2022 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Scale Your Business

Halloween is an ideal opportunity for businesses to interact with customers in festive, special ways. There are many different ways to show your Halloween spirit with different marketing campaigns. The following Halloween promotions can provide unique ideas that you can use to market your business this fall.

What is Halloween Marketing?

Halloween marketing can include any activity that engages your business with customers throughout the Halloween season. Some activities may include specific campaigns, such as videos or social media posts. However, other businesses can take advantage of it by putting up Halloween decorations and inviting local customers to buy candies or spooky treats.

Benefits of Halloween Marketing Campaigns for Small Business

Different Halloween promotion ideas offer different benefits to businesses. But the following list contains some common ways launching a Halloween marketing campaign can help your business:

  • Catch the attention of customers: Decorating your store or changing your website for Halloween can grab people’s attention simply because it’s different. People have Halloween on their minds this time of year, so it’s an easy way to address them.
  • Sell ​​relevant products: If your business sells candy, decor, costumes, or clothing, Halloween can help you increase sales. So use the holiday in your marketing to draw people’s attention to your inventory.
  • Approaching as a festive brand: If someone likes Halloween, they are more likely to come in contact with brands that share this interest as well. By simply decorating your venue or sharing Halloween content on social media, you can make this connection.
  • Increase Foot Traffic: Eye-catching signs, decor, special events, and freebies can help you draw new people through your door. Even if they don’t buy something right away, a positive experience can keep them coming back.
  • Garner Brand Recognition: Even online businesses can take advantage of Halloween marketing ideas if these promotions bring in extra press or online stock. If you can increase brand awareness, customers are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Halloween themed marketing ideas for small businesses

Many companies focus on the Christmas holidays, but Halloween also offers plenty of opportunities for unique marketing ideas. Here are some ways to take advantage of the spooky season and promote your business this year.

1. Give away branded treats and Halloween candies

Host a trick-or-treating event or take part in the normal Halloween festivities in your town by handing out candy. Candy companies often have companies printed custom wrappers with your name, logo, or a simple Halloween message. So offer these tailor-made treats for an unforgettable holiday experience.

2. Host a Halloween Costume Photo Contest

If you want to hold a Halloween contest, host a costume event where people can show off their best looks in person or online. For Virtual Businesses: Let people submit photos to your website or social media accounts. Personally encourage people to dress for a special event. Then offer prizes or discounts to the winners. You may even have categories like scariest or most creative.

3. Hold a pumpkin carving contest

Another contest idea is pumpkin carving. Host an event at your store or have people submit photos of their carved pumpkins online. Make your own with your company’s logo or slogan and place them in front of your store in the lead up to the holiday.

4. Host a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for local businesses that increases foot traffic in your business district. Collaborate with other companies or your city’s development authority to bring in more customers.

5. Change Your Storefront Windows

Your shop window is one of the first things people notice about your location. So add in some cobwebs, skeletons or other spooky scenery to grab people’s attention as they pass by. You can even upload photos of your displays to your website and social media platforms throughout the season.

6. Assign Unique DIY Projects

Find creative ways for people to integrate your products into Halloween projects. For example, if you sell clothing, incorporate a few pieces into a DIY costume and share it online or with in-store signage. Then let clients share their own projects and shout them out online.

7. Host a Halloween Party

For personal businesses, throw a party at your location and invite all your top clients. Send it to your email list or post signage in town. Add fun elements like festive treats or costumes to make the festivities stand out. Online businesses with repeat customers can even offer a virtual party on Zoom or similar platforms.

8. Create Spooky Product Names

You don’t have to change your actual product line to make it spooky. Instead, simply update names with festive titles. For example, a local coffee shop might call their special blend “witch’s brew” for the season. Or a clothing company might describe colors as “jack-o-lantern orange” or “black cat.”

9. Offer a haunted experience

Bring in customers for a haunted house or similar experience at your location. This may require some additional setup, but it can make for an unforgettable experience for families or adults, depending on the content. If you have a large location, you may only need a small part of your building. Then you can direct visitors to your store or office afterwards. However, small businesses can offer this experience in one day and stop their normal operations.

10. Add Halloween Elements to Your Website

Online businesses can still decorate for Halloween. Simply add creepy elements like spiders crawling across the page or scary eyes blinking to your homepage, or create Halloween landing pages for people visiting you from various holiday-themed ads or campaigns.

11. Create Creepy Video Content

Many people like to be afraid. And even more people like to scare their friends. Take advantage of this by creating scary content in your online videos. This may seem like a normal looking video where a scary witch suddenly jumps out at the end. You get a lot of attention online and probably a lot of shares.

12. Bundle relevant products

Increase Halloween themed sales by grouping products. For example, a grocery store might offer bags of candy along with a few bins and maybe a drink for mom and dad. Think of this kind of offering as a trick-or-treating kit.

13. Encourage Employees to Dress in Costumes

Your employees can also enjoy the Halloween fun by coming to work dressed up all season long. This can also make the experience memorable for customers who come to visit. If they don’t want to wear full costumes, consider making them Halloween themed shirts or accessories that might be easier to wear on a daily basis.

14. Make a Halloween Themed Hashtag

Increase social media engagement throughout the season by creating a hashtag that allows people to share costumes, decor, or other relevant content. For example, a home decor brand might include a hashtag that lets people show how they are decorating rooms for Halloween.

15. Offer Halloween Photo Opportunities

Personal businesses can also get more exposure by setting up a Halloween-themed photo booth or backdrop. Offer a unique sign or place some skeletons and mummies for people to pose for. They can then share those photos on their own social media platforms, tagging your business account or location.

What is the best form of marketing for Halloween?

The best Halloween marketing strategies vary depending on the niche and goals of your business. For local businesses, hosting a Halloween event like trick or treating or a haunted house can bring in a lot of customers. For online businesses, custom hashtags or a costume or pumpkin photo contest can get you more engaged.

What should your brand post on social media for Halloween?

Halloween can be an ideal time to post user-generated content on social media. For example, encourage customers to share their own photos of costumes or DIY projects they’ve made with your products. Then re-share and tag their photos to increase engagement and show your appreciation.

When should you start selling Halloween products?

Halloween-related merchandise usually sells well before the public holiday. The exact timeline depends on the product. Items that require some planning, such as Halloween decor or costumes, can hit shelves in September or even August. However, trick-or-treating candies are usually more relevant in the week or two leading up to Halloween. Items generally leave the shelves quickly to make way for the official holiday shopping season.

What should employees do for Halloween?

Employees can celebrate Halloween in different ways, depending on the company culture. You can throw a party and have them come to work in Halloween costumes. You can send fun emails or offer spooky treats in the break room. Businesses with a family-oriented atmosphere may even offer a truck-or-treat event for employees to bring their kids. Let your team provide input to determine the best celebrations for the season.

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