16 Best Bookshelf Organization Ideas Under $20


One of the tricky things about organizing a bookshelf or bookcase is that we use them to store much more than just books: our shelves display keepsakes and picture frames, house collections of board games and photos, and often end up as a place where opportunity and ends such as glasses and remote controls are kept.

To help you with those bookshelf challenges, we enlisted the help of home organization experts Pam Meluskey and Larisa Bright, founders of the luxury home organization service Settled, and interior designer Lindsay Pumpa. We asked these experts to help us pick 20 of the absolute best items to organize and furnish a bookshelf or collection of books — plus something for those cobwebs! – all priced under $20.

“This may seem obvious,” says Pumpa, “but bookends! Bookends are probably the best way to show your style because they come in so many varieties.” For a natural look that encompasses different styles, Pumpa suggests a set of geode style bookends, look for different colors to match your decor or personal style.

Design Ideas Hidden Bookends

Pumpa points to a very specific problem that bookends can help solve: how to store books that have seen better days. “If you have some older books that are ‘gently loved’ and might need a little help getting up on their own, try invisible bookends,” she says. Pumpa likes the invisible bookends for creating what she calls “a cleaner library feel” because they don’t compete with other decor you might be trying to show.

Crystal Clear Acrylic Bookends

Meluskey and Bright also like an “invisible” bookend for corralling unruly books. “Nothing ruins a shelf design like sliding books! Keep your stuff upright and secure with acrylic bookends,” they say, adding that bookends “are also great for making sure nothing falls off the end of the shelf.”

EasyPAG Heavy Duty magazine holder.

Like bookends, magazine holders are a staple of bookshelf organization and come in just about every color, material, and style imaginable. This metal magazine holder features a cut out flower pattern and is available in black, white or gold.

mDesign Clear Plastic Magazine Holder

There are solutions for organizing acrylic for almost every problem, and magazines are no exception. Buy a pair of these clear magazine holders to hold a single title collection, which will draw attention to the uniformity of the magazine spines rather than the holder itself.

Magazine Holder of Steel Mill & Co.

Of course, you can also go the other way and let your organizational solutions act as decor elements to be visually interesting. These pretty flower magazine holders add a pop of color to a bookshelf and can be used to store folders and magazines.

A to Z Record Dividers

These alphabet dividers are designed to organize vinyl records, give a large collection a custom look and add a design element of your own. But they can certainly be used for other types of collections, such as board games, which are usually kept in a bookcase.

Glasses Organizer Box

People who wear “cheats” — those over-the-counter reading glasses usually sold in drugstores — know that those cheaters seem to spread out at night, like gremlins, scattering pairs randomly around the house. A storage box designed specifically for eyeglasses (with a clear lid to remind you what’s inside!) can be the key to getting those cheaters organized and easy to find.

bookmark holder

Like reading glasses, bookmarks tend to multiply; you get one from a bookstore here, another as a gift there, maybe pick up souvenir bookmarks when you travel? If you are a bookmarked person, it is worth considering spending a little money to buy a nice bookmark holder to live on your bookshelf.

Acrylic lid boxes

Books aren’t the only thing we keep on a bookshelf: Photo albums and collections are often on bookcases. Pumpa recommends this acrylic lidded box, which she says is “a great way to store keepsakes and photos while also adding an extra layer of style.”

Elegance Eclipse Bowl

“Another great storage idea for those items that you may have to grab a little more often, but still need a home, like keys, the remotes, or a box of matches,” says Pumpa, “try an open bowl or catchall.” Pumpa chose this stylish bowl because, she says, “it doubles as a great decorative topper for a stack of larger books.”

Threshold Decorative Coiled Rope Basket

“If you have slightly higher bottom shelves,” says Pumpa, “and you’re short on storage space for larger items like extra blankets, toys, or seasonal items, I recommend trying a basket or trash can.” This is her choice for a neutral basket, and she offers this tip for choosing neutral storage for yourself: “The most important thing is to make sure the baskets blend in with your decor and not distract or draw a lot of attention. make sure they find a house on a lower shelf so they don’t upset the balance of the bookshelf.”

Acrylic Display Cube

Meluskey and Bright especially like clear acrylic accessories to bring order to a bookshelf. “When styling your bookshelf, there can quickly become a lot of items fighting for visual attention,” they say. “That’s why we like to use clear, acrylic items whenever possible, to keep the focus on your collection.” They recommend this display cube, which they say is “great for highlighting or highlighting a specific item.”

Acrylic risers

Another way to use acrylic organizers to style a bookshelf is to buy a set of risers. Meluskey and Bright say these well-priced risers are “perfect for using different heights when styling – a successful shelf design holds items at different heights.”

Umbra hides floating bookshelf

Bookcases aren’t the only place we keep books. If you’re a person who tends to have a large stack of books on your nightstand — where they occupy valuable real estate needed for a box of tissues, glasses, remotes, etc. — a floating bookshelf will help. the wall will become a life and space saver for you.

Royal Duster Ostrich Feather Duster

Well, we promised you something for cobwebs and here it is: a good old-fashioned feather duster! Even if your bookstore isn’t infested with cobwebs, it’s almost certainly dusty – bookshelves get very, very dusty! — and keeping it clean can be a frustrating task. A feather duster solves that problem by allowing you to regularly dust books, trinkets and the shelves themselves without having to pick up every item.

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