20 Ways to Apply Dark Paint Colors in Your Home

Using dark colors in interior design can make it look like you are breaking some unspoken design rules. After all, haven’t you heard all your life that dark hues can make a space look smaller and more claustrophobic? However, deep tones have become very popular in interior design today. They can easily create a more luxurious space by adding moody, sophisticated vibes.

When using dark colors in design, Seattle Times says they can make a space cozier, more cohesive, and more vibrant. Deep shades will look great when used as basic elements of a room, such as on the walls or in the main pieces of furniture. However, they also provide a warning: don’t touch up a dark wall, because it will show. Instead, repaint the entire wall. If you’re trying to decide how to incorporate dark paint colors into your home, here are 20 ideas to inspire you.

1. Redo the front door

Painting your front door a deep black will create an interesting dynamic in your space, especially if the rest of your home is light and airy.

2. Paint your cabinets

Dark cabinets can create a chic look in a bathroom or kitchen. To elevate it even further, add elegant gold hardware.

3. Add an accent wall

An accent wall will add dimension without feeling overwhelming. If the rest of your space is white, a medium gray wall will create a nice contrast.

4. Opt for dark furniture

Including dark furniture in a dark room can make it look more sophisticated. The key is to add lots of different textures and shades to the space, to keep it from looking one-dimensional.

5. Breathe new life into your old furniture

If you have old furniture that you are not in love with, you can paint it in a deep tone to give it new life. Dark furniture will look more cohesive against a dark wall.

6. Create contrast

Creating contrast by mixing black and white will add interest to your space. This bathroom vanity is mostly black but also has white cabinet doors that really stand out.

7. Get plenty of natural light

Since dark shades can make a home feel gloomy, take advantage of lots of natural light with large windows.

8. Include sufficient lighting

If you don’t have the luxury of large windows, you can always add light through floor lamps and table lamps. Providing extra light in an ink piece will keep it from feeling dull.

9. Make the base of the open shelves

A dark accent color behind open shelving can really enhance a space. This kitchen has a lot of contrast and interesting textures.

10. Pair it with bright colors

Pairing black with a bright color, like a bright blue, will add a dynamic look and make the hue stand out bolder.

11. Use a matte finish

A matte finish creates a feeling of luxury and adds extra character to the space. This kitchen has matte black cabinets.

12. Incorporate a dark ceiling

Incorporating a dark ceiling can seem oppressive. In a small space, maybe it would. But in a room with high ceilings, a deep paint color can add extra interest.

13. Stay Neutral

Keeping furniture neutral can make a dark space look chic and sophisticated. This living room has light gray furniture and lots of wooden accents.

14. Lean into color

Or, you can look into color in your space. This nursery has dark green walls and pops of delicate pale pink.

15. Focus on elegance

Add elegance to a dark wall by incorporating velvet furniture, gold accents and useful design pieces into the space.

16. Choose a smaller room

A smaller room, like an entryway or a bathroom, is the perfect place to play with deep wall colors. Because these spaces aren’t meant to be large, the tones won’t be overwhelming.

17. Design a chic gallery wall

A dark shade of paint can create the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall. It will make your gallery pieces really stand out and cohesive in space.

18. Draw attention to furniture

Furniture that you place against dark walls will really stand out as it will contrast with the color of the wall. Choosing furniture with bright elements can look very interesting.

19. Mix with lots of greenery

Greenery can brighten up a dark room and make it more welcoming. Likewise, adding wooden accents can create the same warm ambiance.

20. Design a space with a vintage look

Deep tones are perfect for vintage-looking spaces. Adding dark leather furniture, wallpaper accents, and patterned elements will make your space feel like it’s from another time.

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