15 simple ways to bring a cottagecore aesthetic into your bathroom

Cottagecore style, which is characterized by its focus on nature, country life, and the past, has been at the forefront of social media trends, personal style, and interior decorating discussions over the past several years. Originating in places like Tumblr and TikTok from trends among the younger generations, according to The Vou, cottagecore delves into an idealized version of country life that is carried through fashion and decor. Think rustic materials, soothing neutrals, and lots and lots of plants.

Cottagecore focuses on simple country living, complete with antique touches and important considerations for sustainability. It’s an aesthetic rooted in nature, from the decorative materials and motifs to the abundance of green and floral designs found in most home interiors. If you’re looking to inject some cottage style into your bathroom space, there are a number of key elements and considerations—materials, fixtures, vintage materials, etc.—that will quickly transform any bathroom into a relaxing, nostalgic, country-inspired oasis.

1. Light and bright

Cottagecore spaces love the sun and natural light, so they’re usually light and airy, bringing as much of the outdoors indoors as possible. Wood accents like the ladder-shaped towel rail and toilet seat cover in this bathroom are a nice contrast to the clean white tiles and other natural touches.

2. Deluxe bathtub

With its focus on slow, limited living, the bathtub is a staple in the cottage-style bathroom, and the bigger and more luxurious the better. While iron and clawfoot tubs fit perfectly with the aesthetic, any tub can receive a little rustic charm by making it a relaxing center with touches like a wooden bath tray.

3. Natural materials

Cottagecore emphasizes natural materials and outdoor living, with interiors featuring accents like plenty of wood, stone, and other materials derived from nature. This luxurious and rustic bathroom combines unfinished wood beans, a stone finish sink, and vintage accessories like mirrors and lighting.

4. Wood paneling

Wood paneling is a way to instantly add a cottage feel to your bathroom. Here, white wainscotting combined with tile forms a charming sink accented by a pedestal sink and checkerboard flooring.

5. Vintage touches

Old and old world styles are staples of cottagecore. In this nostalgic-inspired bathroom, antique starburst tiles are combined with herringbone stone floors and an antique fireplace, making a deep blue bathroom relaxing and dynamic.

6. Baskets

Baskets are another important staple in the country home, used for everything from holding produce and garden yields to storage. If you are looking for a beautiful and practical way to store your toiletries, you can choose a variety of woven baskets.

7. Farmhouse style

With an emphasis on rustic elements, cottagecore shares a lot of qualities with other design trends like farm and flea market styles. Here, wood barn doors perfectly match the style, as well as a beautiful vintage-style bathtub and terracotta tiles.

8. Vintage wooden vanity

An antique wood vanity is the perfect addition to cottage style, giving an old-world feel along with much-needed storage underneath. Here, farmhouse-style sinks are built into a wood vanity and topped with wood-framed mirrors.

9. Handy storage

Cottagecore’s focus on minimalist living includes the use of practical everyday items such as mason jars for bathroom storage. It’s perfect for small bathroom needs and adds a classic touch to a room’s style.

10. Rustic Materials

Cottagecore rooms usually contain a mixture of rustic materials. In this vintage-inspired bathroom, a cast iron tub is paired with a textured stone wall, abundant greenery, baskets, woven fabrics, and wood floors to create a rich space that’s beautifully eye-catching.

11. Pattern

Patterns are a great way to bring some extra visual interest into home spaces. Here, vintage-inspired floral tiles make a great backdrop for simple pieces.

12. Plants

In order to bring the outdoors indoors, cottagecore-inspired rooms feature plenty of plants and greenery. The rustic room above combines plenty of plants with a sleek, modern bathtub and simple black accents.

13. Neutrals

With their focus on natural materials, many country style bathrooms opt for a mostly neutral color palette. Here, pale wood, tan linens, and amber glass make for a simple, relaxing space with touches of nature.

14. Calm soft colors

Other great color options for cottagecore spaces include pastels and soft nature-inspired shades like pale green and yellow. Crisp white fixtures and a bamboo carriage complement this soft green wall.

15. The old and the new

A great way to create a cottage feel is to mix old and new elements. In this pink bathroom, a sleek and modern bathtub sits atop an antique wood vanity painted in a muted shade. The soft, dusty rose hue makes it feminine and nature-inspired with textured and floral accents.

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