15 Cool Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas From Interior Designers

“Wallpaper is guilty of little white lies.” When I read these words of Judd Phillips, I thought, perfect. The designer captures the mystical, seductive, and deceptive quality of this historic staple décor. Background plots. It expands the room beyond its size and scope. It amplifies the potential of space to envelop you in a mood that transcends time and space. And for the room we’re dreaming of, the wallpaper transports you into a fantasy world, as these bedroom wallpaper ideas demonstrate.

Some of the older wallpaper designs celebrated ancestral scenes, religious images, and feelings of escaping from a tropical paradise. People loved wallpaper for its ability to hide imperfections and impart instant color. The same goes for today. Wallpaper varieties cover all aesthetic aspects.

Kelly Menendez, designer and founder of the Hand Painted Wallpaper Collection, believes that wallpaper is a positive medium. “When people look at our patterns, they should feel lush and luxury but also joy and joy,” says Menendez, who believes botanical and earthy patterns are a way to honor nature. “It is important to remind ourselves that everything we use and touch comes from the world around us and that nature is in fact the truth.”

Featured image by Jacob Snavely, courtesy of Curated Nest.

Photo by Kate Black, courtesy From H Design Group.

I checked in with Menendez, as well as designers Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors, Erin Corinne of Curated Nest, and Jessica Nelson of Etch Design Group to find out how we can feel “luxury and luxurious” in our bedrooms.

Since there are endless options and types of wallpaper, I asked these experts to consider the best wallpaper ideas for the bedroom. Let their next vision convey.

What is the best wallpaper for the bedroom?

There is a sea of ​​patterns, colors, textures and finishes. All this begs the question: what are the best wallpaper options for the bedroom? Menendez implores us to go with our aesthetic bravery. Think about what you want in your bedroom Feel You like it and think about what you want to wake up from, she suggests.

In her collection, Menendez says NorCal, Holly, and Franz are some of the most popular picks for the bedroom—all with an ethereal, natural vibe. She also adds, “It’s always good to see nature and it can feel neutral.” But when in doubt, choose something in neutral colors and patterns, suggests Menendez. From there, “Add bits of color where it looks natural.”

Craving for more punch? Adams’ love of Chinese prints for the bedroom may be the ticket. “It makes the bedroom feel special,” she adds. “I also love a simple graphic print for spaces that require a bit more activity, like a kids’ room or a basic, more modern bedroom.”

Photo courtesy of Justina Blakeney

Should you wallpaper the entire bedroom or just a feature wall?

Both work well, experts say. Adams is usually against feature walls, but she thinks highlighting just one bedroom wall with a print makes sense in this room. “You pick an interesting pattern and just put it behind the headboard. That way you enjoy it when you’re out of bed, but at night when you’re reading in bed or drifting off to sleep, the pattern is behind you so it’s completely invisible and you can focus on your other three walls.”

Menendez has gone both ways, but she says if you consider covering every wall, it’s worth it. “There is something so beautiful and complete in a room that has a pattern that continues throughout,” she tells us. “It just makes the room feel bigger and makes paper more of a compositional element no matter how strong the pattern is.”

Image courtesy of Half Full

15 Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas That Fly

Idea #1: Merge Layers

Mix accessories with your own styles. “Hang your favorite mirror or piece of art above a patterned wall to make it more dimension,” Menendez suggests.

Idea #2: Relax in nature

Choose prints with a botanical, landscape, or animal look. Bringing nature into the bedroom can provide a look and feel of calm, Menendez says.

Image source: Jacob Snavely, courtesy of Curated Nest

Idea #3: Mix simplicity and eclecticism

“You mentioned a love of Chinese wallpaper in the bedroom, but that only works if you have a simple room with a lot of space on the wall,” Adams says. Keep furniture and accessories simple to allow a bold print to shine.

Idea #4: Choose a complementary headboard

If the back of your bed is patterned, this could compete with your wallpaper, warns Adams. To avoid this, choose a headboard the same color as the one in the wallpaper print.

Idea #5: Square framing

If you love print wallpaper but don’t want to dedicate an entire room to it, frame a portion of it for hanging. It’s an instant work of art without any major commitment.

Photo courtesy of Justina Blakeney

Idea #6: Match the size of the print to the size of the room

“I try to scale the print to match the size of the room,” Adams says. Choose smaller prints for smaller rooms and larger prints for larger rooms. “This will prevent the pattern from overwhelming the space.”

Idea #7: Look at neutrals

Printing in creams, beiges, and grays can make a big impact. As Adams says, “Even a busy print can be subdued by choosing a neutral or faded color path.”

Image courtesy of Half Full

Idea #8: Listen to the animals

Birds on the wall? This may be the key to creating a relaxed and sensual look.

Idea #9: Think of an accent wall

As mentioned, wallpapering an entire bedroom or just one bedroom gets the approval of designers. But if you’re hesitant to commit, says Corinne, go for the latter. “We feel that the way to make a bedroom special is to have one unexpected element that sparks a lot of interest—and this can be done by adding a focal wall of wallpaper,” she says.

Idea #10: Be bold

Nelson believes that even after furniture and accessories, a bedroom can feel unfinished. To add life to an otherwise simple space, choose wallpaper in bright colors.

Photography by Avery Nicole Photography, Courtesy of Etch Design Group

Idea #11: Celebrate in black and white

When these two fuse, there’s always a big impact. Especially when it comes to bold, graphic, and show-stopping black and white wallpaper.

Idea #12: Respect the lines

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal. Quilted wallpaper brings the eye up or around it, extending the look of the room. More lines = more visual space.

Idea #13: Create a Canvas

If you live in a rented apartment, don’t despair, says Menendez. Instead of plastering walls that may soon come apart, you can add them to a large canvas for “removable art”.

Idea #14: Marry prints

Sometimes the best matches are the ones that don’t match at all. Fear not: mix graphic with ethereal. Stripes with plants. So traditional with historical. All your oysters, the choices are sea.

Photo by Avery Nicole Photography, courtesy of Etch Design Group

Idea #15: Follow your rules

“Be free to have fun and not worry about perfection,” Menendez says. “You can always add and tweak over time. If that feels good to you, that’s fine!”

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