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10 ways to clean shower glass


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Cleaning glass shower doors so they sparkle

We hate to break it to you, but cloudy shower doors are a sign you’re not cleaning often enough. And it could be because scrubbing glass can be just as fun as scrubbing the toilet or making time to clean a shower head. But here’s the problem: If shower doors aren’t on your regular cleaning schedule, the glass will lose its shine. But do not worry. We spoke to the experts to find simple tips for cleaning glass shower doors and rid yourself of unsightly grime and mold.

If you’re already learning how to clean your bathroom, what causes pink slime in the shower, and how to clean shower curtains, you’ll be well on your way to a sparkling bathroom. And the experts agree: proper cleaning is not that difficult. Check out their tips for making glass shower doors shine with less effort.

How often should you clean shower glass?

You shouldn’t wait until spring cleaning to scrub your shower. Regular maintenance is key to avoiding those dreaded deep cleans, according to Tom Portelli, product engineer at Scotch-Brite. “It is much easier to remove [soap scum] the way you see it because it only gets worse,” says Portelli. To keep those shower doors shiny (and on schedule), follow this cleaning cheat sheet for what to clean and when.

  • Daily: Wipe down the shower glass after every use and leave the door open for ventilation, says Ana Andres, co-founder of the cleaning service TidyChoice. Use a squeegee that sucks right onto the shower wall so you have no excuse not to use it.
  • Weekly: Clean the doors using one of our expert approved methods listed below.
  • monly: Use a glass cleaner with hydrophobic properties to repel the water, recommends Tommy Patterson, director of new product development for Glass Doctor.
  • Yasked: Inspect all hardware such as handles, hinges and seals before applying any metal polish. “Look for signs of wear or corrosion that could cause problems later if left unaddressed,” says Nick Lines, managing director of UK-based door retailer Internal Doors.

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How to clean glass shower doors with white vinegar



Travel directions:

Combine the vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spritz the solution onto the glass doors. Use the sponge to gently scrub stubborn areas and then the entire door. Wipe clean with the microfiber cloth.

Pro tip: Be careful mixing products

There are many household uses for vinegar and it certainly deserves a place in your cleaning cupboard. But to avoid creating noxious fumes, make sure you don’t mix it with certain products. These are the cleaning products you should never mix. And to avoid damage, never use vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic cleaners on natural stone surfaces such as marble, travertine and granite.