10 Fairly OddParents Characters Who Deserved Better

The weird fairies parents holds silver as the second longest running show on Nickelodeon right after Spongebob Squarepants. Equivalent to SpongeBob, Fairly Strange Parents had some memorable characters with different designs and personalities that drew viewers to the ever-popular series.

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Unfortunately, The weird fairies parents ended up abusing most of his characters, or neglecting them or reducing the personalities of characters to a single trait. So many characters in The weird fairies parents could have had more storylines that expanded their lives and fleshed out their personalities and relationships through a mix of comedy and character progression.

10 Chip Skylark definitely had more songs to sing

Chip Skylark had some of the best episodes and songs in The weird fairies parents. To this day, fans are still jamming to his songs like “Icky Vicky” and “My Shiny Teeth and Me.” Contrary to Timmy Turner’s first impressions of him, Chip had hidden depth and became a good friend.

Chip Skylark didn’t have many episodes with him as the central character, which is very disappointing as he could have had more songs for fans to enjoy. In addition, he could have mentored Timmy and prepared him for life as a teenager.

9 Trixie Tang’s popularity got in the way of a great character

Trixie Tang was a great subversion of the “popular girl the geeky man is in love with” trope. Trixie’s character development explored her opening of her friendship with Timmy Turner. Despite her often rude attitude, she was able to be nice to others who were not popular, especially Timmy.

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The weird fairies parents explored Trixie’s hidden depths and secret interests, showing that she was a lot like Timmy despite their varying popularity levels. Unfortunately, Trixie’s development was eroded in favor of pushing her “popular girl” personality, exaggerating her superficiality and need for external validation.

8 dr. Bender and his son Wendell were unique antagonists who disappeared

dr. Bender was a bad dentist and his son Wendell Bender was his bad assistant. They were funny but formidable opponents, who gave Timmy a lot of trouble. Surprisingly, Dr. Bender and Wendell did not reappear after season 5, despite being notable villains.

More episodes from The weird fairies parents could have dealt with Dr. Bender and Wendell, capitalizing on the idea of ​​childhood fear of the dentist. At the very least, it would have been nice for the fans to have the father-son duo appear in the Wishology trilogy with the other villains.

7 Gary was an interesting villain and former friend of Timmy’s

Gary was Timmy’s imaginary friend when he was younger, but Gary hated Timmy because he kept Gary in his mind for years. Gary and Timmy eventually made peace, but never became formal friends again. Gary made two appearances in The weird fairies parents before disappearing forever.

More stories could have been written that explored Gary and Timmy’s past, and the audience could also have seen Gary and Timmy slowly rebuild their friendship. Gary could have had another interesting arc from friend to foe to friend. Unfortunately, this arc did not go through.

6 Tootie started out as more than just a stalker, but the rather strange parents never explored that aspect of her

Tootie had an unhealthy crush on Timmy and somehow had a ton of memorabilia of his in her room. However, the earlier episodes also showed that Tootie was a very nice person and wanted genuine friends.

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Tootie was constantly abusing her older sister Vicky, even more so than the other kids Vicky babysat. Vicky also chased other kids away to befriend Tootie, increasing Tootie’s loneliness. Tootie’s life was a sad, but interesting story to discover. More episodes could have explored Tootie’s life and her interest in Timmy, rather than turning her into another stalker with a crush.

5 The Pixies were great opponents of fading faeries

The elves are magical creatures that in the beginning of the The weird fairies parents. However, the show discontinued its use, with the pixies almost completely disappearing from the series.

The pixies were a counterpart to fairies, with the pixies treating magic as a business and trying to control Fairy World and Earth. The pixies were very good opponents and almost succeeded in their missions. It’s really disappointing that such notable characters have been phased out rather than the show exploring more of the world and types of the elves.

4 Big Daddy had a lot to teach Wanda, Poof and Timmy

Wanda’s father, known professionally as “Big Daddy”, owns a garbage company and acted like a mob boss. People were afraid of him, but Big Daddy had a really soft side to Wanda and started to like Timmy. The series could have explored Big Daddy’s relationships with them further.

Big Daddy doesn’t show up anymore The weird fairies parents after season 5. He wasn’t even there to see the birth of Wanda’s son Poof. Big Daddy could have adapted to being a grandfather to both Poof and Timmy, comically teaching them about responsibility and how to run a business like a mob boss.

3 Trixie’s girlfriend Veronica never grew as a character

Veronica is also one of the popular students at Timmy’s school and Trixie’s best friend. In The weird fairies parents“Veronica was actually the less popular girl dating the most popular. Trixie and the other popular kids often treated Veronica like cannon fodder, and Veronica had an unhealthy, pathological desire to be as popular as Trixie.

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The weird fairies parents could have had episodes with a gradual character arc for Veronica. The show could have allowed her to slowly develop her own identity and self-confidence and finally come out of Trixie’s shadow.

2 Cosmo is the most Flemish-minded character of The Fairly OddParents

A trope based on Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, “flanderization” is the gradual process of exaggerating a character’s single trait or set of traits until it basically becomes the character’s entire personality. Of all the characters in The weird fairies parentsCosmo became the most Flemish.

In season 1 and the Oh yeah! cartoons, Cosmo had more on his mind and was a great father figure to Timmy. With each successive season, Cosmo’s intelligence continued to decline, to the point where he became babyish and couldn’t function properly without someone else in the room. Many fans don’t like how Cosmo was relegated to the “dumb dad” trope, similar to other characters like Homer Simpson.

1 Sanjay never had his own episode

Timmy’s friends Chester and AJ had episodes dedicated to them, and even Timmy’s “backup” friend Elmer had more focus in the episode “A Wish Too Far!” However, Timmy’s other “backup” friend Sanjay never got an episode of his own.

Sanjay had great comedic moments, but the creators apparently never thought of interesting storylines to use him. Sanjay could have had episodes that fleshed him out as a character, delving into his unseen family life and his relationships with Timmy and their other friends. As it stands, he ended up just becoming a “backup” friend for Timmy.

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