20 interior paint color trends you need to know in 2022

Choosing a color for your home can be both fun and a little stressful. Not only do you want it to be a color you’ll love for years, but you also want it to match your other decor. According to Home Made Lovely, you should choose your paint color based on your decor rather than the other way around because it’s easier to choose from a selection of paints rather than finding a decor that matches a specific shade. Also consider undertones, paint sheen, and the room itself.

The trend colors of the year from different brands are overwhelming in the green family. These soothing natural tones are quickly becoming the new favorites for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Other natural shades are also gaining popularity, such as soft blues, terracotta and pinks that offer some color without being too bright or overwhelming. People love the relaxed feeling these colors give a room and even to accent and hang pieces like built-in bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. Of course, neutral colors are always in. But paint trends are seeing a shift from stark whites and grays to warmer whites and browns. Moody black and charcoal are also becoming popular paint choices. All these colors seem to complement each other creating a relaxed, colorful but not bright and relaxed color scheme for a home.

Pantone Very Peric

One of the trend colors of 2022 is, of course, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Very Peri, a blue with red undertones created by the color company. This color has a vibrant and electric energy that many people use as accents throughout the home, especially in living rooms and bathrooms.

Farrow & Ball Shadow White

Clean white interiors are no longer the go-to. While neutrals aren’t going anywhere, they become much warmer and cozier, as seen in Shadow White by Farrow & Ball. Warmer undertones in neutral tones feel more organic and natural and go well with elements such as brick and natural wood in living rooms.

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog

Soft green is the color many paint companies have chosen as their color of the year. For Sherwin-Williams, that color is Evergreen Fog, a midtone gray-green. The color feels organic and soothing, making it an ideal option for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Benjamin Moore Enchanted Forest

This dusty shade of green brings the tranquility of nature into your home. Enchanted Forest by Benjamin Moore makes your home feel like it’s connected to nature. And while this color can make a statement, it won’t overwhelm your space. Many people like this color on built-in shelves in the living room and office.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Aleutian

A comforting blue will never go out of style. Created by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, Aleutian is reminiscent of your favorite faded jeans. The color was named Color of the Year for 2022 by this brand and was created with comfort and tranquility in mind. Feel relaxed with Aleutian in your bathroom or bedroom.

Sliding Guacamole

A vibrant green was named Glidden’s Color of the Year for 2022. Bright as a ripe avocado, Guacamole brings fun style into the home while maintaining the earthy vibe that is now so popular in homes. If you love the green closet trend, Guacamole is a color that should be on your radar.

Sherwin-Williams felted wool

Earth tones are the new neutrals because they work well together and make a room feel warm and cozy. Sherwin-Williams felt wool is a lighter, saturated brown that feels very organic and dreamy. Combine the color with white, green and yellow to enhance the warmth in rooms such as the living room and office.

Behr Breezeway

Cool and refreshing, this teal is Behr’s color of the year. Breezeway is reminiscent of everything beachy, from ocean water to sea glass. The coastal feel doesn’t mean you have to have a coastal interior. In combination with bright white, cream and wood tones, you can create a soothing color scheme that suits any interior style.

Sherwin-Williams iron ore

Like stark white, stark black can feel too harsh in an interior. That’s why shades like Sherwin-Williams’ Iron Ore, which looks more like dark gray with a warm undertone, are becoming increasingly popular. A moody charcoal also feels luxurious and lofty, which is why they are perfect all over the house, including the outside.

Valspar gilded linen

Another warm neutral, Gilded Linen by Valspar, feels organic and compliments open spaces well. Gilded linen was chosen as one of the company’s colors of the year and was created to represent confidence, curiosity and strength. This shade can make a home more open and clean, so it is ideal in living rooms and entryways.

Benjamin Moore October Mist

Benjamin Moore chose October Mist as their color of the year. October Mist is a silvery green that is soft and soothing, mimicking the color of flower stems. The shade pairs well with dark tones for a warm palette that looks great in living rooms and bedrooms where relaxation is a top priority.

Dunn-Edwards arts and crafts

Stark neutrals are out, and warm, earthy neutrals are trending right now. That’s where Dunn-Edwards’ Art and Craft comes into play. The warm brown creates a rich hue that’s cosy, a neutral that doesn’t feel dull. Art and Craft is ideal where it can make a statement, such as in dining rooms.

Valspar Subtle Peach

A neutral shade with a bit of depth, Subtle Peach is a soft shade meant to relax and feel intimate. Its sophisticated neutral hue also makes it a great backdrop to show off artwork and decor. Subtle peach would be a great paint color for the whole house, especially for living rooms, entryways and bedrooms.

Benjamin Moore wild flower

Benjamin Moore created this color as an effortless option for your home. This red shade has undertones of pink and orange, making for a unique shade that feels organic and bold. It goes well with creams and taupes, but also with warm shades of yellow and dark blue. Use this color as a statement in your dining room.

Benjamin Moore Philipsburg Blue

Blue has long been treated as a neutral because the colors go well with almost everything. The trick to this is to choose a blue with gray undertones, such as Benjamin Moore’s Philipsburg Blue. This blue is harmonious and looks great on office recesses, kitchen cabinets and bedroom walls.

Graham & Brown Breathe

Relax with Graham & Brown’s Breathe, a powdery blue that’s colorful without being overwhelming. This shade is sure to brighten up your home and will pair well with taupes, tans, and natural woods for earth-inspired homes. Use it in bathrooms and bedrooms for relaxing or as a statement piece in living rooms.

Farrow & Ball faded terracotta

A calm neutral with a bit of color, Faded Terracotta from Farrow & Ball offers homes just that. This warm tone is perfect in homes, whether used as an accent or anywhere in a room. Faded terracotta goes well with other earth tones such as creams, browns and greens.

PPG Olive Branch

Olive Spring’s Organic Green is PPG’s 2022 Color of the Year. Olive Sprig evokes the feeling of velvety soft leaves from your favorite plant. The soft shade is a great option if a neutral home isn’t for you. PPG created this color with focus and relaxation in mind, so it’s best in offices, kitchens and bedrooms.

Benjamin Moore natural cream

Completely neutral homes aren’t going anywhere, but the trend is changing. The stark interiors feel cold and numb, which is why the warmer neutrals are trending. Shades of taupe like Benjamin Moore’s Natural Cream have more complex, warm undertones that feel like home. Use this neutral throughout the house, such as on kitchen cabinets and living room walls.

Valspar Lilac Lane

Valspar named Lilac Lane one of their colors of the year. This warm lavender shade offers a beautiful dusty pastel color that gives a calming touch of femininity. The color pairs well with other organic shades the company mentioned as part of their 2022 Colors of the Year collection. Lilac Lane provides a beautiful pop of color in bedrooms.

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