15 gorgeous study room ideas you’ll want to steal

Whether you work remotely, study for school, or enjoy a hobby or two, having a place in your home dedicated to productivity is important. With 58% of Americans working from home full or part-time (via McKinsey & Co.), chances are your kitchen table or living room isn’t always up to scratch. This is where a study room at home comes in handy. Traditionally, these spaces mix elements of a library and a home office, but you can always tailor them to suit your needs.

As Stanley Homes notes, these dens or offices are generally meant to be quiet, productivity-oriented rooms, giving you a place to work on your computer, keep personal documents organized, display book collections, and relax, all while keeping the rest of your home both free of work and clutter. Whether you want to spruce up an existing home office or turn an empty room into a studio, read on for some great decorating and design ideas.

1. Red paint design

Red is an energetic and engaging color, but it also possesses elements of coziness and coziness. Being both lively and relaxing, it’s a great shade to focus your study on.

2. Integrated

Built-ins add a lot of value to your home while also displaying a very unique and personal touch. In a studio, built-in shelving is always a good idea. Consider taking it a step further with a built-in bench or seating area.

3. Retro green walls

Like the color red, green is also invigorating and soothing, making it perfect for a den or office. It also lends itself beautifully to a retro, mid-century inspired aesthetic. Add a record player, mid-century furniture, and gold hardware to get the look.

4. Elegant and modern

Certain studios certainly offer an innate sense of luxury and elegance. Highlight it with modern yet stylish pieces, like statement lighting, a large bookshelf, patterned rugs, and more.

5. Under the stairs

Studies are traditionally rooms unto themselves, but they don’t have to be. Embrace your inner “Harry Potter” fan by creating a little closet study under the stairs.

6. Brown aesthetics

Similar to red, burgundy is a very inviting color, but also captivating and invigorating. Plus, it’s a little richer and more luxurious than a classic red. Break it up with contrasting yet illuminating green, whether from artwork or live plants.

7. Cozy and relaxed

While the primary purpose of a studio is productivity and work, it doesn’t have to be the only feature. Add some couches or comfy chairs for somewhere to read or catch a quiet moment of relaxation.

8. Mid century style

If you want a more authentic and dedicated mid-century themed study, start with some vintage furniture. These will be warmer, orange-toned pieces of wood with contemporary silhouettes. Incorporate other vintage office relics, such as a typewriter, to add to the overall theme.

9. Careful mess

Your den doesn’t have to be perfectly organized to work well. In fact, intentional and carefully placed clutter can make it incredibly homey and welcoming.

10. Complete library

Studios aren’t just for people who work from home. If you’re an avid reader, chances are you could use an entire room to devote to your book collection. Showcase it with a large wall-to-wall bookshelf, crammed full of your favorite reads. Add some decorations and knick-knacks sporadically as you see fit.

11. Modern and luxurious

For a more elegant and refined approach to a modern study, opt for luxurious yet neutral beiges and creams, as well as furniture with simple, clean lines.

12. Traditional and historic

Traditional studios tend to have more of a living room feel, complete with more armchairs and loveseats. If this is the look you’re going for, add lots of plush seating, tables, and bookcases for a more historic look.

13. Home library

If you have lots of wall space but aren’t sure how to fill it, turn your study into a combined library, complete with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a sliding ladder to the library.

14. Industrial style

Another great design idea for a home office is a loft-style industrial aesthetic. Go for raw finishes, such as stone walls, raw wood, and metal furniture.

15. Modern style

For a more contemporary and futuristic style study, choose furniture with rounded edges and unique shapes and stick to lighter neutral tones.

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