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10 things Royal Caribbean got right with Wonder of the Seas


Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, is the largest cruise ship in the world. She offers the most modern activities, cabins, entertainment and dining options available in the fleet, and it’s no wonder why she’s a favorite among many Royal Caribbean cruisers.

While the entire ship is remarkable, there are a few key areas where Wonder of the Seas really stands out. Here are the 10 things Royal Caribbean got right with Wonder of the Seas, from a new pool deck to a suites-only oasis.

Brunch at The Mason Jar Bar & Restaurant

The Mason Jar is Royal Caribbean’s newest specialty restaurant concept with a menu inspired by cuisine from different regions of the American South. From chicken pot pie to black-painted catfish and ribs in St. Louis style, the restaurant offers dishes you might not regularly eat at home.

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In addition to dinner, The Mason Jar is also open for brunch on sea days. Both sweet and savory brunch options are available with items including chicken and waffles, salmon avocado toast, stuffed French toast and a crispy chicken sandwich.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so when I heard that Royal Caribbean’s newest restaurant would be offering a brunch menu, I couldn’t wait to try it.

I ordered the red velvet pancakes – akin to dessert for breakfast – and tried the restaurant’s giant cinnamon roll. As someone with a sweet tooth, I was in heaven and would not hesitate to book brunch again on my next Wonder of the Seas cruise.

John’s Wine Bar

While Vintages Wine Bar can be found on many Royal Caribbean ships, the cruise line took its wine bar concept up a notch with Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar.

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen is the newest Italian restaurant concept on Royal Caribbean. Giovanni’s Wine Bar is an extension of the restaurant, which offers wine and à la carte starters, pizzas and desserts from Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen.

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At Vintages, only a small tapas menu is available, so I loved having an extensive menu of à la carte dishes to choose from at Giovanni’s Wine Bar. Items were priced quite reasonably (around $3-9 for appetizers and $9-12 for pizzas).

I felt the wine bar made an excellent dinner (or snack) choice for those who wanted to try Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen without paying over $50 for dinner per person. person. Additionally, I loved the modern, bright design of the wine bar – a stark contrast to the darker, more evocative feel of Vintages.

intense AquaTheater show

Shows in Royal Caribbean’s AquaTheaters are always spectacular, but the AquaTheater show on Wonder of the Seas is one of the best I’ve seen yet.

inTENse, the ship’s AquaTheater show, is the first to have an all-female cast. Not only did I love the female empowerment of the show, but the slacklining, high diving, aerial performances and synchronized swimming were beyond incredible. The show lives up to its name; it is intense!

If you’re sailing on the Wonder of the Seas, don’t miss this show.

Suite Neighborhood

Wonder of the Seas is the first Oasis Class ship to feature a designated Suite Neighborhood, available only to suite guests. This neighborhood includes a Suite Lounge, Coastal Kitchen restaurant and private sun terrace with its own bar and pool.

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The Suite Neighborhood on Wonder of the Seas is an enhanced version of the suite areas on other Royal Caribbean ships. Although other ships may have a private sun deck, lounge and restaurant for suite guests, they are rarely located in the same place. The Suite Neighborhood combines these features into one convenient area for suite guests, creating a “ship within a ship concept” not found on other ships.

Guests in Grand Suites and above can access the Suite Neighborhood, and those in Sea Class (Junior Suites) can only dine at the Coastal Kitchen.

While I’m not sure I’ll ever cruise in a $20,000 suite, Suite Neighborhood definitely has me dreaming of cruising in luxury!

Windjammer size

On other Oasis Class ships, the Windjammer is quite small compared to how many guests are on board. With so many other dining options available, Royal Caribbean wanted to make the Windjammer less prominent on the Oasis Class.

However, they later realized that passengers prefer to have a large buffet with plenty of seating and endless food choices. Because of this, the Windjammer was reimagined on Wonder of the Seas and is the largest buffet in the fleet.


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As someone who enjoys eating on the Windjammer for breakfast and lunch more than other venues, I appreciated the larger buffet size on the Wonder of the Seas. I find that I rarely eat on the Windjammer on other Oasis Class ships; the area always feels too cramped for my taste.

On Wonder of the Seas, however, I ate at Windjammer almost every day of my cruise and was impressed by the size and variety of offerings.

Cantina Fresca & El Loco Fresh

El Loco Fresh is one of my favorite complimentary dining options on any Royal Caribbean ship, and I never miss a quick lunch of burritos, nachos, and tacos.

Wonder of the Seas took El Loco Fresh to the next level by placing it next to a brand new bar, Cantina Fresca. Cantina Fresca is a Mexican-inspired bar with margaritas and aguas frescas, offering the perfect accompaniment to chips, salsa and unlimited guacamole.

Additionally, the bar’s location near the Sports Court is perfect for those looking to grab a quick bite to eat in between time at the pool and signature activities like zip lining and FlowRider.

Climate-controlled solarium

The adult-only solarium on Wonder of the Seas might just be the best in the fleet. Unlike other Oasis Class ships, it is fully enclosed and climate controlled. In my opinion, this makes it a far more pleasant place to relax compared to outdoor tanning beds on other Royal Caribbean ships.

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In addition to being climate controlled, the solarium is beautiful. With a vaulted ceiling, comfortable lounge chairs, artwork, a pool and a host of jacuzzis, it’s one of the best hangouts on the Wonder of the Seas.

Social100 teenagers only terrace

Wonder of the Seas features Royal Caribbean’s new iteration of Adventure Ocean kids programming, which focuses on giving kids more flexibility in what they want to do compared to the old Adventure Ocean.

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Part of the new Adventure Ocean includes updated teen seating, and Wonder of the Seas features both an indoor teen lounge and private outdoor deck known as Social 100: The Patio.

The patio has its own bar, hot tub, comfortable seating, large chess board and selfie backdrops. It’s a place where passengers aged 13-17 can meet and mingle with kids their own age, and I imagine it’s a popular place for teenagers on board.

I wanted loved this haunt as a teenager and I admit I’m a little jealous there isn’t an adults-only equivalent to this space!

The cowboy hat scene in the Royal Promenade

Each Royal Promenade on an Oasis Class ship has a large piece of art. While the five-ton 3D metallic head on Harmony of the Seas impressed me, I was particularly impressed by the use of artwork on Wonder of the Seas.

The Wonder of the Seas Royal Promenade features a silver-plated giant cowboy hat. At first glance, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, later on my cruise I discovered that the artwork also serves as a stage for The Mason Jar band. I thought this concept was unique and enjoyed listening to the musicians while strolling around the Promenade.

Colorful, newly designed pool deck

The Wonder of the Seas pool deck immediately transports passengers to a Caribbean paradise with colorful decor and tropical-themed bars scattered along the ample deck space. I would argue that the pool deck on Wonder of the Seas is the best in Royal Caribbean’s fleet.

One of my favorite aspects of the pool deck is The Lime & Coconut, Royal Caribbean’s signature Caribbean-themed bar. This bar offers the best of the fleet’s tropical cocktails, including the creamy, tangy Lime & Coconut cocktail, Mai Tai and Goombay Smash.

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I appreciated the variety of seating available on the pool deck. Comfortable lounge chairs can be found throughout the deck along with private casitas (available by reservation only), lounge chairs in the pool and even “theatre” seating in front of the pool deck TV screen.

Guaranteed to be busy on any Wonder of the Seas cruise, the Pool Deck is the perfect place to catch some sun as you sail through the Caribbean.