10 tips to decorate for fall NOW

There’s something about fall that makes us all want to add pumpkins and gourds and all things fall to our homes. But sometimes these updates can feel a little too much like a theme park.

At StyleBlueprint, our aesthetic ranges from contemporary to traditional, but we definitely love classic and approachable. So how’s it going with the seasonal home updates for fall? Simple additions that are easy to maintain and don’t make your space look more like a kindergarten classroom than a beautiful, nurturing home!

Here are our top 10 tips for updating your home for fall!

1. Bitter and/or Orange Ilex

These two berry-covered stems are perfect for fall decor. Place some orange ilex in a bowl of mini pumpkins or wrap the pumpkins in bittersweet vine. Add them to a vase of fall flowers or let them shine on their own. Wrap them around a chandelier or use them in a cornucopia. You can even incorporate them into a wreath for your front door.

This gorgeous fall exhibit showcases the bittersweet vine and talents of Millstone Market & Nursery in Memphis. Image: Millstone Market and Nursery

Garden District Flowers

Here, some fall flowers, including orange ilex, are used at a Napa wedding with flowers from the Garden District in Memphis. Image: Garden District

orange ilex

The orange ilex in a vase is beautiful on its own, like the ones pictured here, by Garden District. Image: Garden District.

2. Mini pumpkins

From mini whites to mini oranges to mini shandy ones, nothing says “fall” faster than a bowl of miniature pumpkins on a table. Use them grouped together as a centerpiece for a dining room table or place a few in a small bowl on a coffee table. Use them stacked in a tall clear glass vase or place a single one on a stack of books or on a shelf. Mini pumpkins aren’t prone to rotting quickly, so most will last from September through Thanksgiving as long as they’re kept out of direct sunlight.

white pumpkins in a bowl

Buy about 20 mini pumpkins and pile them in a large bread bowl (or whatever you have on hand) for an instant fall update! Picture: Liza Graves

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mini variegated pumpkins

With so many seasonal pop-up shops to buy pumpkins and flowers, you can even find variegated varieties like these. Picture: Liza Graves

mini pumpkins on a tray

Here’s a quick tip for a tray that can live on an outdoor porch, like this one. Find two pillar candles and place them on the board with a variety of candles. Then fill in ALL the gaps with mini pumpkins. If you look closely, you can tell that these candles are very popular and often used in this way. Or, stick to votive candles. Picture: Liza Graves

3. Front door wreath

Fall is the perfect time to embrace the timeless tradition of hanging a wreath on your front door. From dried cotton to wreaths made entirely of dried flowers to ones adorned with tiny pumpkins and pinecones, there are so many choices to get your front door ready for the season!

dried flower wreaths

These dried flower wreaths are examples of the many types of wreaths available at Millstone Market & Nursery. Image: Millstone Market and Nursery

Crowns at excavations

More fall wreaths and decor continue to be added to Digs Home & Garden in Louisville. Picture: excavations

4. Yellow Mums

There’s no other flower that instantly says “fall” like mums, even if you only want to buy one or two mums to flank your front door. My favorites are the yellow chrysanthemums. Why? Their color simply appears on sunny and rainy days. And, I’ve never had much luck with white moms – I don’t know why. All the other colors are pretty too, but they seem to fade more into the background than the yellows.

Yellow mums about to burst into flower

These yellow chrysanthemums only need a little sun to bloom! These are at the Flower Mart in Nashville. Image: Flower market

yellow mums next to the front door.

Give the front of your home a “fall facelift” by replacing your ferns with mums. Or, keep your ferns in their pots and add pumpkins and chrysanthemums around them. These mums were purchased from Flower Mart. Picture: Liza Graves

5. Cozy blankets

We love a cozy blanket no matter the season, but once the weather starts to turn a bit, a soft, warm blanket is always welcome. From cotton blankets to wool blankets, each has its place in your fall home. Adding plaid blankets on top of your bedding is a fun way to add a seasonal update to your bedroom as well.

Covered in cotton blankets

I have several of these 100% cotton blankets made in the USA from Covered in Cotton, a company based in South Carolina. For only $90, they make a great blanket all year round. But, in autumn, they are definitely used a lot more! Image: Covered in cotton

These NEWLY blankets, also under $100, are super soft and made from 100% recycled materials. Image: NEWLY

alpaca baby blanket

For a more luxurious blanket, opt for baby alpaca hair for warmth that doesn’t compromise on softness. Alicia Adams creates beautiful blankets like this to snuggle under. It is available in four colors and can be found at Epergne in Nashville. Image: Epergne

plaid blanket

Here’s another Alicia Adams cover for fall. Available in several colors at Epergne. Image: Epergne

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6. Dried flowers

Dried flowers are definitely having a moment, but one season they’ve always been in style is fall. From Limelight hydrangeas to yellow yarrow to dried wheat, these flowers are also nice because, obviously, they don’t need water and won’t die on you!

Display of an assortment of dried flowers at the Golden Slipper gift shop

Tucked away in a cozy corner of Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood, Golden Slipper offers a rotating assortment of dried stems. Image: Alissa Harb

For more inspiration from the beauty of dried flowers, take a look at the hydrangeas in this Christmas tree. If you have conical hydrangeas in your garden, cut them before the first frost. You will have beautiful autumn bouquets that dry very well. If the stem is long enough, you can easily reuse them in your tree in December. Picture: Liza Graves

7. Scented candle

Fragrances cut through all the noise and hit your emotions. They make you FEEL instant comfort, and fall is all about comfort and comfort. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a pumpkin spice smell to let you know it’s fall. Think apple cider, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, maple, or wood. A fall candle in the entryway and living areas helps the whole house feel like a big hug.

autumn candle

Even the name of this candle implies “autumn”, or at least cold weather! Gray Flannel, by one of our favorite Southern candle makers, Gold + Ivy, has notes of cedarwood, vanilla, and musk. Image: gold + ivy

This candle from Ranger Station will leave you with a glass of whiskey when the candle has finished burning. This scent is tobacco and musk. Image: Ranger Station

8. Bowl of apples

In the kitchen, replace that bowl of lemons with one filled with Granny Smith apples. Not only are they a guilt-free and tempting snack, but they also add life like a living plant. And the color? Nothing beats that!

bowl of granny smith apples

Notice the bowl of apples on the counter below the window. This kitchen, completely renovated with the talented vision of Beth Haley Design, is all the more welcoming with this bowl of apples! Image: Design by Beth Haley

9. Colorful taper candles

It’s fall. Remove white candles and use deep berry colors, green, navy blue. They add such a lovely fall feel to a dining table or fireplace mantle.

White taper candles have been the go-to for all seasons for years, but now colored candles are making a big comeback. This beautiful dinner table landscape was designed with help from the Garden District. Image: Garden District

Don’t be afraid to use very deep taper candles like these. This table was designed by Ms. Southern Social, an account to follow on Instagram for all kinds of table inspiration! Image: Leslee Mitchell

10. Update your dining table

Speaking of the fall table, swapping out your placemats and cloth napkins is an instant way to make every meal represent the season. Opt for plaid towels, jewel tones or traditional fall colors. If you’re not a fan of cloth napkins, consider trying them one more time. Yes, they’re a pain to wash, but if you just wash them and smooth them out to dry, and skip the dryer altogether, they’re pretty easy. You can even fold them when damp and let them dry completely in a cool place.

orange plaid cloth towel

These orange plaid cloth napkins will instantly update your table for fall. These were found at Epergne.

This beautiful table setting is made up of items available at Social in Memphis. With fall-inspired pheasant plates and a raised placemat made in Italy, this decor is definitely stunning! Image: social

And who could resist these adorable bear and tree napkins to die for? Find them at Epergne in Nashville. Image: Epergne

autumn tablecloth

Speaking of table linens, these John Robshaw sheets at A’Mano in Birmingham are gorgeous and scream “HELLO, FALL!” Image: A’mano.

So! Whether it’s a bowl of green apples, orange ilex, or the glow of warm candles, there’s nothing like a few easy fall decor swaps to add some coziness to your home!


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