11 Storage Solutions for Small Spaces 2022


Living in a studio apartment (or any small space, for that matter) means that you have to be very creative with how you set up your area. Translation: You’ll want to take advantage of every square foot, nook and cranny, all while making sure your aesthetics are in place and your home doesn’t look cluttered. While achieving this trifecta may seem nearly impossible, you can turn to Amazon for a range of next-level storage solutions.

The mega e-tailer carries handy organizers for your bathroom, closet, and more, many of which are done in modern finishes that allow you to avoid eye sores. Perhaps most useful, however, is the site’s extensive collection of multi-purpose furniture designed to make decorating and organizing a breeze in one go. Case in point: Scroll through to check out pieces like a floor lamp that doubles as an end table, a stylish room divider with shelves, and a coffee table that features hidden space to discreetly hold all your hall-ready accessories.

On top of that, Prime members can also have these items delivered to their door in as little as two days with free shipping, of course. And the fingers that crossed these pieces down will be determined on Prime Day 2022, which is right around the corner. To save time and stress from searching for the e-commerce giant, shop 11 of our favorite smart storage solutions below. We bet you’ll want to add them all to your cart!

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Contemporary floor lamp with table

Skip buying a side table and floor lamp separately. Instead, choose a piece that combines the two options into one. Plus, the brass and marble finishes make it a lofty choice.

This elegant ottoman provides extra seating for guests while entertaining. After that, remove the cover and there is ample storage space under it. It can double as a side table for morning coffee too!


lingerie drawer organizer

Yes, these organizers will keep your top drawer super tidy because they are perfect for storing intimate items on a closet shelf when you don’t have floor space for a full wardrobe.

It comes in a pack of four, with two larger styles designed specifically to hold bras and up to 24 pairs of underwear, plus two smaller options for essentials like hosiery and sports bras. It’s stackable, lightweight and foldable, so you can easily put it away when not in use.


Nightstands for wall set

Take advantage of your wall space and make your room look bigger with floating storage cubes. The wood and open wire design can be placed anywhere in your home, including your bedroom to act as a nightstand. The fixtures are offered as a set of two and also make cleaning a breeze, as you can easily run a vacuum cleaner underneath.

Not only does this coffee table double as a workspace thanks to the overhead lift feature, but residents of small spaces will love the hidden compartment with dividers. The last details make it especially great for minimalist designers who like to keep accessories and talents invisible to guests.

Plus, the durable top ensures that you won’t have to remove anything from its surface to reach books, blankets, and more inside the table (talk about comfort).

No bedroom door, no problem. Perfect for studio apartments, this airy bamboo room divider provides more privacy in the corners of your space or simply divides the room if you prefer that look. And unlike the classic door, the piece actually has practical shelves.

Do you have a seemingly endless shoe collection? If most of your closet space is already occupied, try making the prettiest pairs of your decor with a classic wooden shelf. Add small botanical books and a coffee table to the top shelf for an extra artistic touch.


Giantex 3-piece pub dining set

Part dining table and part organizer, this compact three-piece Giantex set comes with two bar stools and three deep shelves to hold things like condiments, plates, and mugs that you couldn’t fit in your kitchen cabinets.


Round Paper Rope Baskets

When your bathroom has limited storage space, consider incorporating pretty wicker baskets into the mix to keep your things away (from toilet paper to extra towels and beauty products). The package of two is just the right size to fit most sinks and won’t clash with the rest of your furniture, in case it needs to be displayed.


Tribesigns Mobile Desk

The compact and adjustable rolling desk is ideal for small spaces. It makes sending emails from your sofa more comfortable, and it’s also great for moving it to another room and using it as a standing desk. This way, you will have the opportunity to switch the scene of working from home. Bonus: She has a bookshelf!

Hang the caddy in the bathroom to hold all of your self-care essentials or place it in your kitchen to store items like spices and cooking utensils. The sleek metal frame has four handy hooks and is simply attached to the wall via suction cups, which countless reviewers praise for staying in place (even in steamy bathroom settings.)

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