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15 Best Things to Do in Montgomery County, VA


Montgomery County is located in the Valley and Ridge area of ​​Virginia.

The population of this county reached 99,721 as of the 2020 census.

Montgomery County was formed on December 31, 1776, from parts of Fincastle County.

This county was named for Richard Montgomery, an American Revolutionary War general who was killed in 1775 during his attempt to capture Quebec City, Canada.

Christiansburg is the seat of Montgomery County, while Blacksburg is the largest city.

This is one of the best counties to live in because of its peaceful atmosphere and a large number of shops and other important establishments.

It is also home to Virginia Tech University.

Apart from that, Montgomery County also has a lot of beautiful and exciting attractions.

Check out these top things to do in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Enjoy nature at the Huckleberry Trail


The Huckleberry Trail is a 13.75-mile rail trail that connects Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

It is an ideal place to exercise and relax while enjoying the fresh air.

You can visit this place by walking, running or cycling.

Day view of the Huckleberry Trail
Guidelines, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Huckleberry Trail also passes along Jefferson National Forest and Price Mountain.

This trail offers captivating views of the surrounding countryside and farmland.

Remember that horses and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Huckleberry Trail.

Bridge section of Huckleberry Trail
Guidelines, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Challenge yourself in Crimper’s Climbing Gym

Crimper’s Climbing Gym is an indoor climbing gym on Central Avenue in Christiansburg.

This is where you can challenge yourself with some climbing and bouldering activities.

Crimper’s Climbing Gym has a large bouldering area, a lead climbing area, top roping area and a training area.

There is also a no-rope bouldering area which presents a greater challenge, but don’t worry as there are guides who will teach you proper climbing and concentration techniques before you start your climb.

If you’re not comfortable trying the walls themselves yet, you can practice and gain confidence in Crimper’s Climbing Gym’s training areas, complete with climbing-specific training equipment such as the splashboard, campus board and adjustable Tension Board.

The fitness center also offers fitness classes such as yoga and pilates.

Hike at Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve

Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve is a 1,657-acre natural area on South 10th Avenue in Shawsville.

This magnificent attraction is the second tallest waterfall in Virginia.

Plan your day and prepare for an adventure in Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve’s three hiking trails.

Each of these offers captivating and picture-perfect views of the surroundings.

These trails lead you to nature’s most beautiful wonders.

Bottom Creek is a mountain stream that also serves as home to several marine species.

Its waters create a series of cascading waterfalls, popularly known as the “Cauldrons”.

Please note that fishing is not permitted at Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve.

Explore Coal Mining Heritage Park and the Loop Trail

A piece of mining equipment at the Coal Mining Heritage Park and Loop Trail
Guidelines, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Coal Mining Heritage Park and Loop Trail is located on Merrimac Road in Blacksburg.

The park, designed and built by a non-profit organization called Pathfinders for Greenways, opened on November 17, 2010.

Pathfinders for Greenways included 15 volunteers who spent 1,935 hours completing this project.

The Coal Mining Heritage Park and Loop Trail features a 1.5-mile loop trail that passes along relaxing green spaces, mining artifacts, and six different biozones.

The International Mountain Bike Association designed this trail.

The Coal Mining Heritage Park and Loop Trail is also ADA accessible so everyone can enjoy this destination.

This loop trail will also take you to the entrance to the old Merrimac mine site and its old foundation.

Satisfy your cravings at Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is a casual fine dining restaurant on Ridinger Street in Christiansburg.

It is located in a 19th-century home with an annex and started operating in 1963.

Its unique ambience will take you back in time and make you feel like you are in another era.

The Farmhouse serves traditional American cuisine and its interior features rustic decorations.

Here you can enjoy steak, seafood, chicken, salad and much more.

The Farmhouse desserts are also to die for!

Be sure to try the melting Belgian chocolate mousse cake, New York cheesecake and flourless chocolate tart.

Be one with nature at the Heritage Community Park and Natural Area

Heritage Community Park and Natural Area is located on Glade Road in Blacksburg.

This 169-hectare natural area includes large forests, riverbeds, marshes, floodplains and meadows.

You’ll love its picnic shelters overlooking the creek.

In addition to sightseeing, you can also hike and cycle here.

You can also spend the day bird watching and you will be treated to the sight of more than 120 species.

Among these are yellow-breasted chat, whip-poor-will, pileated woodpecker and more.

You’ll also have the chance to get up close and personal with other amazing creatures in the Heritage Community Park and Natural Area, such as white-tailed deer, red foxes, eastern garter snakes, northern dusky salamanders, and more.

Join the Sunflower Festival at Sinkland Farms

People admiring the sunflowers at Sinkland Farms
Jason Lincoln Lester/

Sinkland Farms is located on Riner Road in Christiansburg.

It started as a dairy farm in the 1980s, but as the years went by, it grew into a popular destination for people looking for a change of scenery and relaxation.

Sinkland Farms is also very popular for its annual Sunflower Festival.

Pumpkin Festival at Sinkland Farms
Jason Lincoln Lester/

You’ll love its eight-hectare sunflower fields with more than 200,000 flowers.

It also houses over 20 unique varieties of flowers.


Apart from that, the Sunflower Festival is also packed with other fun activities like music performances and food vendors.

You’ll also have fun at Sinkland Farms’ Pumpkin Festival, which has been rated number one in the Commonwealth Year-After-Year by Virginia Tourism.

Decorated pumpkins at Sinkland Farms
Jason Lincoln Lester/

Bring Your Kids to Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum

Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum is a non-profit children’s museum on New River Road in Christiansburg.

Its goal is to educate children through play and discovery.

Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum inspires educators and caregivers to learn with their children side by side.

Your little ones will have a great time exploring this museum’s 18 different exhibits.

Visit the amazing AirPlay! exhibition where your children can learn how the body’s circulatory, digestive and other systems work.

They can also learn new skills at an early age at Build It Toolbox, where they can build a mini house or skyscrapers from real tools.

In addition, they can experience planting, harvesting and selling produce at the Farm to Table exhibition.

Visit Pandapa’s Pond Day Use Area

Pandapas Pond Day Use Area is an eight-acre pond on Unnamed Road in Blacksburg, perfectly situated on the eastern continental divide.

Pandapas Pond Day Use Area is surrounded by rhododendrons and a hardwood forest.

It has an ADA-accessible 1-mile trail perfect for sightseeing.

This attraction also has a wooden boardwalk that separates the pond from a small wetland that serves as a habitat for turtles, dragonflies, waterfowl and songbirds.

However, cycling and horse riding are prohibited here.

If you wish to do so, you can access the 17-mile Poverty Creek Trail system located near the area.

Learn about plants and flowers in the Hahn Horticulture Garden

The grounds for Hahn Horticulture
Holly Anne Cromer/

The Hahn Horticulture Garden is a six-acre teaching and display garden on Garden Lane in Blacksburg.

It is located on one of the campuses of Virginia Tech.

The Hahn Horticultural Garden was established in 1984 by the school’s Horticultural Faculty.

This is where you can learn about plants, planting, landscape concepts and environmental awareness.

Beautiful flowers in Hahn Horticulture
ForestSeasons /

The Hahn Horticulture Garden features water gardens, perennial borders, a meadow garden, a shade garden, and the Peggy Lee Hahn Garden Pavilion, which houses several plants and flowers and water fountains.

The Hahn Horticulture Garden is also ADA accessible.

You can also bring your furry friends here as long as they are on a leash.

Marvel at the exhibits at the Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation

The Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation is located on Southwest Draper Road in Blacksburg.

Its aim is to preserve and promote the city’s rich culture.

This is a perfect destination for an afternoon break and if you want to take a break from nature walks and park visits.

The Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation is home to a wide variety of exhibits, such as sculptures, fashion, and more.

Be sure not to miss the famous Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation Haunted House called the Black House.

This attraction also hosts other events such as concerts and lecture series.

Take a quick trip to Stadium Woods

Stadium Woods is an 11.3-acre urban forest on Warren Street in Blacksburg.

It is located near Lane Stadium inside Virginia Tech.

The Friends of Stadium Woods, a volunteer group dedicated to the protection and preservation of the forest, manages it.

This ancient forest is home to a large number of white oak trees.

Some of them are aged 200 to 350 years or even older.

Stadium Woods serves as a quick destination for students as well as locals and visitors who want to enjoy the fresh air and relax and appreciate nature.

See fossils and minerals at the Museum of Geosciences

Exterior of the Museum of Geosciences
Rui Serra Maia /

The Museum of Geosciences is a small museum inside Virginia Tech on West Campus Drive in Blacksburg.

It houses a collection of fossils, specimens, gems and minerals.

These collections were collected from Virginia and other areas nationwide.

Science enthusiasts will have a memorable time here.

Check out its full-scale cast of an Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton and OmniGlobe display.

This OmniGlobe can project plate tectonics, weather and other fascinating things related to our planet.

Take a walk in Downtown Park

Downtown Park is a grassy city park on College Street in Christiansburg.

It has a playground complete with slides, swings and other equipment.

Picnic tables and charcoal grills are also available.

It also has paved walking paths that are suitable for an afternoon walk or jog.

You can also use Downtown Park’s basketball court and pavilion shelter.

Go on a picnic date at Nellie’s Cave Park

Swing set in Nellie's Cave Park
Karl Cox/

Nellies Cave Park is a beautiful city park on Grissom Lane in Blacksburg.

This is a perfect picnic spot where you can also explore the surroundings by walking or cycling.

Nellies Cave Park also boasts a basketball court, a soccer field, a T-ball field, horseshoe pits and a spacious children’s playground.

Picnic shelters with grills and benches can also be found inside this park.

Prepare to get a little wet as this park also has a beautiful waterfall where kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding are allowed.

Nellies Cave Park was originally built for railroad workers passing through the area, but over the years it has transformed into a picnic destination for families and visitors.

Final thoughts

With its parks, nature reserves and museums, Montgomery County in Virginia provides an extraordinary vacation.

If you want to take a break and escape from the city, this is the place for you.

Be sure to visit and experience all of these top things to do in Montgomery County, Virginia on your next trip.


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