10 tips to nail your interior decorations with plants

Having plants in a given space has become a must, not only because of the beautiful vibrant green color they add, but also because of their ability to give you an instant mood boost. They can literally turn any frown upside down, especially if they are very close. It’s not for nothing that interior decorations with plants have become a raging trend. Get ready to discover 10 tips that will help you nail your home decor with plants.

Decorating your interior with plants will add extra life and color

No wonder so many people choose to decorate their interiors, be it bedrooms, offices or even living rooms with green plants. In addition to evoking green hues everywhere for a more pleasing view, plants will help you through all the troubles of your day, believe us. Let’s jump right into the 10 tips you need to know to be successful in decorating your home with plants.

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1. Start simple and learn as you go

We know how tempting it can be to want to fill your interior with plants, but going out and buying a bunch without really knowing what kind of plants and how many to start with can be a big mistake. Make sure you start small when decorating an interior with plants. On your next visit to the plant store, buy some easy-to-grow plants and take the time to learn how to care for them. Buying too many plants without doing your research can lead to a house full of dead plants later. Some easy-care plants you could buy include zamioculcas (also known as the ZZ plant), snake plant, spider plant, bamboo, succulents, or cacti.

Interior decoration with plants ZZ plant on Thursd
Zamioculcas, also known as the ZZ plant. Photo found at Dahling Plants

2. Match your plants to your design style to get a cohesive look

If you are interested in interior decoration with plants, you may want to select plants that match the look of your home. Knowing your interior style is also essential when it comes to the type of plants you want to implement in your spaces. There’s no better mix of a touch of your own style and the kind of plants you love all together in one space.

Interior decoration with plants that match your own style on Thursday
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For example, if you are more inclined to modern interiors, consider implementing oversized plants like a fiddle leaf fig or a rubber tree for your spaces. If you’re more of a greenhouse type, it’s better to look for functional plants like herbs or aloe in vintage metal planters or repurposed pots. Eucalyptus, arrowhead vine and succulents are also great choices.

3. Brighten up dark corners in interior decorations with plants

Dark corners are often left out of consideration, but they also deserve some brightness and interior decoration with some of your favorite plants! As you may already know, many houseplants don’t need a bright, sunny window to thrive. This is why your interior spaces with dark spaces will look absolutely gorgeous if you add some low-light plants. Some of them are pothos, calathea or zamioculcas which will also grow incredibly well if placed in shady places.

Interior decoration with plants in dark house spaces on Thursd
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4. Buy your home decor plants from a garden center

Did you know that you and your plants benefit from buying from a local garden center? Yes, you read that right! Starting with the fact that garden center plants are typically grown by specialists who know exactly how to grow the hardiest varieties of each plant, along with the early signs of pest problems and other plant diseases to avoid spreading around the greenhouse.

Garden houses are great for interior decoration with plants on Thursdays
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Also for beginners and advanced houseplant enthusiasts, buying your indoor plants from a garden center can provide a wealth of knowledge. They can provide tips on watering, sunlight, repotting, pest prevention and more to help your plants thrive.

5. Light up your bathroom interior with high humidity plants

When it comes to interior decoration with plants, your bathroom is just as important as any other part of your home. Bathrooms are a great place for plants that enjoy high humidity, such as ferns, orchids and peace lilies will all succeed and be very happy with the added moisture in the air from the shower. Decorating your bathroom with plants falls into the category of grandeur, as adding one or two plants can also add a dose of warmth to an otherwise utilitarian space in your home.

Adding plants in the bathroom for interior decoration is a great way to bring more life to spaces on Thursday
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6. Mix and match to create contrast between plants

There is no such thing as too many plants when it comes to decorating your home. When decorating interiors with plants, keep in mind that only one plant in a particular spot will look lonely or out of place. On the other hand, having a bunch of beautiful green plants will definitely create more contrast, while also adding more volume and different textures. When decorating interiors with plants, remember the rule of three, which states that groups of items in odd numbers look more pleasing to the human eye.

Interior decoration with plants in contrasting green colors on Thursday
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7. Oversized plants will make a statement

Once you’ve mastered how to create the interior decoration of your dreams with easy plants, it’s also important to add an eye-catching plant that will also grab a lot of attention. To thrive in your process of interior decorating with plants, you can easily add an oversized plant such as a Boston fern or a fiddle leaf fig in your bedroom, living space or even the main entrance to your home.

Boston Fern oversized plant for interior decoration on Thursd
Nephrolepis exaltata, the Boston fern. Photo found on Gardening Know How

8. Adding colorful plants will transform your interior decoration

While green plants are extremely beautiful, it is also essential to add a differentiation factor to interior decoration with plants. That factor is color. There are a number of colorful and blooming options that can boost your home decor with plants.

Colorful plants are a great choice for Thursday home decor
Begonia Rex Salsa. Photo found on Pinterest

If you want to add more bright spaces to your interior, consider using bromeliads, kalanchoe and begonias. They all add bold and unique flowers and lush greenery to any space.

9. Elevate your interior decoration with beautiful plant stands

Once you’ve picked out new plants for your home, you can definitely add more of your design style by choosing fun pots or beautiful planters. While terracotta clay planters provide the best drainage, it may not suit everyone’s taste due to their simple color and design. Instead, you may choose to leave your plants in their growing pots and simply place them in larger decorative planters. This is how you nail your interior designs with plants.

Nice plant stands to take your interior to a higher level on Thursday
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10. There is a plant for everyone

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of plant choices you have to decorate your home, don’t forget to follow the first tip: start slow and remember that there is a plant for everyone. There are undoubtedly plants that anyone can grow. If you struggle with even low-maintenance plants, try air plants, for example!

10 tips to nail your interior decoration with plants on Thursday
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