20 wallpaper ideas for children’s bedrooms – cute, colorful and actually stylish

Using beautiful wallcoverings is an easy way to transform a child’s room from something simple and predictable, into a space they love to spend time in. The best kids bedroom wallpaper ideas you can imagine are full of personality. They’re usually fun and carefree, but that’s not to say they can’t add style or even complement the rest of your home’s decor…

Using an array of colors and vibrant patterns is a great way to inspire young minds, while older kids seize the opportunity to express their creativity with an eye-catching design of their choice. Here’s how to select the best wallpaper ideas for your little ones.

1. Have fun with bold colors and patterns

Keep kids’ rooms stylish but fun with a clean geometric wallpaper design and a bold background color. Combine with a colorful rug and cushions for an extra pop of interest.

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