14 amazing wooden wall ideas for your home

Erin Little

A wood wall can instantly make a space feel more refined and elegant, rustic and cozy, or warm and inviting, depending on the style, stain, and type of wood you choose. To boot, studies have shown that wood materials can enhance the quality of the indoor environment in several ways, from improving acoustics and buffering moisture to inhibiting certain bacteria. So why not incorporate one into your home décor? If you’re not sure how to do that, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 14 wood-inspired ways to maximize your space.

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Custom wood paneling in this breakfast nook designed by Studio Shamshiri softens the crisp white walls and sharp concrete floors. Not to mention, it’s unique! “Everyone uses white oak, and that’s a thing of our time a lot, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. Did Shamshiri choose black walnut planks instead.

“I love how the warm wood makes a modern home and the white floors so much more cool,” says Eddie Maestri of Maestri Studio, the company behind the project, which involved replacing and restoring the black walnut veneer panels that were original to the house.

A low, backless seat ensures a sense of relaxation in this foyer entryway designed by Ellen Cavanaugh. Neutral tones ensure that the tiled floor, accent wall rich in texture, and antique sconces do all the talking.

Designer Cecilia Casagrande framed the brick fireplace in this colorful living room with rich wood paneling, adding texture and sophistication to the dramatic space.

Designer Laura Hodges added texture to this pretty nook by lining its back with horizontal wood slats painted a glossy white like the surrounding walls.

To create this organic look, designer Lindye Galloway used two-inch wood slats in a custom natural stain. For a similar display, “just add a pendant light fixture, a tall console table to extend the length of the wall, a mirror, and decorative pieces to design,” she advises.

Prudence and Roger Kiessling, owners of antique and home goods store The Kingfisher & The Queen, chose to renovate and accentuate the original wood paneling seen throughout their comfortable and historic 18th-century home in Alna, Maine.

Leanne Ford Interiors created intrigue and dimension with a partial hexagonal tile ceiling that becomes wood paneling when the shower moves into the vanity area of ​​this bathroom staple.

The herringbone wood wall in this living room by Sabrina Albanese Design gives the space a warm, bohemian feel.

Wood paneling on the walls gives this children’s playroom by Bruce Shostak a slightly more adult feel.

Designer Breeze Gianasso lined three sides of the shower area in this serene bathroom with narrow, medium-dark wood slats to enhance a nature-inspired aura.

Elaine Santos Design placed adjacent barn door vertical wood paneling and a feature wall with horizontal slats to create a clean, modern farmhouse look.

Porcelain tiles made to mimic dark wood add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to this entertaining room in this space designed by Jessica Davis.

Barrie Benson Design used light wood strips spaced apart to create a wall divider that still lets plenty of natural light into this island-style dining room.

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