20 smart ways to transform your space with floating shelves

When decorating a room, you may be looking for ways to add more storage, character, and functionality. If this is the case, you can add floating shelves. These shelves can be added to any room in the house. In the kitchen, they are usually used to store additional dishes. When hung in the bathroom, it can hold toiletries and plants. Floating ledges can also be hung in the living room or bedroom to organize your favorite decor items.

Companion Maids says floating shelves can easily add functionality to any living space. It also makes it easy to organize your items and gives you more storage opportunities. The items are easy to access. They can be used to fill empty corners or wall space and are especially useful in rooms with limited floor space. Here are 20 ways you can transform different spaces in your home with floating shelves.

1. Open shelves in the kitchen

Floating shelves in the kitchen can be used to lay out extra dishes and serving utensils. It can also be a great place to display food in clear jars.

2. For office storage

When hanging floating shelves in a home office, they add a lot of extra storage space. You can put a clock, boxes or a filing system on your shelves to make it more functional.

3. In the bathroom

When floating ledges are used in the bathroom, they usually contain things like plants and extra toiletries. Can also be used to display a mirror above the sink.

4. For children’s games

In your child’s bedroom or playroom, wood panels on the wall can hold books, artwork, or stuffed animals. It can add a lot of personal and colorful elements to a space.

5. Hexagonal shelves

To add a unique display, use hexagonal shelves. This will create the look of a beautiful piece of art and can be decorated with small objects such as plants, vases, and candles.

6. Corner shelves

Corner ledges can also be installed to create more storage opportunities in this normally unused space. This will also leave more room on the floor for a small table or basket.

7. To hold bathroom supplies

In the bathroom, a floating shelf next to the vanity can hold things like cotton balls, cotton buds, makeup products, or other bathroom essentials. This can make getting ready in the morning easier.

8. With brackets

For contrast, you can pair light wood with darker arches to give your space an industrial feel.

9. Without brackets

The shelves can also be hung without brackets for a simpler look. This can look very luxurious in a space.

10. Unique Shapes

Shelves can also come in unique shapes, such as triangles and diamonds. When stacked together, these shapes will create a unique design feature on the wall.

11. Over the bed

A floating shelf can be installed above the bed to hold things like picture frames, candles, clocks and vases. This can help you get a less crowded table.

12. On a Bold Wall

Mounting white shelves against a dark wall can create a beautiful contrast that really makes your decor pieces stand out. They can be added to any room in your home to create lots of interest.

13. Include hooks

Including hooks can increase your storage space. In the kitchen, hooks at the bottom of open shelves can be great for hanging things like mugs and plants.

14. Create a unique vanity

Two large floating pieces of wood can be used in the bathroom to create a one-of-a-kind nightstand that looks both simple and elegant.

15. Recreation center replacement

A long shelf can replace the entertainment center in the living room. This space has a long shelf under a hanging TV.

16. Create a floating bookshelf

Another way to increase storage space in the office is by installing a bookcase on the wall. This will free up floor space for a desk.

17. Use different lengths

Using shelves of different lengths will add variety to the space. These shelves are used for storage and decoration in the coffee corner.

18. Decorate with color

To add more interest, decorate with pops of color. In doing so, it may make sense to choose two distinct colors, such as pink and blue, to help the space look cohesive.

19. Surround the TV

Floating shelves around your TV or fireplace can make your living room feel at home and more complete.

20. In front of the metro tile

In the kitchen or bathroom, installing open shelves on tiles can make them seem like they’re part of the design. Subway tiles are a great choice because their simple design won’t take away from the items on display.

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