26 Best Halloween Candles 2022


For many of us, Halloween is more than just a day, it’s an entire spooky season worth celebrating. So when October 1 rolls around, it’s time to break out your favorite Halloween decorations., bake delicious Halloween desserts, turn on those classic Halloween movies, and celebrate everything that happens on the night. Another way to make the most of the month is to light up some of these amazingly cute yet spooky Halloween candles. “I’m a big candle,” says Ree Drummond. “Turn off the lights and blow out the candles will instantly set the mood.” In this case, it will be a mysterious atmosphere!

Ahead, you’ll find a variety of ghostly scents with names like Graveyard Fog and Enchanted Moon, as well as soothing autumn candles that will remind you of apple cider donuts and pumpkin pie. If you’re looking for candles that not only smell great but are also fun to look at, we’ve picked out a few items in the shape of tiny ghosts, skulls, and even a weird coffin that melts away to reveal a skeleton!

So if you’ve been trying to come up with Halloween party ideas for this year’s festivities, consider incorporating these spooky scents into your decor. Turn off the lights and let the glow of those twinkling flames get everyone into the Halloween spirit, while making your space smell amazing! You have plenty of time before the clock strikes midnight on October 31 to get your hands on some of these Halloween candles so you can celebrate in style.

1 out of 26

More than 400 reviews

Pumpkin shaped candle

This decorative candle is sure to stir up the spooky spirit in your home this Halloween! The cute pumpkin shape and mercury glass effect will fit right in with your farmhouse decor.

2 out of 26

Featured Seller

Candle of the Witch

Double, double, toil and difficulty; fire burn and cauldron bubble! Light this magical candle for a truly spellbinding Halloween night. It is enriched with the warm scent of the autumn apple harvest and comes in several different sizes.

3 out of 26

5 star ratings

Candy Corn Latte Candle

If you are a self-proclaimed coffee lover, this is the one for you! Express your love for your favorite brew with this cup-shaped candle that screams Halloween. Sweet fragrance notes include sugar, honey, warm butter and creamy vanilla.

4 out of 26

Featured Seller

Candle “Hocus Pocus”

It’s really just a bunch of hocus pocus with this candle! Channel the Sanderson sisters with the earthy scent of cedar, witch sage and juicy blackberry. Each candle also comes with a mini witch’s broom attached.

5 out of 26

5 star ratings

Cube of Skulls Candle

With just the right amount of spooky and cool, this scented pillar candle can easily be used as a Halloween decoration! If you want to get really spooky, choose the option where skulls bleed when lit.

6 out of 26

75,000+ sales

‘Boo’ Halloween Candle

This candle is just fa-boo-lous! Celebrate the holidays in style when you light up this soy wax etched glass pick. You can choose your favorite scent and even add your own personalization.

seven out of 26

Under $35

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Candle

Fans of Disneyland’s ghostly attraction will love this pick! Based on The haunted mansion ride, this black candle scented with oud and agarwood represents Madame Leota and the epitaphs of several residents of the manor.

8 out of 26

21,000+ sales

Jack-O-Lantern candle

With this candle, there’s no need to pick and carve your own pumpkin (unless you want to, of course)! Just light up this pumpkin lookalike and you’ll be set for a happy Halloween.

9 out of 26

Featured Seller

cemetery candle

Zombies will be turning in their graves if you don’t add this soy candle to your cart! This pick smells like black cypress and is just perfect for the spookiest of nights.

ten out of 26

Over 1,400 reviews

Pastel Skull Candles

Are you having a Halloween party this year? Then you need to get your hands on these hand poured candles! They’re perfect for anyone taking a non-traditional route in their Halloween color palette.

11 out of 26


Ghost Votive Candles

Measuring just two inches tall, these mini ghosts will be strewn throughout your home this Halloween.

12 out of 26

More than 1,300 reviews

Pumpkin Chai Soy Candle

You will feel so comfortable as soon as you light this candle. It smells of baked pumpkin, graham crackers and vanilla with hints of orange peel and nutmeg.

13 out of 26

Candle “I put a spell on you”

The dark hues and thematic illustrations of this quirky candle will delight all your Halloween guests. It also happens to be hand-wrapped, making it the perfect hostess gift.

14 out of 26

Halloween Skull Soy Candle

Spread a subtly spooky vibe in your home this October with a skull candle. You can pick your own flavor, with seasonal favorites like apple cider donut and pumpkin spice latte.

15 out of 26

Skeleton Hidden Coffin Candle

An even spookier surprise lurks beyond this wax coffin candle, as the skeleton within slowly reveals itself.

16 out of 26

Yankee Candle Enchanted Moon

All Hallow’s Eve is the perfect time to light this enchanted moon candle that smells of juniper, peony and teak.

17 out of 26

Cemetery Fog Candle

Notes of black musk, amber, plum and cardamom unite for a mysterious and aromatic blend.

18 out of 26

Trick or Treat Halloween Decoration Candle

What better candle to light on Halloween night than this treat jar? The beautiful packaging is a nice bonus.

19 out of 26

pumpkin picking candle

There’s no better scent to enjoy all October than that of a pumpkin patch. Light this candle with notes of ginger, cinnamon and clove, in addition to pumpkin.

20 out of 26

All Saints Candle

Light this ginger and pumpkin scented candle on Halloween night and light up a horror movie. You’ll be in the party mood in no time!

21 out of 26

Apple Cider Donut Soy Candle

Savor one of candy season’s greatest treats when you light this apple cider donut scented candle.

22 out of 26

Edgar Allan Poe Soy Wax Candle

Honor the king of weird storytelling with a candle named after him, featuring an aroma of cardamom and sandalwood.

23 out of 26

Caramel Pumpkin Soy Candle

Go ahead and put out the pumpkin candles, you’ve earned it. A caramel tower will make your home smell like a bakery.

24 out of 26

Fallen Leaves Mason Jar Soy Candle

The smell of this soy candle will remind you of a child’s trick or treat, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet.

25 out of 26

The vampire candle

This vampire-inspired candle is the perfect backdrop for your Halloween party.

26 out of 26

Sweet corn soy candle

While the taste of tricolor candies may be up for debate, this caramel and honey scented candle is a guaranteed delight.

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