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10 Most Viewed Home Interior Tours in Singapore in 2022 – Property Blog Singapore

It’s only 2 days until we get to the end of 2022 and what a year it’s been. As cliche as it sounds, time really does fly. This has been our second full year since launching YouTube and it has been incredibly satisfying for the team to see the channel grow over the last 2 years.

We can also see how the pandemic has driven the focus towards interior design and more thought about what goes into making a home (which is also why we launched The Stacked Store).

So at the end of this year, we’ve decided to look back at the 10 most viewed homes in our Living In series. It’s a good time to reflect and remember some of the nicest designed homes we’ve visited in 2022, and surprisingly, some of the most viewed homes didn’t come into existence until the latter half of this year.

(It should also be said that the YouTube algorithm is a funny beast. Views don’t always reflect good design, and more so if there were competing videos for views at the time of launch).

Nevertheless, we had to follow some measures to rank – and so here are the 10 most viewed homes in our Living In series in 2022:

#10 Inside an architect’s own curved 3-bedroom HDB home in Bedok North (135,000 views)

Perhaps it’s no surprise that everyone wants to see what an interior designer or architect’s own home would look like (it’s like how you want to know a famous chef’s favorite restaurant). Entering our 10th most viewed video, architect Kenneth and his furry companion Jinko live in a 3-room HDB measuring 732 square feet.

One of the home’s striking features is the dramatic arch behind the dining area, which Kenneth uses as an ever-changing art gallery. And to extend the room even further, he specially designed a 3 m long dining and study table. It’s just a really well-thought-out home, and can serve as good inspiration for those who love to have more light in their home.

#9 Inside an architect couple’s tasteful wood-filled makeover of an old HDB flat (136,000 views)

It’s the architect’s battle as architect couple Jie Lun and Jen have truly transformed this old 5-room resale HDB flat in Jurong.

Located on a corner, this unit offers more privacy, but the most striking feature of the home is the rounded windows on both ends (one in the master bedroom and one in the shared bedroom). The original floor plan included 3 bedrooms and a studio, but they have reworked the layout to better suit their needs.

One of the shared bedrooms was converted into an expansive walk-in closet, and the study was converted into a dining area. This allowed the living and kitchen areas to be completely open, perfect for entertaining guests. The house adds a warm touch and has wooden ceilings that give it a cozy atmosphere. It’s quite different from most homes we’ve seen and it’s the little details that really make the home so uniquely theirs.

#8 Inside a Striking Modern Brutalist HDB Maisonette Home (144,000 views)

This might be one of the most distinctive homes we’ve seen so far. Located in a 1,680 square meter HDB Maisonette, homeowners Alfred and April (restaurant owners of [email protected]) have really taken it upon themselves to create a home with a dark theme.

As soon as you step inside, it’s clear that the movie Dark Knight served as a major inspiration. When entering, the ceiling lights turn on in a fantastic display thanks to smart programming. The entrance hall is mirrored on one side, with shoe cabinets and a secret door that leads to the rest of the house.

In addition to this, there is another cool touch to their living room that can rival any Gold Class movie experience out there with a soft reclining sofa and a projector.

#7 Inside a quaint Scandi HDB Maisonette in Kovan with a lovely balcony (155,000 views)

It’s clear that Singaporeans have a fascination with HDB Maisonettes (besides breaking price records for Executive Flats). Here is one of the nicest HDB maisonettes we have seen in Kovan to date. When the house owners Suren and Esther first moved in, the original layout was rather cramped, with the living room spilling out onto the balcony. But after knocking down a few walls, the new space is a total transformation – it’s much more open and spacious.

One of the coolest features in the house has to be the balcony. The glass doors can be opened completely, giving you a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. So even if you’re sitting on the balcony, it feels like you’re still part of the living room, but with the added bonus of fresh air.

#6 Inside A Carefully Considered Raw Architect Home With A Carved Balcony (157,000 Views)

As the owner of Kaizen Architecture, Melvin is no stranger to designing homes. His 4-bedroom, 1,090 sq ft HDB resale flat in Chai Chee is a testament to his skills. When you compare it to the original floor plans, it’s hard to believe it’s the same place!

One of the standout features is the balcony, which has been transformed into a plant paradise, complete with sliding doors separating the garden from the living area. When you step inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the 3m dining table made from raw plywood, complete with a custom spiral light hanging overhead. Behind the table is the “carpenter’s core” where Melvin has added extra storage space. The lounge area also doubles as an art gallery and sneaker museum showcasing Melvin’s collection.

Plus the original light above his dining room – it’s a look that really grabs your attention.

#5 Inside a unique HDB home with an idyllic Japanese Zen garden (157,000 views)

HDB landed living is something that is truly unique in Singapore (there are only 2 small clusters of such housing in Singapore), so much so that some people are still surprised to hear that such a thing even exists.

Grace and Wei Xiang, along with their pups Truffle and Chanko, knew they were in for something special when they stumbled across this landed HDB home on Jalan Bahagia. The 2-storey unit boasts 1,000 square meters of living space and 1,400 square meters of land.

To create a Japanese Zen garden, Grace and Wei Xiang leveled the porch, creating a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. Inside, they converted the space under the stairs into a dog house and hacked a room to move the kitchen, complete with a custom dining room and bar-island counter. Another eye-catching feature is the track lights embedded in the wall, adding a unique touch to the overall theme of the home.

#4 Inside a self-designed raw industrial HDB home with a creative flair (178,000 views)

Maybe second time’s the charm with this version 2.0 of Tobby and Kaiyi’s home. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their first home from March 2021.

This time, Tobby and Kaiyi have moved to a nicer 3-bedroom HDB in Geylang Bahru, measuring 732 square meters. One of the first things they did was remove a wall to allow more light into the living and dining area. As with their first home, they wanted a raw, industrial look and everything was self-designed.

One of the most interesting features in the home is the 3.5m kitchen island/family room. The dining table is made of wood, but in a DIY project, Tobby and Kaiyi used artificial cement to make it look like a cement table.

#3 Inside a Taiwanese designer’s HDB home with a lovely open balcony + study (297,000 views)

There is something just elegant about Taiwanese designed interiors and this one by YaYa and Jun Yao is no different. They have really transformed this 1,490 square feet 5-room HDB resale into a unique home and studio combo. From the custom metal gate at the entry, it’s clear that this home is filled with distinctive details. They adapted the kitchen to make it smaller, but the real showstopper is the serene balcony. Originally, the windows were outside the balcony, so YaYa and Jun Yao removed them, creating a balcony that feels like an extension of the home. It is separated from the main space by folding glass panels that allow for an open, airy feel.

The size of the home also allowed for a separate study space, accessible from the balcony, almost like stepping out of your home and into your office. The studio has a specially designed light from Taiwan and display cabinets to display materials.

#2 inside Kelly Latimer’s perfectly crafted family shophouse in vibrant Joo Chiat (398,000 views)

In what was a bit of a departure from the usual Living In style, there’s no doubt that Kelly’s home has struck a chord with many of you. She is a brilliant host (which really helped with the trip) but her home is also just a really characterful one that really suits her family’s lifestyle.

All walls inside the home have been removed, creating an open and expansive living and dining area. The traditional TV console has been replaced with a concrete bench, perfect for sitting and chatting.

Kelly is a keen cook and also loves to entertain so the kitchen was designed with her needs in mind. From the height of the console to the accessibility of the spice racks and cupboards, every detail has been thought through. There are even storage spaces for kitchen equipment so it can be tucked away when not in use but still easily accessible.

#1 Inside a hidden architect’s own family home that reveals a beautiful oasis (1.7 million views)

Reaching a million views is always so satisfying and it’s something we never even thought was possible to do so quickly when we first started the YouTube channel.

“Open House” is the multi-generational family home of architect couple Gwen and Berlin, one half of the founders of the renowned Formwerkz Architects in Singapore. They designed the home to accommodate their young son and parents, creating an open layout that allows for different living spaces while still maintaining privacy for each member of the family.

One of the standout features is the courtyard, which houses a 10 meter tall Memphat tree. Another is the 13 meter long swimming pool on the second floor with a circular window built into the wall. The living room offers a glimpse of the pool and has almost 5 meter high ceilings, creating a spacious and airy feeling.