2021 Wedding Table Decorations: Centerpieces, Placemats, Candles and More

Whether your wedding venue is a blank canvas or already has a few extra flourishes, chances are you’ll be looking for ways to make it more personal for you and your fiancé.

Just as we each have our own unique approach to dressing, the same idea can be applied to your big day, with everything from the invitations you send out to guests to your menu and DJ choice reflecting who you are as a couple.

While there are many ways to put your own stamp on things, one of the most effective is to decorate the place where people will gather and spend the majority of their time celebrating your wedding. No, not the bar, we’re talking about the dinner table.

Setting the table for dinner is, of course, a routine we all know. However, doing it for so many guests and such an important occasion requires a different level of vision, which we now call tablecaping. But, how is it different? Simply put, table decor is the art of dressing your table using tablecloths, napkins, plates, glasses, cutlery and candles to create a beautiful setting for your guests and, in the case of your nuptials, make it truly wedding-worthy.

Taking the concept of the wedding breakfast to new heights, a successful tablescape takes a lot of pre-planning and if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. To help you celebrate your big day in style, we’ve consulted a range of industry insiders for their tips on putting together an eye-catching setup that’s guaranteed to have the wow factor, including a loads of product recommendations you can take right now.

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Choose a theme

Whether your tables are round, square or rectangular, each one will need some form of decoration. But before deciding what to buy, it’s a good idea to have a theme in mind.

According to Alice Herbert, co-founder of table setting rental service LAY London, your wedding season is a good place to start if you’re struggling to find inspiration. “If you’re planning a summer wedding, you can opt for a summer getaway vibe. We were previously inspired by the sunshine of Saint-Tropez with a chic palette of blue and white. It’s fun to make your guests travel!

(LAY London)

Alternatively, Ellie Moore, founder of Dress for Dinner Tablescapes, recommends letting your decor be led by your favorite flower or ones that are in bloom at your nuptials. “Meeting your florist is probably the best place to start – scour Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and chat with them about the season and your favorite colors and types of flowers.

“The florist we work closely with has also been asked to do a lot of boho wedding bouquets this year – these are great collections of herbs and dried flowers and can also be carried over into table decorations. like feathers, grasses and the dried moon create this ethereal and romantic feeling.


(Rebecca Udal)

A tablecloth is the perfect base for your dinner party, which you can use to inject color into the table or keep it simple with a white tablecloth that you can layer with bold accessories.

Rebecca Udall, founder of her eponymous homewares brand, suggests opting for the latter but looking for a tablecloth with additional details like scalloped or ruffled edges to add a “perfect whimsical touch for a wedding.” One of her favorites is this ruffled tablecloth (£189, Rebeccaudall.com), which is made from European-sourced linen woven by a traditional Irish weaver for a super soft and crisp look.

(Dress for dinner)

If you prefer a patterned option, Moore says Dress for Dinner’s burl fabrics (£65, Dressfordinner.co.uk) and Inca lily (£70, Dressfordinner.co.uk) have proven incredibly popular with weddings this year, and it’s not hard to see why. While the former is decorated with blue and green hedge flowers, the latter weaves pink and blue flowers among baroque trellises with a soft aqua gray border.

She adds that appliqués and embroidery are also making a comeback, which she credits to people turning to naturalness and nostalgia for comfort during the pandemic. “It’s definitely crept into our interiors and wedding plans and I suspect simple, yet beautifully intricate linens will be something we’ll see a lot more of,” Moore says, recommending Etsy as a great source for linens. vintage that you won’t find anywhere else. , including this French tablecloth and napkin set (£147.99, Etsy.com).


(Zara House)

When it comes to napkins, Udall says matching them to your tablecloth is a surefire move because it helps make the table cohesive. However, she adds that, if your wedding budget allows, some materials are worth investing in over others. “If you can afford it, choose natural fibers over polyester for your linens,” she says. “Linen is best followed by cotton.”

(Embroidered Towel Company)

Opt for a bright and cheerful setting? Udall loves these sunny yellow linen towels (£15.99, Zarahome.com), which come in a pack of two and feature white floral embroidery in one corner.

(Dress for dinner)

For something with a more personal touch, Moore recommends these vintage-inspired napkins (£27, Theembroiderednapkincompany.co.uk), which can be embroidered with floral monograms for each guest. Or, if you’re going for a Bridgerton-inspired affair, grab these luxurious ruffled towels (£26, Dressfordinner.co.uk), which are made from 100% French linen and tied with a pretty bow.


Centerpieces are a great way to give your decor a focal point, but it’s important not to overwhelm a table by adding too many embellishments, as this may make guests feel limited when trying. to eat.

(Rebecca Udal)

Moore suggests striking the perfect balance with flower arrangements using bud vases so you can have the best of both worlds, with plenty of flowers strewn across the center of the table without it feeling overwhelming. “Bud vases are so versatile and inexpensive and can now be found in all sorts of beautiful shapes, sizes and colors, with trendy colored or textured glass,” she says. “Our trio of Summer Garden Bud Vases (£18, Dressfordinner.co.uk) are glass in pink, green and yellow for the prettiest dining room. No wonder bud vases are so popular.

(LAY London)

Udall agrees, adding that flowers and candles would always be her favorite. “On round tables, you can do high presentations, but on long tables, keep flowers and decorations below eye level,” she recommends. “For flowers, limit them to your budget by mixing in lots of foliage. I think it looks better than single flowers anyway, as it adds variety and texture. As for the candles, she says swirling and twisting styles like these (£24, Rebeccaudall.com), which come in a range of colours, have “a contemporary, informal feel and add a fun touch to your table”. We also love these marbled alternatives (£17, Laylondon.com), which are super shiny and handmade in Italy.


If you choose to incorporate candles into your décor, Herbert says it’s important to consider the holders you use as well because they can be great for “adding height, drama and a banquet feel to the table with candlesticks”.

“Choose a simple candle holder and a large, bright, colorful candle, and the table becomes infinitely more exciting,” she explains. “We like to mix or alternate the colors of the candles for a rainbow effect, shining like jewels on the table.” Need inspiration? Check out this green glass holder (£22, Cocolulu.co.uk), which is handmade from tinted glass and can also be used as a vase for dried and fresh flowers if required.


(Cubist House)

Table decor helps you create a setting that stands out from the crowd, so why settle for plates you’ve seen a million times before? When it comes to tableware, Herbert recommends using cheerful colors. “We often create cutlery by alternating colors along the table, for a jewelry box effect,” she says.


“Mixing and matching is also helpful if you lack a full set of one thing.” For unique plates, she recommends this splatter pattern from Casa Cubista (£22, Libertylondon.com) or this lemon print style (£47, Klevering.com) for a summery setup.


Moore agrees, adding that weddings are moving away from the simple white plate into altogether more creative territory like these beautiful floral plates (£20, Amara.com), which promise to bring a floral touch to your tables.



When it comes to glassware, Udall says using different types of glass for each drink can be a great way to add interest to a table. “You can mix and match styles across water, wine and flutes or keep them consistent to suit your style. Personally, I like water tumblers to have color and pattern because they add more texture to the table,” she explains, recommending this mouth-blown tumbler (£10, Anthropologie.com), which is made from recycled glass and features a painterly design. in burnt orange.

(Dress for dinner)

If champagne is your drink of choice, it’s also worth considering investing in goblets like this engraved pair (£25, Dressfordinner), which Moore says are best-sellers. “Shows like The pursuit of love and our enduring affection for Gatsby-themed events means they never go out of style for long,” she says.


(Columbia Collective)

Creating the perfect wedding table is all about layering, so a placemat is a useful way to not only help anchor someone’s place setting at the table, but also add visual interest. Herbert says more rustic styles, like this woven set (£85, Thecolombiacollective.co.uk) make great alternatives to more formal presentation plates. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider these red sapa placemats (£10, Conranshop.co.uk), which are handcrafted from seagrass by Vietnamese artisans using traditional weaving techniques.


Udall agrees, adding that woven placemats work well for “adding texture and an informal feel.” Among her favorites are this natural-coloured set (£22, Laredoute.co.uk) and this colorful rattan style (£26, Anthropologie.com), which come in a range of colors including moss green and l ‘ivory.

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