23 Striking Examples of Modern Rooms With Grand Pianos

Stephen Kent Johnson

Even as someone who doesn’t know how to play the piano (despite years of lessons), I can appreciate the beauty of the instrument, both sonically and aesthetically. Whether you’ve inherited a grand piano that’s been in your family for generations or you or someone you live with plays the piano, consider yourself lucky: it’s a beautiful centerpiece, design-wise, and encourages gathering. Pianos are classic beauties no matter the background, be it a modern living room or hallway, but that doesn’t mean they simple to decorate with. If you need guidance and inspiration from designers to figure out how to best style your own piano, consider the rooms in front of you as a blueprint.

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Grand entrance

What better way to make a grand entrance than with a grand piano? In this hall, designed by Dallas-based decorator Jean Liu, the gloss black piano exudes a stately, formal atmosphere, while the light wood floors, modern glass elements and worn leather pieces provide a grounded welcome.

Cozy accents

A sheepskin over the piano bench speaks to the more casual and contemporary elements in this living room by Devin Kirk of Jayson Home, such as the rice paper hanger and rug.

Surrounded by playfulness

Peachy walls and lopsided artwork, a swirling candelabra, geometric cobalt lamp, maroon plush rug and playful yellow stool all set a cute, playful tone to Reath Design’s living room, giving the classic piano a contemporary feel.

Classic Overtures

Stick to tradition with gilded elements, a table with skirts and antiques. Nina Nash Long even painted the wood floors in a black and white pattern for an old-fashioned salon feel. The graphic touch really makes the black piano pop amid the pale moss green background. “I think doing good traditionally is about creating a foundation with quality furniture and then having fun patterns and accessories,” says Nash Long.

Place by the window

Sleek furnishings and sleek, modern lighting — along with bold, abstract artwork — set the stage for the timeless beauty of the huge grand piano in this living room by Josh Greene.

Unexpected color story

Corals, grays and brass work surprisingly well together, especially with all the warm wooden statement items, from the tables to the piano, creating a unique and chic color story in this living room by Mona Hajj. It is the perfect combination for a young

Dining room Kas

Would you like to place your grand piano in the dining room instead of the living room? Note this green conservatory-meets-dining room designed by Brigette Romanek.

Amidst an eclectic collection

An eclectic gallery wall enlivens this living room designed by Emil Dervish, so even though the piano faces the wall, it still has a nice view.

cat corner

Orient your grand piano at an angle near a window. In this living room, the black grand piano holds its own, while not completely overwhelming the space, striking the ideal balance in a formal sitting area.


A white piano camouflages itself against the cream-colored walls in the energetic family room designed by the Novogratzes.

bohemian decor

A medley of eclectic seating adds to the fun, bohemian feel of this piano nook from Reath Design. There is some matching, just not in the way you would normally expect; look closely and you’ll see the mini chair on top of the piano that looks exactly like the one against the wall.

warm brown

In this family room from Regan Baker Design, olive greens, creams and nature-inspired textural neutrals highlight the beautiful brown piano.

In his own area

If you prefer to keep the piano separate from the living room seating area in a large, open floor plan, zone the room with a console or sofa table and two separate area rugs. In this amazing room designed by Tamsin Johnson, the piano sits between the adjacent conservatory and the living room – both feel like their own separate spaces, but also both reap the benefits of a live show.

Accent paint and prints

An upholstered checkered sofa and deep navy painted wall accentuate the formality of the brown piano in April Tomlin’s living room.

Modern and refined decor

Task lighting, wall art and a high folding screen bring the piano corner to life in this living room by Frank De Biasi. “Pianos have a sculptural quality that always makes a space more interesting,” he says.

Privacy please

A home studio can be hidden from the living room thanks to pocket doors. Beautiful beige millwork and a paper hanger keep the room minimalist yet stylish through the General Assembly.

All about scale

Inky black accents help spice up the warm neutrals and bright white walls in this airy living room by Jean Stoffer. The high, framed ceilings are the perfect scale for a dramatic piano moment, while the low-slung, oversized pendant helps reduce the seating area to a human size for cozy lounging.

Plants and patterns

Well-placed plants will always liven up a room, as this room from Redmond Aldrich Design proves. Contemporary printed wallpaper above the seat line is a nice touch.

Sentimental Value

Designed by Peti Lau for DJ Drew Taggart of the Chainsmokers, the centerpiece of this living room is the Yamaha piano. Behind it, she created a custom shelf to creatively display awards, instruments and souvenirs from touring.

High-gloss materials

Reflective brass, natural stone and dark-stained wood all enhance the beautiful grandeur behind this NicoleHollis-designed living room.

Hygge by the fire

Bay windows create the perfect little nook to play the piano in this Boston Brownstone designed by Jae Joo. This leaves the rest of the usable space in the room free for cozy conversations by the fire.

White off

General Assembly strongly advocates a white piano in an all-white living room. It feels simple, clean and even a little greasy. We love it with these exposed beams and aged hardwood floors.

Asymmetry rules

A sculptural two-armed sconce takes the modern, asymmetrical gallery wall one step further in this Frampton and Co. entrance.

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