20″ Fridge Organization Ideas Under $20″


If we are to believe the popularity of the hashtags #fridgeorganization on TikTok and Instagram, people are obsessed with having the perfect fridge.

Kristen Hong, who documents her beautifully organized and meal-ready fridges on Instagram, is an author and blogger. Her upcoming book, “Fridge Love: Organize Your Fridge for a Healthier, Happier Life,” is a guide to organizing fridges, preparing meals, and nutrition. To help you get the organized fridge of your dreams, we enlisted Hong and some of our other favorite organization experts to help us pick 20 of the absolute best products to keep a fridge clean and organized. keep, all priced under $20.

“Glass Mason jars are my favorite food storage containers in the fridge,” says Hong. “The clear glass makes it easy to see what you have in the fridge, and the jars are stackable, maximizing vertical space.” She uses the 16-ounce size to store homemade dips and sauces, fresh herbs, and chopped produce for use in what she calls her “refrigerator salad bar.”

Ball Mason Jars, 2-pack

Another thing about Mason jars that Hong loves is that they come in a variety of sizes so you can assemble a collection that will suit many different food storage needs. She uses 32-ounce Mason jars for storing homemade soups and prepared salads and for pantry storage. “This size Mason jar also works very well for dry stock storage for dried beans and grains,” says Hong.

iDesign Linus rotating organization

“One of the easiest places to start organizing your fridge is with your spices,” Hong says. She loves this clear plastic turntable because it’s small enough to grab out of the fridge and put on the table before dinner, so her family can easily pick their favorite spices.

Luminarc Quadro jug

Hong found a perfect solution for storing drinks in narrow fridge doors: “I love the shape and height of this jug,” she says. “You can decant store-bought drinks, or I like to use this pitcher for infused water or homemade oat milk.”

Jinamart refrigerator organizer bins, 2-pack

“I’ve had these stackable bins since I started organizing my fridge in 2016,” says Hong. She praises the handle design, which she says is “durable and easy to use, even for my kids,” and the versatility of the bins.

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Cabinet, Fridge or Freezer Food Storage Bin

Hong calls this bin her “favorite for side-by-side refrigerators because it uses vertical space so efficiently.” She uses them in her freezer to store items in boxes or bags to prevent what she calls “accidental avalanches.”

iDesign Storage Basket

Hong recommends these wire bins to those looking for an alternative to plastic refrigerator containers. She also gives them high marks for versatility, as they can work in the fridge, freezer, or pantry.

Regular cooks know how quickly little wrapped things—half a lemon here, a quarter of a red onion there, all those little bits of cheese, etc.—can quickly become a forgotten medley of moldy foods. A divided lazy Susan is a great way to keep them organized and, because it’s obvious, you’ll be less likely to forget to use up those little drops and drops.

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

If your fridge is on the small side, a lazy Susan may not be the best use of space. Reusable silicone storage bags can also help keep those smaller items, such as loose produce or leftovers, organized and in view. And because they’re reusable, they’ll save you money on single-use disposable storage bags.

Bee's Wrap, 3-Pack

Another item to know if you want to reduce waste and save money over time is beeswax wrap. It replaces plastic wrap and aluminum foil and can be used to cover bowls or baking dishes, or to wrap loose foods. This set comes with three slings of different sizes, and the slings can be rinsed with water and reused over and over again.

Check out our Bee’s Wrap review here.

Lalastar pull-out storage drawers for refrigerators

If the drawer space in the refrigerator is limited, extra plastic bins are a great problem solver. Unlike plastic refrigerator storage bins that sit on top of a shelf, these are designed to hang under shelves to maximize space. The drawers are on rails so they slide out like regular vegetable drawers for easy access.

Multifunctional bins

Lisa Kron, who documents the process of making her tiny home functional and stylish on the Smallish Home site, loves these multi-purpose bins for storing food in the fridge or freezer, as well as use in the pantry, or even to cleaning supplies under the sink.

mDesign Stackable Plastic Food Storage Bin with Handles

Ann Lightfoot, a professional organizer and co-founder of Done & Done Home, calls this simple storage bin “one of our versatile essentials for organizing pantries, kitchen cabinets, and refrigerators.”

MineDecor stackable plastic storage containers, 4-pack

Busy households with lots of little hands (read: kids) will love these super-durable food storage containers. The set of four bins has snap-on lids so they can be stacked, and large handles that make it easy to grip – and because they’re made of soft plastic, they can survive being dropped without cracking or breaking.

These large-capacity BPA-free plastic bins have a fixed flip-up lid, making them perfect for storing grab-and-go snacks.

mDesign Slim Stackable Plastic Storage Organs, 2 Pack

Those with smaller fridges needn’t feel left out of the organizing craze: Look for styles labeled “slim” that are designed for use in smaller spaces. As with just about any organization job, the refrigerator is one place where you need to use as much vertical space as possible; these stackable bins make that possible.

iDesign Linus Fridge Bins Wine Holder

Drinks can take up a lot of space in a fridge, and if you find that you never have enough room for large bottles of water, soda or wine, this horizontal bottle holder can help. Home organization expert Nonnahs Driskill, founder of Get Organized Al!, says of these bottle holders, “Buy two or more to use in the refrigerator for wine and water bottles, or in a cabinet for empty water/sports bottles.”

Sorbus Soda Can Organizer

If you normally buy canned drinks like soda, seltzer or beer instead of bottles, these storage bins allow you to stack them to maximize space. They have high sides to prevent cans from tipping over, and a flat top that allows you to stack more than one bin on top of the other to maximize vertical space in the fridge.

mDesign storage bin for tall skinny soda/pop cans

The tall, thin can is becoming more common – if you’re a fan of hard seltzers, you’re familiar with these types of cans. If your favorite drink comes in a big can, this organizer is specially designed to house them.

Seaped fridge mats, 5-pack

If cleaning the fridge is a dreaded chore, fridge mats can be a real sanity saver. This set of five mats can be cut to fit the specific size and design of your refrigerator shelves, and makes cleaning up spills a breeze. And because the mats are made of food-safe material, you can store unpackaged fruit and vegetables directly on them.

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