10 painted stairs that will make you want to ditch the carpets

Goodbye runners, hello painted stairs. Leaving them naked is the One way to decorate your stairs right now is by forgoing carpet for splashes of bold color, dark, dramatic hues, or rustic country-style white. And it’s also a practical choice to make. It can breathe new life into tired and original treads, cover up scratches and blemishes in this high-traffic space, and painted surfaces are much easier to clean than carpet.

Stairs are often the first thing you and your guests see, so instead of simply blending them into the backdrop of your hallway, turn them into a design statement. We’ve found a ton of gorgeous painted stairway ideas (many that you could DIY in a weekend) to inspire you to paint.

1. Add drama with all black

(Image credit: James Merrell)

What’s more practical than a black painted staircase? The perfect color for such an down-to-earth part of your home, and it looks so chic too, bringing drama without making a hallway bleak. For a more rustic and aged look, opt for a dull charcoal shade and don’t be too fussy with the application, you could even sandpaper the stairs once painted to add more texture. Or let the weather take its toll.

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