he was there. If you use a wedding planner, you should always expect them to have a contingency fund and clear terms of service. – Matthew

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