23 wedding favors for your guests, from candies to mini candles


Wedding favors are the perfect way to help your guests remember your big day and show them gratitude for being a part of it.

Similar to a party bag at children’s birthday parties, a wedding keepsake is a small gift given by couples to say “thank you” to guests for witnessing one of the most loving moments of their lives. .

While sugared almonds were the go-to gift centuries ago at weddings, favors have since had a makeover. Miniature candles, bottle openers, candies and liquor glasses are now popular choices, as are chocolates and wildflower seeds.

Prices for wedding favors vary, so you should keep in mind the number of guests on your wedding list, their dietary needs and alcohol preferences (if you’re giving edible gifts), and the way to stay as sustainable as possible. While wedding favors aren’t necessarily essential, they are a sweet way to shower your loved ones with love.

From candies to playing cards, here is a list of the most adorable wedding favors:

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Matchbox Puzzles Wedding Favors

Give your guests something to do during the car ride (if they’re sober enough, of course). These vintage looking matchbox puzzles come in 15 different designs and are a real test of brain power.


Playing Card Wedding Favors

We love the rock and roll and tattoo inspired theme on these cards. They are sure to be a guardian in any household after your big day.


Personalized scented candles for wedding favors

These eco-friendly candles are wrapped in a white satin bow and can be personalized with your names, wedding date and a message.

“Candlelight brings love into the room,” reads a message on the back of the card that reads “enlighten me” on the front.


Wedding favor cocktails X 10 bottles

With 10 cocktail options to choose from, including elderflower and Earl Gray gin collins and an amaretto bourbon sour, we love these little liquor bottles. Just be sure to keep one for yourself.


Personalized Botanical Print Chocolate Wedding Favors

So sweet, so delicious…we love these handmade, individually wrapped chocolate bars. Vintage-inspired recyclable wax paper is so chic.


100 travel-themed mini suitcases

While international travel can be hit and miss right now, these boxes of candy are a lovely way to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Each suitcase party box also comes with a blank paper tag that you can write a personalized message on.


Guilty Pleasures Mini Lip Trio

One for makeup lovers, we can’t get enough of these soft lipsticks from the “mother” of makeup, McGrath.


10 personalized “Meant To Bee” seed packets

Wedding in a cup of tea


Give back to nature after your big day with these wild seed bags. They are the perfect food source for buzzing bees.


Mixed Mini Hand Sanitizers

Weddings are finally back after the pandemic, but since safety remains a priority, why not buy each of your guests a little hand sanitizer gel made with essential oils of rosemary, spearmint and peppermint ?

A box of Hotel Chocolate anything will go well with your guests – trust us. We love this sweet box of four treats.


Lot Of 10 Edible Flower Lollipops



These are as sweet as they are stylish. Place one on each guest’s plate and watch them go home with a big smile on their face.


96 Wedding Wand Heart Tube Bubble Favors

Watch your guests blow bubbles in the air on your big day. These adorable bubbles are fantastic if you have kids at your wedding too.


‘Grow The Love’ Plantable Paper Hearts

Keep the love alive after your wedding with these paper hearts, which are encrusted with 24 types of native British wildflower seeds.


Set of 50 bottle openers for wedding favors.

Everyone needs a bottle opener. We love these chic, vintage-inspired bottle openers with labels you can personalize.


Personalized Floral Wedding Favor Hearts

With 10 cards in each pack, these wooden hearts can be placed on the table or sent with a thank you card after your big day.


Personalized wedding date wooden keychain



One for close family members, we can’t get enough of these personalized engraved wedding date keyrings. You can’t go wrong with personalized gifts.


Miniature fruity cocktails and liqueurs gift box

From blue curacao to limoncino, these mini cocktail and liquor bottles are sure to rock the party for guests after the carriages.


10 packets of wildflower seeds

Wedding in a cup of tea


These seed packets are made from 100% recycled 80gsm paper and are available in brown or white manila. A sweet and subtle way to champion sustainability on your big day.


Personalized Mr & Mrs Wedding Favors

Little Wish Shop


Cover your guests’ tables with these adorable personalized confetti table decorations. Your guests will want to keep them forever.


Mr & Mrs Puzzle Table Decoration Wedding Favors

Thank your guests for being an integral part of your wedding day with these wooden puzzle shapes that can be personalized with your names and wedding dates.


Personalized Wedding Favor Lollipops

These lollipops are available in alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavors and can be personalized with your names, your wedding date and a short message for your loved ones.


wedding favor heart tags

These labels are a sweet moment for your wedding guests. Lay them out next to their table cards or around their glasses of champagne during your wedding breakfast.


Mini red heart champagne truffle, 34g

Charbonnel and Walker


These champagne truffles are absolutely delicious and we are big fans of Charbonnel and Walker’s choice of red heart boxes.

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