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10 mid-century modern color schemes for every room in your home


Neutral colors and pops of bold give this vintage style its signature look.

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Mid-century modern design took the world by storm in the late 1940s and its popularity boomed over the next two decades. Featuring clean lines, natural wood elements, and curved designs, the style has made a comeback in recent years. From furniture and artwork to architecture and interior color palettes, the timeless mid-century aesthetic, combined with functionality and minimalism, remains wildly popular.

When it comes to the accent colors of a design style, they can be summed up as neutrals with pops of bold color. Taking cues from nature and staying away from overly ornate motifs, the style is simplistic elegance at its best. Browse this room selection to learn about classic mid-century modern colors and how to incorporate them into your home.

wood tones


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Rich wood tones and warm white walls make for a neutral color palette in this open living space. Furniture pieces synonymous with mid-century modern design, including a lavender dining table and wishbone chairs, define the color scheme, while decorative accents used throughout the dining and living rooms add a splash of color.

Navy and orange throw pillows brighten the white sofa, green and yellow artwork adorns the walls, and turquoise pottery completes the look. This simple color palette allows the finishes—wooden floors, white ceiling beams, and elegant furniture—to shine and gives the home an airy, uncluttered feel.

black background

Annie Bader

A stark black wall sets a dramatic tone in this mid-century modern bedroom. The deep wall color is softened by a set of three stained glass windows, an antique area rug, cozy white linens, and a carved rattan chandelier. The limited color palette relies on texture, furniture design, and mixed materials to make a statement. Pale blues and reds accentuate an earthy trio of black, brown and white for a relaxing sleep space.

Vibrant mid-century colours

David Tsai

David Tsai

This open floor plan is light and breezy thanks to white walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Architectural elements, paired with the layout, create an open feel that’s underlined by a mirrored wall in the adjoining dining room. The neutral color scheme is accented with beach-inspired hues and artwork. A turquoise tufted sofa, blue-and-green palm leaf armchairs, and a lilac leather throw pillow give the room a little more playfulness, revealing a more playful side of mid-century modern.

Complementary mid-century colors

Annie Bader

Annie Bader

Blue and yellow are classic complementary colors that work well together in this cozy living room. A luxurious golden yellow rug brings out the warm colors of the wood furniture and wood floors, and pairs beautifully with the deep blue chairs that match the wall color in the next room. This clever design trick creates continuity. The chairs’ curved silhouette and low height instantly harken back to their mid-century origins, while their heavy wood construction is paired with a set of clear acrylic side tables.


To keep the living room from feeling cluttered, glossy white paint on the walls, fireplace, and ceiling gives the eye a place to rest and allows the rest of the mid-century modern color scheme to shine.

Mid-century kitchen color scheme

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This black kitchen combines functionality with refined sophistication, as is its mid-century modern design. Black cabinetry and ceiling beams give this heart of the home a sense of drama, and unique oval-shaped brass pulls dress the dresser drawers. Floating wood shelves and a wood-panelled ceiling warm up the dark colors, and gray subway tile in a vertical design enhanced by dark grout adds a grid-like pattern. A red fireplace and a bold piece of art in the next room stand out and instantly grab attention. These elements show the power of repetition when it comes to creating a harmonious design that doesn’t fall flat despite a mostly monochromatic color palette.

Green sage pattern

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A muted color palette of sage green, black, white, and gray is accented by brass accents and a floating wood vanity in this mid-century modern bathroom. Wall and floor tiles add color and pattern, with horizontal subway tiles on the wall creating a sense of elevation. Small hexagonal tiles on the floor ground the space. Matte black hardware and a square sink enhance the minimalist look, and a floating vanity adds much-needed storage and a natural element to balance out all the cool tones.

Gray and brown color scheme

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A neutral color scheme of browns, greys, beiges, and creams gives this mid-century modern living room a serene feel. Blue and yellow pillows add comfort and accent color, while beige wood paneling walls and an asymmetrical fireplace create a sense of continuity within the space. A gray tufted sofa ties into the dominant color of the plaid area rug, while rich walnut furniture is illuminated by a glass table lamp, terrarium, and decorative vases.

Retro Burnt Orange

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Saturated orange adds energy to this colorful kid’s bedroom. The shade of burnt orange is used through the bold geometric wallpaper, classic mid-century style swivel office chair, and small accessories, and is a classic mid-century modern hue. Its warmth pairs well with the wood tones of the low leg desk and desk, and its sheen stands out against the white walls and curtains. A gold hue in the form of a pendant lamp, desk lamp, and elegant curtain rod enhances the warm color scheme.

muted pastels;

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Every component of this living room exudes mid-century modern design, from the wood paneling to the floor-to-ceiling windows to the low curved furniture and soft color palette. Brown, black and white make up the structural elements of the space and are lightened by a wall of glass that fills the room with natural light. Windows connect the interior with the exterior, and is a key element of the design style.

Soft finishes in pastel shades—a velveteen velvet sofa, a lilac bench, and patterned pillows on the armchairs—create depth and dimension while maintaining the living room’s serene atmosphere.

the principle colors

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Two primary colors, red and blue, are used as accent colors in this bright and functional home office. Blue office chairs and decorative vases complement the red memo board and antique area rug. A blank canvas of white walls is the perfect backdrop for these pops of color that liven up the space. To add warmth and practicality to the home office, wooden bookcases are mounted against the wall and a small wooden bench sits in front of them.