20 Best Wedding Candle Centerpieces to Make Your Reception Sparkle

Wedding centerpieces are a small but noticeable detail. And candle centerpieces are a great way to make an elegant, unique, or fun statement without being expensive or a big time investment.

Whether with votives, tealights, fairy lights or with wine glasses, flowers or fresh herbs, these candle holders can go in many directions. And guess what? Everything will be fabulous and beautiful on the big day.

1. Wave of candles

Sometimes the way the candles are set up, like a cascading wave in this example, matters more than the candles themselves. And this design gives the lights a surreal, dreamlike quality.

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2. Glassware

Putting the candles in various shapes of glassware can add height, texture, and dimension, especially if you use different types of glassware.

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