21 creative pumpkin decorating ideas for your front porch

Nothing can spruce up a south porch in the fall like pumpkins. We can’t wait to unload the annual loot from the pumpkin patch, knowing full well that we’ll be collecting more here and there. We love pumpkins of all colors, be it bright orange, crisp white or lovely green; we love short and squat gourds, tall and skinny gourds, irregular and warty gourds, smooth and perfect gourds, mini gourds, giant pumpkins and each pumpkin in between. When it’s time to decorate your home details for fall, these creative pumpkin decorating ideas will make your porch festive and downright full of fall.

Graceful wreath

Ralph Anderson

A simple pine wreath adds elegance to this fall display. And don’t forget the pumpkins!

Designer Heather Barrie of Gathering Floral + Event Design started with a nagi wreath, which you can buy from a florist, and then was wired with coontie palms and holly fern fronds and high-necked pumpkins. Pedestal urns planted with crotons leave space underneath for pumpkins. This colorful houseplant is ideal for outdoor use where the frost comes late. For an unexpected flourish, place the pumpkins on top of the holly fern fronds and tuck into the yaupon holly berry sprigs.


Hector Sanchez

Fall mums and fall pumpkins, combined in an amazing seasonal display? Get us to carve our pumpkins into DIY planters ASAP.

Modern farmhouse

Elena Norman; Style: James Cramer

The sleek black accessories add a modern touch to some very classic materials. Narrow zinc planters filled with both dried and fresh miscanthus leaves add height to the front door. Create a focal point of the container by threading jars of “Wasabi” coleus and chartreuse sweet potato vines. Moonlight pumpkins and gourds amplify the glow.

Lush stairs

Elena Norman

This front porch pairs pumpkins and bountiful kale for a wonderful welcome and inspiring place to sit on the porch.

Pumpkin in bloom

Jim Franco

Forget the shabby earthenware pot – this pumpkin vase showcases your seasonal-style blooms.

Short and sturdy

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Style: Buffy Hargett Miller

A short flight of stairs is the perfect place for an abundance of pumpkins. Mix in seasonal flower pots and a colorful garland to complete the inviting look.

Pumpkin votive float

Laurey W. Glenn; Style: Buffy Hargett Miller

Miniature pumpkins and tea candles combine to create this stunning votive display that will impress the neighbors.

Pumpkin containers

Elena Norman; Style: P. Allen Smith

Metal urns placed on pedestals filled with pie pumpkins create an easy accent on each side of the front door. Combinations of annuals, potted boxwoods and heirloom gourds organize many materials and strike balance.

Creative carving

Laurey W. Glenn

We love the mix of natural, uncarved gourds and intricately carved gourds with polka dots and scalloped edges – create a perfect balance!

DIY pumpkin wreath

Elena Norman

Hang a wreath to celebrate the fall season. This miniature pumpkin and pumpkin wreath can be your seasonal DIY project.

Incorporate the white pumpkins

Laurey W. Glenn

White pumpkins add an unexpected and elegant touch to the steps and front door. To make the wreath, start with a store-bought vine wreath. Choose an odd number of white mini pumpkins. Attach the pumpkins to the florist’s picks, then work the picks into the wreath, making sure to space them evenly. Attach the pumpkins to the wreath with wire. Using additional florist picks, attack seasonal greenery (we used smilax) and bittersweet (available at your local garden center), filling in the gaps between the pumpkins. Add an assortment of fall leaves to top with picks and threads for a colorful finish.

Right at home

Elena Norman

Find a nice big pumpkin to carve (or paint!) Your house numbers on. Then, she mixes and matches the pumpkins to recreate the thrill of a trip to the pumpkin patch right on the doorstep.

Align your path

Southern life

Vary pumpkins and glass jars along your walkway and light them up at night for a gracious welcome to your front door. These pumpkins are hollowed out from below for easy placement on top of votives.

Align your steps

Elena Norman

There’s a reason you see moms every fall: they work. Add an assortment of potted mums and pumpkins of various sizes on the front steps for a warm welcome.

Pumpkin candle holder

Laurey W. Glenn

If you love the look of hurricanes lining a path, give it an autumn flair by using oversized heirloom pumpkins in various shades of orange and green as bases – perfect for welcoming guests to a fall-themed party.

Pumpkin topiary

Elena Norman

Vertical displays make a big statement at the front door. Tying in cool-weather edibles like ornamental kale, kale, and bay leaves adds a distinctive touch. To create topiary, insert laurel wreaths between pumpkins stacked in concrete urns and complete with a small pumpkin. Finish your door with a bittersweet wreath. Be careful throwing the seeds in the trash rather than the compost bin, as bittersweet is invasive in the garden. For a similar look, use rose hips, which are greener.

Love the pumpkin

Elena Norman; Style: P. Allen Smith

A variety of pumpkins of various sizes and shapes are arranged around this large porch. Hay bales replace standard topiary, giving height to the arrangement.

Metallic patterned pumpkins

Southern life

Get as creative as you want with these gold and black painted pumpkins. Not only the size and shape, but also the models vary.

Get spooky

Southern life

A full pumpkin wreath is hung with a long black ribbon. As Halloween approaches, add more black ribbon and a giant spider to your front porch columns.

Rustic fleece

A mix of uniquely colored pumpkins and a cluster of stools creates a rustic display at the front of the house. A few fall leaves and kale complete the look.

Well lit entrance door

Southern life

Faux pumpkins are the way to go with this bright topiary. Cut holes in the top and bottom of the two lower pumpkins and fill with wire lights. Once stacked and secured, place them on top of your favorite container and fill with faux leaves.

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