15 must-haves to update your laundry room

Many homeowners view their laundry room primarily as a space to perform day-to-day functions, but it can also be a stylish space that you walk into with a good feeling. When entering a space, it’s always a good idea to look around and figure out how you can elevate every inch through the design. Is the detergent on top of your washing machine? Install open shelves for a cleaner look. Does the floor seem cold and unattractive? Layer on a few rugs to introduce color and warmth.

If you’re longing to give your laundry room an update but aren’t sure how, we’ve found 15 essential products that we think will give your space a much-needed makeover. According to HGTV, you can introduce new hardware, a fresh paint color, unique storage systems and many other great ideas. If you’re ready to take your laundry room from boring to fabulous, take a moment to check out the items we’ve carefully selected.

1. Basket storage

Baskets have recently become a popular storage method, especially those made of wicker. It can bring texture and warmth to your space and organize your laundry in a stylish and unified way. We especially like this set of three that you can buy from Wayfair for $98.99.

2. Laundry basket on wheels

Another must-have for the laundry room are roll-top baskets, like this one from Rejuvenation. You can keep them under the counter or table and unroll them when needed, and currently costs $175.

3. Galvanized drying rack

Pottery Barn’s galvanized laundry drying rack is an excellent option for smaller laundry rooms. You can pull it down and push it back up if necessary to maintain a tidy appearance. It is currently priced at $129.

4. Roller rack

If you prefer not to hang something on the wall, the Yamazaki Tower Rack and Organizer from West Elm is also a good option. It’s thin enough to roll into most spaces and stay hidden while also stashing your towels and cleaning supplies. It is currently priced at $88.

5. Clothes rail

Installing a clothes rail in the laundry room is also helpful if you need to hang your things neatly. We especially enjoy the White and Natural Wood Shelf With Rod from Crate and Barrel because it has extra storage space and is currently priced at $99.00.

6. Ironing board

This minimalist Donn Steel Top Over the Door ironing board from Wayfair is easy to introduce to most laundry rooms. The design is simple to suit most aesthetics, and the ability to fold against the door helps save space. It is currently priced at $72.99.

7. Glass storage boxes

If you’re looking for something stylish to store your cleaning supplies, we recommend these Heritage Hill Large Glass Jars from Crate and Barrel. We believe it’s an organized way to store your items, and you’ll always know when you’re about to run out of something. It currently costs about $22.

8. Labels

To avoid mixing up the cleaning supplies in your laundry room, we recommend taking a look at these Laundry Room Storage Organization Labels from Etsy. Prices start at $7.50.

9. Hardware for cabinets

An easy way to give your laundry room a simple yet stylish update is to change up the hardware on your cabinets. We love Wayfair’s Reeded Center to Center Pull Bar for its subtle yet interesting detail; it is currently priced at around $17 each.

10. Back wall

To take it one step further, we recommend installing backsplash tiles. This Montauk Gin subway tile from TileBar is an excellent choice for its weathered look, which works well in a casual setting. It is currently priced at $9.95 per square foot.

11. Colorful rug

Laundry rooms are usually designed with neutral, muted colors like white and gray, so we recommend adding a pop of color with a rug, such as Wayfair’s Prasanna Tufted runner. It is currently priced at $78.99.

12. Useful Art

It can be hard to figure out what all the laundry symbols mean, so why not hang them on your wall? Hanging up Original Barn’s laundry symbols paper roll is a tasteful way to keep track of different cleaning needs. It is currently priced at $42.

13. Washing powder container

Transfer your washing powder into this metal washing powder container from Inspire Me! Home Decor makes it easier to store and stack products. We also like that it comes with a scoop so you can easily collect the amount you need. It is currently priced at $40.

14. Towel holder

This Yamazaki Tower Interlocking Towel Organizer from West Elm can be used to maintain an organized design instead of the typical messy look of folding your towels and letting them fall on top of each other. It is currently priced at $35.

15. Provide a fresh scent

The laundry room can get a little musty at times, so we recommend getting a diffuser like Nordstrom’s Aero SM Portable Waterless Diffuser. This allows you to use different essential oils to keep a fresh scent in the room. It is currently priced at $128.

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